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Messaging in 2010: New Ways to Talk with Donors about Your Good Cause


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A keynote presentation on how nonprofit communications, fundraising, and messaging is changing, given the influence of both the Internet and generational shifts in the U.S. It includes a three-point approach to creating content for integrated campaigns. First presented in this format to AFP's Western Michigan Chapter.

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Messaging in 2010: New Ways to Talk with Donors about Your Good Cause

  1. daquellamanera Messaging in 2010 New Ways to Talk with Your Donors About Your Good Cause kivilm
  2. <ul><li>Kivi Leroux Miller </li></ul>
  3. Fundraising is really about communicating.
  4. Communicating well with donors has always been challenging.
  5. But the Internet has changed everything . . . and FAST
  6. Everyone Uses the Internet
  7. Older Generations Are Catching Up Fast Americans Online by Age
  8. Flickr: Kris Hoet Social media = Sharing online
  10. Online giving is close to the tipping point.
  11. Donors do have some common concerns.
  12. But many donors love online giving.
  13. Is your hair on fire?
  14. Big generational shifts are taking place too.
  16. Matures are responsible for 28% of giving. Boomers are responsible for 40% of giving. Gen X & Y are responsible for 32% of giving.
  19. Direct mail isn’t dead . . . But it’s not enough. kkoukopoulos
  20. It’s time to break down any walls you’ve built.
  21. Integrated marketing and fundraising works.
  22. Offline marketing drives online search. Flickr: WordRidden
  23. Online doesn’t steal from offline. Flickr: ndrwfgg
  24. Is your head exploding?
  25. People are not one-dimensional. Flickr: Kissimmee – The Heart of Florida
  26. A receipt isn’t enough to sustain the angels inside of us. mtungate
  27. bala_ A person’s path to you may cross several times.
  28. markhillary 1 Be Genuine. 2 Be Generous. 3 Be Grateful.
  29. 1 Be Genuine.
  30. Show us the personal side of your work.
  31. piccadillywilson Facts are fine, but emotions drive giving.
  32. Take us back stage.
  33. Great stories about real people are sticky.
  34. DAVE SAYS: If you give, you begin to live. 2 Be Generous.
  35. Listen to what your supporters are saying. Flickr: Brittany G
  36. Think of communicating as gift giving.
  37. Flickr: color line Give supporters incentives to help in multiple ways.
  39. Empower us with how-tos.
  40. 3 Be Grateful.
  41. Give thank-yous highest priority.
  42. Blow kisses to your supporters.
  43. Share your success with them.
  44. You’ll still be overwhelmed . . . but you’ll be much happier.
  45. And your supporters will be thrilled.
  46. <ul><li>“ I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel .” ~ Maya Angelou </li></ul>Photo by Dwight Carter
  47. Let’s keep in touch! Blog: E-News: Twitter: kivilm /nonprofitmarketingguide LinkedIn: Kivi Leroux Miller Slideshare: kivilm Email: [email_address] Office: (336) 499-5816