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The Basque Country


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The Basque Country

  1. 1. The Basque Country
  2. 2. The Basque Country flag
  3. 3. Europe Uddevalla Budapest LaudioChamusca
  4. 4. Basque country
  5. 5. The Basque Country is situated in the north of Spain
  6. 6. Basque CountryBasque Country  The Basque Country (Euskal Herria, sometimes Eskual Herria in Basque) is an area that extends west of the Pyrenees, bordering the Atlantic Ocean. It covers just over 20 500 km2 inhabited by about 3 million people.
  7. 7. Basque Country
  8. 8. The Basque Country is divided into three entities:- - the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country , composed of the three historical territories of Alava, Guipuzcoa and Vizcayas, which is over 70% of the total population- - Navarre, which represents over 50% of the territory- - the French Basque Country .
  9. 9. The highest mountain in the Basque CountryThe Basque Mountains are a small chain in the north of theIberian Peninsula. They rise from the Cantabrian mountainrange to the west and the Pyrenees to the east. Chain throughthe Basque Autonomous Community. This mountain has an ​area of 7202 km2 with a population of 1,483,572 inhabitants. Itcrosses 230 municipalities.
  10. 10. Mesa de los Tres Reyes
  11. 11. Basque country Capital : Vitoria Gasteiz
  12. 12. Vitoria-Gasteiz in winter
  13. 13. Bilbao: the biggest town
  14. 14. Guggenheim museum
  15. 15. Laudio
  16. 16. The four main rivers that cross the Basque CountryBidassoa (Bidasoa inbasque) Adour (Aturri in Nivelle ( Urdazuri Basque) in Basque ) Nive (Errobi in Basque)
  17. 17. Basque Country climatesThe climate of the Basque Country is diverse and heavilyinfluenced by the Atlantic Ocean.The coast enjoys the influence of the Gulf Stream, which gives atemperate climate and mild temperatures.The average annual temperature is 13 ° C.The prevailing winds are oriented from west to east and bringregular rainfall in winter.The summers are mild by the ocean. Rainfall is fairly abundantand fall very quickly in the form of thunderstorms which gives arich, green vegetation in summer.
  18. 18. An oceanic climate
  19. 19. Landscapes of the Basque-Country
  20. 20. San Sebastian
  21. 21. ​ The official languages spoken in Spain Spain is a constitutional monarchy with a bicameral parliament. Catalonia, the Basque Country and Galicia have special status due to their own language. ​ The languages spoken are Castilian Spanish, it is the official language, And Catalan, Valencian, Galician and Euskera.
  22. 22. The basque language: Euskara
  23. 23. Eusko Abendaren Ereserkia Basque National Anthem