Put Down the Bullhorn: Promoting Your Library Online


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When it comes to promoting your library online, things can get pretty complex, fast. What are the best methods for a library to use? How do Google AdWords and Facebook ads work? How does social media fit into library promotion? Are there even good reasons for a library to use online promotion? Learn how to re-think how your library operates online and choose promotion methods with best practices in mind.

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  • http://www.informationweek.com/news/smb/services/231602311
  • Put Down the Bullhorn: Promoting Your Library Online

    1. 1. Put Down the Bullhorn!Promoting Your Library OnlineLaura SolomonLibrary Services Manager, OPLIN
    2. 2. Today:• Some marketing basics• Re-thinking the library’s website• Social media• Facebook ads vs. Google Adwords• Promoted Facebook posts• Bits about branding—especially logos• What does this mean to me, Laura?Real me
    3. 3. Ever heard these?• “I didn’t know you had video games!”• “I can get a book from a different library?”• “I can do ____ from home?”• “You have ebooks?”• “You mean it doesn’t cost anything to renta book?”
    4. 4. What is marketing?
    5. 5. INBOUNDversusOUTBOUND
    6. 6. One size does not fit all
    7. 7. What are the tools?• Print ads• TV and radio ads• Billboards• Online
    8. 8. Don’t choose the tool first
    9. 9. Re-thinking the library’s website
    10. 10. “Kitchen Sink Syndrome”
    11. 11. Nobody’s reading
    12. 12. Banner blindnesshttp://www.useit.com/alertbox/banner-blindness.html
    13. 13. Design onlymatters to theuser when itgets in the way.
    14. 14. Re-thinking
    15. 15. $115,000to$200,000ACK!
    16. 16. Consider these…• Join our new Book Discussion Group![LINK]• Be a member of our new Patron AdvisoryBoard [LINK]• Try our new research database for yournext assignment [LINK]
    17. 17. Where’s the payoff?
    18. 18. Join our new Book Discussion Group! [LINK]Cant stop talking about thatbook you just read? Yeah, ustoo. We’ve got a group for that:[LINK]
    19. 19. Be a member of our new Patron AdvisoryBoard [LINK]Looking for opinionated folks whowant to talk about the library.Cookies at every meeting & a chanceto make a difference [LINK]
    20. 20. Try our new research database for your nextassignment [LINK]Wikipedia not good enoughfor your teacher? Show ‘emyoure a smart cookie and trya free resource from us[LINK]
    21. 21. 44 percent ofcompanies to spendmore on webmarketing in 2013Study, Sagefrog Marketing Group
    22. 22. Advertising onlineversus
    23. 23. What is the goal?
    24. 24. Capturing intent at the right time
    25. 25. Not really about eyeballs
    26. 26. Awareness isn’t the prize
    27. 27. Better?
    28. 28. Adwords is tied to search results
    29. 29. It’s all done by bidding
    30. 30. Is it real?
    31. 31. Is free better?
    32. 32. “If you ‘re at all serious aboutsocial marketing, and don’thave a line item budget forpromoting Facebook posts in2013, you need to add ittoday.”Jay Baer, social media expert, Convince & Convert
    33. 33. http://www.convinceandconvert.com/facebook/how-to-know-when-to-promote-a-facebook-p
    34. 34. https://adplanner.syncapse.com/
    35. 35. “A brand isn’t a brandto you until it developsan emotionalconnection with you.”Daryl Travis – Emotional Branding
    36. 36. http://themarketingspot.com/2009/01/basics-of-marketing-brand.html
    37. 37. Invest in a professional logo
    38. 38. Building does NOT equal logo
    39. 39. Marketing plan templateshttp://bit.ly/PJjGj5
    40. 40. Don’t throw stuff into the wind
    41. 41. Self-serving is boring
    42. 42. Absolutely shameless plugComing Fall 2012
    43. 43. http://www.twitter.com/laurasolomonhttp://www.facebook.com/laurasolomonhttp://www.linkedin.com/in/laurasolomonlaura@designforthelittleguy.comhttp://www.meanlaura.comhttp://www.slideshare.net/laurasolomonThank you!Stalk me here