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  • Here you can see us on the airplane. It was David’s first fl ight . We were flying for almost 4 hours. We had a great time and quite good food on the plane.
  • On Monday some students showed us around the school. There is a recreation room for th e students who have some free time. For example they can play table tennis and table football there. There is a stationer’s inside the school. We think it would be cool to have a stationery and a recreation room in our school as well. On the school grounds there is a little lake and some palm trees . Aren’t they lovely?
  • I n the afternoon we went on a sightseeing tour around Chamusca. It’s a small town. We were honoured to have the opportunity to visit the Town Hall and to be received by the mayor himself. We are grateful for this opportunity. We aldso v isited a tower. The view was beautiful from upstairs. An interesting thing is that almost every house is white because of the weather. On the white houses there are stripes in various colours. The colour of the types talks about the influence of rich families in Chamusca. The colours represent the family under whose influence the owners of the house belonged. We also added some other pictures taken of Chamusca , this lovely small town.
  • On Tuesday we went to Nazaré. Unfortunately we couldn’t swim in the ocean because the weather was too cold. But it was extremely beautiful. We think it was the highlight of the week , especially for us, Hungarians, who live in a landlocked country with no seas.
  • After that we visited a historical town called Óbidos. Here, you can see the castle of Óbidos. We could walk on the walls and there were no fences. You can buy beautiful things made of cork there. Sometimes the souvenirs can be weird, too. There are funny mugs to be bought.
  • On Thursday we went to Lisbon. First we visited the Tower of Belém. The name sounds funny for us, as in Hungarian ‘ Belém ’ means ‘ into me’. W e also visited a famous monastery, Jerónimos Monastery, where lies the tomb of Vasco de Gama, the great Portuguese explorer. In the afternoon we walked in the city centre. We went from shops to shops.
  • Friday was a national holiday in Portugal. So we were with the families the whole week. Nóri and I went to 3 and a half basketball match es . While we were there the boys were in a park with their host familie s. As you can see, they had a great time there.
  • An interesting thing is that in the school , they give fish on every second day for lunch. The ones, who were still hungry, could go to a café near the school. There, you can see Mig u el. He is a very funny guy. He always wanted to know if thing s went well or not . Right there you can see the food that we got on the airplane , we had some creative fun with the food, as you see.
  • Here are our hosts’ homes.
  • Portugal

    1. 1. Portugal
    2. 2. On the airplane
    3. 3. School
    4. 4. Chamusca
    5. 5. Nazaré
    6. 6. Óbidos
    7. 7. Lisbon
    8. 8. Free day
    9. 9. Food it goood??!Is
    10. 10. Our ‘homes’
    11. 11. Thanks for your attention! 