Remus and romulus- Rome


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Remus and romulus- Rome

  2. 2. King, named Amulius, who ruled a kingdom in aplace far, far away. He was suspicious of everyonewho might try to inherit the throne from him.
  3. 3. Princess Rhea Silvia, and when Rhea was oldenough, he sent her away to a secluded place sothat she could not inherit or have a son who mightone day become king.
  4. 4. One day he was told that his niece did have ason. Not one son, but two --- she had twin boys!Outraged, King Amulius sent a servant to take thebabies, and throw them into the Tiber River, so thatthere would be no one to inherit the throne from him
  5. 5. Fearing the King, the servant did as he ordered, andwent that night to steal the babies away from Rheawhile she slept
  6. 6. Afraid of being seen,the servant hurriedacross the land to theTiber River bridge anddropped the basket,with the babies, intothe river.
  7. 7. Tiber RiverGod, saw whatwashappening andhe reached upand caught thebasket. Gently, he lifted it upand guided itto shore
  8. 8. Lupa, the she-wolf, waswalking by theriver bank. Shehad just lost herbaby wolves andwas very sad.Surprised, atseeing thebasket, withthe babies,Lupa pulledit out of thewater.
  9. 9. Lupa took the babies back to her caveand was very happy to have areplacement for the baby wolves shehad lost.
  10. 10. One day Faustulus, ashepherd, was passingby the cave and sawthe babies and theshe-wolf. Not havingany children of hisown, Faustulustook the babiesback to his wife attheir hut. Lupawent along to helpprotect them.
  11. 11. Faustulus named the babies,Remus and Romulus
  12. 12. Remus andRomulus grewup happy andloved byFaustulus andhis wife. But,like all brothers,they tend tohave childishfights
  13. 13. One day, not long after the shepherdand his wife had died, a man came totheir village and said he heard aboutthe story of their birth. He informedthem that they were the sons ofPrincess Rhea Silvia and heirs to thethrone of King Amulius.
  14. 14. And becausethey weretwins, theycould sharebeing King.It worked outwell, and theboys took turnswearing theKings crown.
  15. 15. Remus and Romulusworked hard buildingtheir Kingdom, but nowthey needed a name forthe City. As usual, theboys began to argue andcouldnt agree.There were hills in the area,so each boy, decided tostand on a different hill, andcount how many eaglesthey would see fly overbefore sunset. The onewho counted the most,would get to pick the name.
  16. 16. Remus counted six and then wentto check with Romulus ----Romulus counted twelve. Theboys argued again. This timeabout who was telling the truth.Romulus won the argumentand named the city after him So,on April 21st in the year 753 B.C.,the city called "Rome" was born.
  17. 17. The boys decided to builda fence around the city toprotect it frominvaders. They arguedagain. Remus said itwasnt high enough, butRomulus insisted it was.To prove he was right,Remus attempted to jumpover the fence.
  18. 18. The fall was fatal --- andRemus died. Sadly,Remus was only 18 yearsold at his death, and aKing for such a short time.
  19. 19. One day, in the 37th yearof his reign as King,Romulus went out to givea speech to the people ofRome. He stood in theopen field and as hespoke, a thunderstormcame along. All thepeople scattered and ranfor shelter from the rain --- All, but King Romulus.
  20. 20. A strange thing happened. After therain, the people came out from theshelters to gather again in the field ---but King Romulus was gone! Hecouldnt be found anywhere.When they looked at the spot wherehe was standing, they only found hiscrown lying in the grass.
  21. 21. It was a mystery never solved. Rumors and gossipabound. Some say he was murdered, othersthought he was kidnapped. But eventually, the onemost favorite was, since it was a God that savedhim at birth, it was only reasonable that after hebuilt the great city of Rome, that the Gods wouldtake him up to the heavens.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~The End~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~