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World Cup food


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All the national dishes of World Cup teams. Test your students knowledge. Get the "gif" version here on EFL Classroom 2.0.

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World Cup food

  1. 1. World Cup Food Gif Lingua
  2. 2. Russia: Borscht. A red cabbage soup topped with a dollop of sour cream.
  3. 3. Saudi Arabia: Kabsa. Mixed rice and chicken dish. Many varieties.
  4. 4. Egypt: Koshari. Rice, macaroni, lentils topped with a spicy tomato sauce. Garnish with chickpeas.
  5. 5. Uruguay: Asado. All grilled and cured meats.
  6. 6. Portugal: Caldo Verde. A creamy soup made of collard greens, potatoes and olive oil.
  7. 7. Spain: Paella. Don't leave Spain without trying this rice based seafood dish.
  8. 8. Morocco: Couscous. Durum wheat based dish usually served with lamb and vegetables.
  9. 9. Iran: Chelow Kabab. A very simple dish of Persian rice and kebab.
  10. 10. France. The baguette. Famous french bread. It goes with everything, especially French cheese!
  11. 11. Australia: Roast or grilled lamb. Aussies love their "barbies" and lamb is everyone's favorite.
  12. 12. Peru: Ceviche. Uncooked dish of fish, shrimp, lime, lemon, onion, chili pepper.
  13. 13. Denmark: Frikadeller. Simple pan fried meatballs or paddies served with potatoes and gravy.
  14. 14. Argentina: Steak. Melts in your mouth. Don't forget the red wine!
  15. 15. Iceland. Hakarl. Pickled, aged shark meat.
  16. 16. Croatia: Crni Rizot. Black Rizotto. Cuttle fish and squid combine to make a delicious rice dish.
  17. 17. Nigeria: Yams. Made in so many ways - this yummy sweet vegetable will leave you so satisfied.
  18. 18. Brazil: Feijoada. A hearty beef and pork stew.
  19. 19. Switzerland: Cheese fondue. Dip in bread into this cheese sauce made from emmantal cheese.
  20. 20. Costa Rica: Gallo Pinto. Simple dish of chicken, rice and beans.
  21. 21. Serbia: Pljeskavica. Spicy beef patty of beef, pork and lamb. Served with bread or not.
  22. 22. Germany: Sausage and sauerkraut. On the street, in the restaurant - this hits the spot.
  23. 23. Mexico: Tacos. Simple dish of a tortilla stuffed with meat and many other things. Of course hot sauce too!
  24. 24. Sweden: Pickled herring. From the can or fresh at home. Simple. Delicious.
  25. 25. South Korea: Bulgogi. Sweetened thin slices of beef or pork grilled in front of you.
  26. 26. Belgium: Moules Frites. Mussels with a broth that you dip your french fries into.
  27. 27. Panama: Sancocho. A strong chicken soup with vegetables. Great for colds!
  28. 28. Tunisia: Couscous. Durum wheat based dish usually served with lamb and vegetables.
  29. 29. England: Fish and chips. Lots of vinegar with it too!
  30. 30. Poland: Pierogi. Simple filled dumplings. Potato and cheese is most common.
  31. 31. Senegal. Thieboudienne. A fresh dish of fish and rice.
  32. 32. Colombia: Ajiaco. A beautiful stew of potatoes, corn, chicken and the spice guascas.
  33. 33. Japan: Ramen. Japan makes the best noodles in the world!