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Using Research to Grow Your Business

“But I’m a small business owner. I don’t have time for research,” you say? On the contrary, you do and you’d better. In this tag-team presentation, GDC’s Marketing Manager Elizabeth Anderson and Cultural Anthropologist/Ethnographer Tim Craig, Ph.D. will walk you through how anyone on any budget in any time constraint can easily make use of the best research available. Tim will talk about conducting primary research (through simple, quick focus groups and interviews) and validating secondary research so you don’t take some reporter’s skewed interpretation as fact. Elizabeth will show you how easy it is to utilize social monitoring and website analytics that will assist in collecting data, as well as how to make sense of all those numbers. And together they’ll show you how these two processes can work simultaneously and continuously. That way, your customer insight will be as informed, relevant and constant as all your other business operations.

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