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Digital Trends

  1. 1. Digital trends you should know about Sarah Blake
  2. 2. I
  3. 3. Some numbers to amaze and excite you!
  4. 4. South Africa has more internet users than Belgium, Ireland, Denmark or Sweden
  5. 5. 2.83 million Facebook users in South Africa. (60% of SA Internet users)
  6. 6. Facebook SA Audience Profile Source: Total Poland active audience, Facebook internal, data Jan 2010
  7. 7. “Folks were tweeting 5,000 times a day in 2007. By 2008, that number was 300,000, and by 2009 it had grown to 2.5 million per day. Tweets grew 1,400% last year to 35 million per day. Today, we are seeing 50 million tweets per day —that’s an average of 600 tweets per second.”
  8. 8. Two thirds of the global Internet population visit social networks Source: Nielsen, Global Faces & Networked Places, 2009 Credit: Christian & Cie
  9. 9. 10% of total internet time is spent on a social network Source: Nielsen, Global Faces & Networked Places, 2009 Credit: Catherine
  10. 10. Social Media recently displaced Email as 4th most popular activity on the Internet. Source: Nielsen, Global Faces & Networked Places, 2009 Credit: Esparta
  11. 11. 24 HOURS of video are uploaded to YouTube EVERY MINUTE… … it would take 413+ years to watch every video.
  12. 12. 100,000,000 videos viewed on YouTube every day Credit: Jared
  13. 13. The number of minutes spent on Facebook every day. Credit: Mark Auer
  14. 14. Social Media is transforming the way content is consumed..
  15. 15. It’s taken the loudhailer used by publishers… Credit: altemark
  16. 16. … and given consumers a bigger one. “Technology is shifting power away from the editors, the publishers, the establishment, the media elite. Now it’s the people who are taking control.” Rupert Murdoch Mogul
  17. 17. In 2006 approximately 80% of all online purchases originated from search engines Source: Nielsen/Netratings
  18. 18. 63% of search related purchases occur in offline retail stores The Comscore Report source:
  19. 19. Zappos will sell more than $1 Billion worth of shoes online this year Credit:
  20. 20. Net-a-Porter: £81,5m in sales, 2009
  21. 21. So, what?
  22. 22. The sidewalk is the new runway
  23. 23. #tip The sidewalk is your market research! Consumer generated campaigns don’t mean ugly.
  24. 24. Online, style is interactive
  25. 25. Timesonline Live Chats with style experts. They also tweet from the runway.
  26. 26. #tip The power of the “like”. (This will come up again.) Be a leader while facilitating discussion. You have access to many leaders - this could be an opportunity to leverage them?
  27. 27. Fashion lovers want to share their style with other fashion lovers. Or, everyone’s a stylist
  28. 28. #tip Opportunities to connect with amateur stylists and style lovers. Find them and engage with them.
  29. 29. Online, fashion is about real people
  30. 30. #tip New style ambassadors? Creating / supporting bespoke networks.
  31. 31. The influencers have changed
  32. 32. Renowned photographer Nick Knight says: “Fashion glossies have now got to work out why they’re there. The industry side of it — showing you the clothes, saying where you can get them — is now much better done on the internet. Magazines should become much more a place where you see incredible, beautiful fashion photography.”
  33. 33. Bryanboy - a blogger Anna Wintour- not a blogger
  34. 34. #tip Build relationships with key bloggers as you would with journalists. But, don’t let the bloggers dictate to you!
  35. 35. Mobile is important
  36. 36. 56% of urban cell phone users take photos with their cell phones. (The Mobile Internet in South Africa 2010)
  37. 37. #tip Mobile is different. Personal, Always On, Always With You. Remember those facts so you can create engaging mobile experiences.
  38. 38. We want to share with our real social network
  39. 39. #tip Sharing tools at the point of inspiration or consideration. Capitalise on existing social networks.
  40. 40. So,what’s really important right now?
  41. 41. Online = print Credit: Caro Wallis
  42. 42. Online = print • Interactive • Social • Sharing Credit: Caro Wallis
  43. 43. Online = print If you treat it like print, you will create a poor user experience Credit: Caro Wallis
  44. 44. Online allows you to build many real relationships at low cost Credit: Caro Wallis
  45. 45. Search is a significant traffic driver, and will continue to be so
  46. 46. So, be aware of how your campaigns and digital assets affect search
  47. 47. A strategic approach to social media will help you build relationships, increase the effectiveness of campaigns, and dominate search results Credit: Stuck in Customs
  48. 48. Wanna know more? Credit: mollycakes
  49. 49. Credit: mollycakes
  50. 50. Thank you very much.
  51. 51. GLOBAL weardrobe/ SOUTH AFRICA