Gastronomy portugal


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Gastronomy portugal

  1. 2. There is a lot of delicious food like "Bacalao al pil- pil" . It is cod in a special sauce made with olive oil. People call it pil pil . People also like visiting bars and restaurants eating "pintxos“. They are similar to Spanish "tapas" but better, of course!!! FAMOUS CHEFS IN THE BASQUE COUNTRY According to the "Micheline guide" The Basque Country is the smallest country in the world with the most number of "Michelin stars" awards. There are very famous restaurants, with famous chefs, but of course, they are very expensive.
  2. 3. "Gulyás" - Goulash Soup It contains meat, vegetables and noodles and it is seasoned with paprika. Fisherman's Soup It's a spicy fish soup. It's a Christmas food, but sometimes people eat it on other occasions as well. Hungarian Pancakes Hungarian people usually fill them with cocoa powder/jam/cottage cheese or nutella . "Hortobágyi" - Stuffed Pancakes filled with meat, and covered with a spicy sauce.
  3. 4. At Midsummer and at Christmas the Swedish usually eat herring with potatoes and sour cream . But you can eat herring at other times too, it’s a very typical Swedish food. Here is the most typical Swedish food! Its meatballs, mashed potatoes, brown sauce and cowberry jam . Strawberry Tart - is a typical Swedish dessert. People usually eat strawberry tart at Midsummer. At Christmas people eat something called “ Janssons frestelse”. It is a gratin that consists of anchovies, potatoes and onion. <ul><li>In the Swedish homes people serve something called &quot;Husmanskost“. It is homecooked food, that consists of products like potatoes, carrots or other root vegetables and meat. </li></ul>
  4. 5. Reunion Island has great food such as: SAMOSAS, CHICKEN CROQUETTES, SAUSAGES OR CHICKEN CURRY and SPRING ROLLS. Samosas Spring Rolls Chicken Croquettes Sweet Pepper
  5. 6. Grilled Sardines Codfish Portuguese boiled meat with vegetables Cabbage and beans soup Cheese Portugal is also famous for its delicious food, especially …
  6. 7. Pastéis de Belém that you can buy in Lisbon Rice-pudding Almond cakes from the Algarve Sweet Egg Rolls from Chamusca