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Social Media: Your On-Ramp to Future Fundraising


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Social Media: Your On-Ramp to Future Fundraising

  1. 1. Social Media:Your On-Ramp to Future Fundraisingwith Kivi Leroux Miller,
  2. 2. Kivi Leroux Miller New Book in the Works!
  3. 3. Morning:Getting Your Headin the Right Place(Strategy)Approaching andAfter Lunch:Making It Work(Tactics)
  4. 4. Not Going In-Depth on Any Particular Platform or Tool
  5. 5. Has Social Media ChangedEVERYTHING or NOTHING about Fundraising? Straw Poll at Your Table & Discuss. If You Had to Pick, Which Way Would You Go?
  6. 6. RealityCheck!
  7. 7. Submitting Questions –“Stupid” and OtherwiseTweet with #smonramp or Write It on a Post-It
  8. 8. Where to Get the Data• (NTEN, M&R)• (Network for Good)• Online Nonprofit Benchmark Study (Convio)• Blackbaud Index of Charitable Giving/Index of Online Giving• Pew Internet and American Life Project
  9. 9. FACT #1:Online isMainstream.Ignore atYour OwnPeril.
  10. 10. Google turned 13 in September 2011 YouTube turned 8 in May 2012 Twitter turned 7 in March 2012 The iPhone turned 5 in January 2012The pace of changeis relentless.
  11. 11. All generations are online in significant numbers.
  12. 12. Everybody uses email.
  13. 13. Online givingis growingfast, but isstill smalloverall.Source: 2011 donorCentrics™Internet and Multichannel GivingBenchmarking Report
  14. 14. Givingdirectlyconnected tosocial mediarepresentsonly 15% ofonline giving.Source: Network for Good’s DigitalGiving Index 2011
  15. 15. If you registered for this workshop because you are in afinancial crisis,leave now and go write some direct mailappeal
  16. 16. If you want donors under age 65, you need an online strategy (web, email, social).Source: 2011 donorCentrics Internet and Multichannel Giving Benchmarking Report
  17. 17. Online donors tend to be wealthier and give bigger gifts . . . But donor retention is currently lower.Source: 2011 donorCentrics Internet and Multichannel Giving Benchmarking Report
  18. 18. FACT #2:Internet =Social Web Half are Social Media Sites; the Other Half Offer Many Social Elements Alexa Rankings, January 2012
  19. 19. Half of boomersuse social media;1/3 of people over65.Pace of growth isnow fastest forthose over 65.
  20. 20. Online life isreal life –because it’sall aboutconnecting,sharing andconversation.
  21. 21. FACT #3:We live in a culture ofSNACK SIZING: Fast,Timely, Convenient
  22. 22. 88% of U.S. adults have cell phones. 55% use it to go online. 17% are cell-mostly Internet users.“Cell Internet Use 2012” by Pew Internet and American Life Project, June
  23. 23. 65% of U.S. adults sleep with cell phone beside them – and a third check it before getting out of bed!
  24. 24. Mobile (andSocial Media)Users Are NotJust Rich,White People
  25. 25. The 24-hour news cycle isnow our cultural expectation.
  26. 26. visuals to The use of convey both skyrocketing. text and data is
  27. 27. Let me outa here . . .It’s too much for us.
  28. 28. IT’S OK: We are all still
  29. 29. Submitting Questions –“Stupid” and OtherwiseTweet with #smonramp or Write It on a Post-It
  30. 30. “Engagement” Focus on
  31. 31., it starts more like this.You mix. You mingle. You’re social.
  32. 32. You want to be seen as amember of a community– as “one of us.”
  33. 33. as the louddrunk ones hustlingon the bar.
  34. 34. You community. But remember: Community ≠ Fans
  35. 35. to BuildCommunity =Rapport
  36. 36. with Fans =Friendraisingand Fundraising
  37. 37. Dwight Carter Photo by“Ive learned thatpeople will forgetwhat you said,people will forgetwhat you did, butpeople will neverforget how youmade them feel.”~ Maya Angelou Never discount rapport! It’s essential for engagement.
  38. 38. BeginnerSocial Media StrategyThe Do-Think-Feel Mix
  39. 39. SEEK a MIX of RESULTS: DO Something: Calling to Action THINK Something: Sharing/Educating FEEL Something: Building Rapport
  40. 40. 5 Minute Share Pair:What percentage do you thinkyou are doing now of Do, Think,Feel?How might you adjust it to createmore engagement?
  41. 41. IntermediateSocial Media StrategyThe Three Gs:Genuine, Generous, Grateful
  42. 42. The Simple Path to Engagement 1 Be Genuine. Be Generous. 3 Be Grateful.
  43. 43. Be Genuine: Show us the 1 personal side of your work.
  44. 44. Darius Goes West won two major giving
  45. 45. “You have to stimulate an emotional incentive for people – so they feel a sense of pride and joy when they forward your organization’s story to their friends.” Logan Smalley, founder and co-president, Darius Goes West; AGC Conversational Case Studies by Beth Kanter & Allison Fine
  46. 46. Be Generous: Think of 2 communicating as gift giving.
  47. 47. Be a helpful human.
  48. 48. Flickr: Brittany GListen to what yoursupporters are saying –and respond!
  49. 49. 5 Minute Share Pair:How can you be a moregenerous communicator?A more helpful human to yoursupporters?More actively listen andrespond?
  50. 50. Be Grateful: Blow kisses to3 your supporters all the time.
  51. 51. Epic Change uses Twitter tobuild fundraisers aroundpublic displays of gratitude.
  52. 52. Thanking Farmer’s Market
  53. 53. Zombie Walk PhotosThanking Partners
  54. 54. Submitting Questions –“Stupid” and OtherwiseTweet with #smonramp or Write It on a Post-It
  55. 55. 6 Ways to Use Social Media in Fundraising• 2 Where People Fundraise for You• 2 Where You Add on Social Media• 2 Where You Use It as a Individual Fundraiser Rather Than the Org
  56. 56. Julie MeyerPositive Wellness AllianceAnyone else from a nonprofit that does medical case management?
  57. 57. Brenda HouserPastor’s PantryAnyone else from a food bank?
  58. 58. 1Project-Specific Short-TermCampaigns ThatRaise Money Now
  59. 59. Elements for Success:• Why / For What?• $$ Goal• Timeframe• Get Personal – Community, Evangelists, Partners• Integrate with Email, Calls, Etc.• Tell the Story from Start to Finish
  60. 60. How Can We Tell the Story Over 4 Weeks? Raise $500 for Prevention Workshop Materials (Purple Cards) Raise $10,000 for New Truck to Deliver Groceries (Green Cards)Brainstorm Story Ideas on Cards, Then Put Them in Story Order
  61. 61. 2Encouraging Donations forCelebrations to Raise MoneyThroughout the Year
  62. 62. Celebrations That Can Work Well• Birthdays• Weddings• Holidays• MemorialsLet’s Say You Were Going to Recruit 10 People to Do This . . . How Can You Treat These 10 People Like Major Donors with Some Extra Support?
  63. 63. 3Adding Social to YourIn-Person Events
  64. 64. Wines of the World Tables with Yellow Cards!
  65. 65. Build on These Event Elements:• Selling Only 100 Tickets• Silent Auction• Wine and Food Pairing from Five Regions of the World
  66. 66. Kentucky Derby Party Tables with Blue Cards!
  67. 67. Build on These Event Elements:• Derby Party Hat Workshop• Run for the Rosé• Live Auction
  68. 68. 4Add Soft Ask to Direct Mailand/or Email Asks within anIntegrated Campaign
  69. 69. Social Media EngagementAsks to Pair with $ Ask:• Take a pledge• Upload of photo• Share a note• What else?
  70. 70. 5Major Donor Engagement toIncrease Donor Retention
  71. 71. Carolyn M. Appleton, CFRE San Antonio, Texas“I allow my Facebook profile to be viewed by ‘friends offriends’ so friends of my donors (family members who arealso on their family foundation board and other affluentcolleagues they know) can see my profile without having toofficially like the Page for security reasons … it is a strategyfor a major gift individual fundraiser, rather than abusiness/organization-type Facebook page would be.”
  72. 72. 6Major Donor Acquisition – It’sAll about Who Knows Whom!
  73. 73. Submitting Questions –“Stupid” and OtherwiseTweet with #smonramp or Write It on a Post-It
  74. 74. Your Job Now: Take the leap of
  75. 75. Here are yourfloaties.Put them on, and you’llbe just fine! (Promise!)
  76. 76. 1You need anintegrated mixof online tools.
  77. 77. Need to Catch Up?Get My Checklists on HomePages, Donate Pages, andEmail Fundraising.
  78. 78. 2You needto be realpeopleonline.
  79. 79. You need more 3 little experiments.Put thison yourreadinglist.
  80. 80. Ready toJump in?
  81. 81. More Info on Social Fundraising,, . . . Many others.
  82. 82. Kivi Leroux