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Twitter05 13


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Tech Talk Tuesday at Crowell Public Library. Twitter: What Is It Good For?

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Twitter05 13

  1. 1. Irene E. McDermottInterim City Librarian, Crowell Public LibraryIMcDermott@CityofSanMarino.orgAuthor, Internet Book of Life (2011)
  2. 2. Twitter: OriginsMarch 21, 2006: First tweet.July 2006: Launched by Jack Dorsey, BizStone, Noah Glass, Evan Williams.March 2007: Twitter is a hit at the South bySouthwest Interactive (SXSWi) conference.Now: Twitter is the 8thmost popular site inthe United States.
  3. 3. Why Use Twitter?Share your own thoughts.Get breaking news.Follow interesting people, like comediansand celebrities. Even talk back to them!Communicate with shy relatives.Follow trends with hashtags: #Get customer service.
  4. 4. Share Your ThoughtsTalk to your followers in 140 characters orless.Share a web site.Share a photo or video.Mention fellow Twitter users with @ sign.Mark your tweet with a searchable subjectword using a hash tag: #
  5. 5. HashtagA hasthtag (or pound sign) marks key words ortopics.If you insert a hashtag before an important wordin your tweet, that word becomes #searchable.Search or follow trends with words marked byhashtags. They are clickable.#TheGreatGatsby soundtrack conjures aconsistent mood of noirish, doomed romance.
  6. 6. Get Breaking NewsFollow your favoritenews organizations andeven newscasters.Search for news bysubject hashtag.Click on “Trends.”@KNX1070 BREAKINGMagnitude 3.0 #quake,centered 2 miles SE ofMarina Del Rey
  7. 7. Twitter News ProblemsSometimes news is unconfirmed and wrong.Sunil Tripathi was named as the Boston Marathonbomber on Twitter and Reddit. Tripathi was laterfound dead.Sometimes Twitter accounts can be hijacked. OnApril 23, AP feed falsely said that Obama had beenhurt in a bombing. Syrian Electronic Army claimedresponsibility.Big disasters will attract spammers.
  8. 8. Follow Interesting PeopleComedians andcelebrities.Even talk back tothem!@ConanOBrien Ireally liked yourshow last night.@andersoncooper@jimmyfallon@William Shatner
  9. 9. Communicate with RelativesFor families too shy to use FaceBook.Who don’t want to say too much or start adialogue in email.Can communicate with several at once. @mmcd21, @jhmcde, @a1rfoyle How areyou guys?
  10. 10. Follow Popular TrendsDiscover on the lefthand side of the screen.Search with keywordswith hashtag. #IRSClick on keyword withhashtag on a tweet.Brad Pitt calls#AngelinaJolie heroic.
  11. 11. Get Customer ServiceMajor companies haveTwitter feeds that theymonitor.Get help from airlines:@DeltaAssistLong queue for phonehelp? Tweet. You willget a DM (directmessage) back.Why isnt our Internetworking??? #ATTsucks
  12. 12. Where to Learn MoreTwitter 101Twitter Guide BookTwitter: Getting Started
  13. 13. Questions?