Creating a Donor Communications Plan


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Presentation to the Nonprofit Communications Conference at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, TX May 17, 2013

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Creating a Donor Communications Plan

  1. 1. Creating a DonorCommunications Plan:How to Become TheirFavorite NonprofitKivi Leroux MillerPresident, Nonprofit Marketing
  2. 2. kivilmnonprofitmarketingguideDaily BlogWeekly E-Newsletter
  3. 3. Donor Attrition Rate BetweenFirst and Second Gift55-65% Effectiveness Project 2011 Results from Association of Fundraising Professionals and The Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy
  4. 4. Loss of Regular orSustaining Givers fromOne Year to the Next30%Fundraising Effectiveness Project 2011 Results from Association of Fundraising Professionals and The Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy
  5. 5. First Gifts Not as Generousas They Could Have Been75% Cygnus Donor Survey
  6. 6. How dowe keepthe lovealive?
  7. 7. Source: Network for Good’s Online Giving Index: do people give somuch in December?Hint: It’s not really about the tax deduction.
  8. 8. Peoplehelpbecause itgets themhigh.
  9. 9. How They Feel Predicts Behavior• I am a committed(nonprofit) donor.• I feel a sense ofloyalty to (nonprofit).• (Nonprofit) is myfavorite charitableorganization.Based on research by
  10. 10. They want to feelappreciated.
  11. 11. They want to feelincluded.
  12. 12. They want to feelin the know.
  13. 13. They want toknow – from you– that they matter.
  14. 14. When you get itright, here’show this works.
  15. 15. You createcommunications thatare relevantto their lives.You understand yourdonors’ inner angels.12
  16. 16. You createopportunities for peopleto connect and engage.You become afavorite organization.34
  17. 17. People sayYes! whenyou ask them.You get whatyou need to achieveyour mission!65!
  18. 18. Favorite Charities Get MoreHalf of donors give 2/3rds of their annualdonations to a single favorite charity.
  19. 19. 5 Essential Toolsin Your DonorCommunications PlanNot Including Appeals or One-on-One Communications Like Phone Calls
  20. 20. 1Genuine Thank YouLettersWithin 72 hours of each gift &at multiple milestones each year
  21. 21. Here’s One Approach . . .Greeting Card+ Progress Report+ Invitation= Awesome Thank You LetterKivi’s Formula for Thank You Letter Success
  22. 22. Positive and Personable!Results!InvitationTo Feel LikeWe Are ThereCredit toDonorsPersonableIntegrationMore Goodness to Come!Great PhotoReminder aboutConnection, andOther Activities
  23. 23. 2Donor-CenteredNewsletter Articles4-12 times a year in print and/ormonthly or twice a month in email
  24. 24. “Spine care” raised $5,000.“Zawadi” raised $50,000.Thank you, Tom Ahern, for the example.Ten fold increase fromone edition of thenewsletter to the next,simply by switching fromcorporate storytelling todonor-centeredstorytelling.
  25. 25. A Good Donor Newsletter Format . . .
  26. 26. 3DigestableAnnual ReportsEnd of year, or very beginningof new year
  27. 27. 4Special InvitationsA few times a year
  28. 28. 5Social MediaSeveral times a week, or daily
  29. 29. It’s hard to get there with acommunications strategy like this.
  30. 30. It’s much easier if you attractpeople to you with substanceand style that feels relevant.
  31. 31. forwardcommunicatinglike theirfavoritenonprofit!
  32. 32. Kivi Leroux