Social Networking For Non Profits


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Intro slideshow of a workshop I conducted for the Non Profit Resource Center of Texas.
What is Social Networking and is it relevant to your organization? Become a champion of social media networks and discover more about the practical and effective applications available at your fingertips. From Blogs to LinkedIn to Facebook to Twitter, discover how to manage your organization’s social media life and begin connecting today!

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  • Originally started as a site for College Students by Mark Zuckerberg Considered MySpace for Adults Benefits: Groups
  • Social Networking For Non Profits

    1. 1. Social Networking in your Non Profit – Get Connected! By Jennifer Navarrete
    2. 2. Social Media
    3. 3. The Conversation Prism “ The art of learning, listening and sharing” Brian Solis
    4. 4. What is Social Networking?
    5. 5. Non Profit Mind Set Sometimes… NP are late to the party ? NP can’t afford to be on the cutting edge ?
    6. 6. Non Profit Mind Set Social Networking tools are open and free to use.
    7. 7. Right Combination
    8. 8. Raving Fans
    9. 9. What are Non Profits supposed to do about Social Media ? or
    10. 10. Trends • Facebook has over 250 million active users • Twitter experienced over a 600% growth: Adding anywhere from 5, 000 -10,000 accounts per day. 35 million active users • LinkedIn has over 30 million active users Social Networks will continue their rapid growth
    11. 11. Trends March 2, 2009, 07:19 AM EST New York Times Goes Hyperlocal “ In recent years a number of daily newspapers large and small have launched so-called “hyperlocal” sites. The idea is while many newspapers can’t continue to support the staff to compete with large news outlets on national and international news, they can own what happens in their backyards.” The focus of the news will change
    12. 12. Twitter
    13. 13. Rule of Thumb 1. Provide value 2. Participate in conversations 9 out of 10 times 3. No more than 10% pimp 4. Make your pimp interesting and useful Michael Verdi
    14. 14. Full of content Full of conversation Do this
    15. 15. Who is using Twitter? Business Media Politics Non Profits
    16. 16. Your Non Profit EVERYWHERE! Be discoverable Cross promote
    17. 17. Facebook: Pages
    18. 18. Facebook: Causes
    19. 19. Facebook: Events
    20. 20. Social Bookmarking
    21. 21. ATTRIBUTION Second Life Classroom by HVX Silverstar Business Meeting pic by llawliet Go pic by laverrue Captured-Spirit pic by Smile4camera Victory Shake pic by Beneath_B1ue_Skies Grouchy Cat by akk_rus Kitty Embrace by Mel B. Redwood Shedding pic by Bernt Rostad State of Twittersphere by Hubspot Facebook statistics from press release Linkedin staticstic from press release Reading newspaper pic by pedrosimoes7 NY Times “Hyperlocal” article
    22. 22. Events: Email: [email_address] ph:210.483.3025 • fax:866.659.0966 Social Media Profiles: http://linkedin/in/jennifernavarrete Groups: Sites: