Food presentation with notes


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Food presentation with notes

  1. 1. A bit about food…
  2. 2. Breakfast Porridge Full English breakfast
  3. 3. Breakfast Full English breakfast A very popular, traditional breakfast is a ‘full English breakfast’. It is not something you eat every day because it’s very big and it takes time to prepare. English people usually only have a full English breakfast at the weekends, or when they are on holiday. You can always find it on the menu in a hotel for example! This kind of breakfast usually includes: bacon, sausages, fried mushrooms, fried or scrambled eggs, grilled tomatoes, toast and baked beans. Porridge Porridge is made by cooking oats with milk until it becomes thick. You then add something sweet to it, like sugar or honey or jam. Traditionally it was considered to be food for poor people, because it used to be made with water instead of milk. Porridge is also popular in the USA, although they call it ‘oatmeal’. Every day breakfast Although ‘full English breakfast’ and ‘porridge’ are both traditionally British, English people usually adopt a more continental style for their daily breakfast. This usually includes cereal, toast, fruit and yoghurt.
  4. 4. Yorkshire puddings Hot meals Roast dinner, or Sunday lunch Gravy (meat sauce)
  5. 5. Hot meals ‘Roast dinner’ or ‘Sunday lunch’ This is a very British meal. It is often called a Sunday lunch because traditionally it was eaten for lunch on a Sunday afternoon after coming back from church. Some families in England still do this. However it is often just called a ‘roast dinner’ and people eat it at the weekends, or when they are together with their families, or for special occasions and festivals. The traditional meal to eat at Christmas is a very big roast dinner for example. A roast dinner is made with a big piece of roasted meat, which is cooked slowly in the oven for a couple of hours. This could be a big piece of beef, or lamb, or a whole chicken. The meat is then served with vegetables, roasted potatoes, gravy and sometimes yorkshire puddings. ‘Gravy’ is a meat sauce made from the juices of the roast meat. Yorkshire puddings are like chewy bread cakes that taste really good when you soak them in gravy!
  6. 6. Pudding/dessert + Fruit crumble Custard = Crumble and custard!
  7. 7. Pudding/dessert Fruit crumble and custard Fruit crumble is a very popular desert in England. It is like a hot fruit pie but it has a sweet crunchy topping instead of pastry. The topping tastes like crushed biscuits, although it is made with sugar, flour and butter. The fruit used is usually apple and berries (mixed with sugar) although you could use any kind of fruit. Custard is a popular desert sauce in the UK. It is very sweet and thick, and it’s a pale yellow colour. You can eat custard on its own… it doesn’t have to be eaten with the desert!
  8. 8. British pubs
  9. 9. British pubs Pubs in England are like the equivalent of bars in Spain. They are a great place to have a drink with friends or family, and during the day they serve really tasty British food. So you can often buy the food we have looked at in this presentation (such as a roast dinner). Usually, British pubs have names which start with the word ‘The’ and include an important animal, symbol or person. For example: The Red Lion, The Royal Kings Arms, The Horse and Crown. Pubs are usually quite dark inside and they tend to have low ceilings and lots of wooden furniture and decoration.
  10. 10. Fish, chips and mushy peas Wrapped in paper… Pie, chips and gravy Or served in a polystyrene tray!
  11. 11. Fish and chips You can buy ‘fish and chips’ all over England – there are shops in nearly every town. It is a very low-bugdet kind of food, and it is not something the Queen would eat! The chips are always big and chunky, and the fish is covered in batter and deep-fried. Traditionally you eat it with salt and vinegar, with a side portion of mushy peas. If you buy this kind of food at a restaurant it is always served on a plate. However, if you go to a ‘fish and chip shop’ it is either wrapped in paper, or served on a polystyrene tray. You can also buy other kinds of food in a fish and chip shop, such as sausages, pies, doner kebabs and hamburgers. In the north of England it is more popular to buy pie and chips with gravy. The fish and chip shops in the south of England often don’t sell gravy.
  12. 12. Fish and chip shops (chippies)
  13. 13. Fish and chip shops (chippies) You can find fish and chips shops all over England. The food is displayed in a counter with a glass front, so you can see it before you buy it. In these pictures you can see what the shop staff usually look like – they always have to wear an apron and a cap. I worked in a fish and chip shop for two years, and I had to wear a blue and white apron and a blue cap! I always used to come home afterwards smelling of food! In the bottom left photo you can see behind the counter; there’s the till (where the money is kept) and the big pieces of paper which are used to wrap up the food.
  14. 14. •Scones with jam and cream •Cakes •Mini sandwiches •Tea! Afternoon tea
  15. 15. Afternoon tea ‘Afternoon tea’ is an English tradition which dates back to the 1800’s, although it is unfortunately not as popular in England nowadays. However, English people still like to enjoy the food that is associated with afternoon tea. Sometimes they still like to eat it in the traditional way, with a whole range of snacks to eat, but this is considered to be a special treat. The most popular food to eat for afternoon tea is ‘scones with jam and cream’ (the top right photo). This is particularly popular along the south coast of England. Other food includes mini sandwiches, cupcakes, slices of cake and small pieces of fruit. Also, afternoon tea ALWAYS includes drinking tea!
  16. 16. Tea Rooms
  17. 17. Tea Rooms A tea room is a special kind of café where you can eat the kind of food that you have for afternoon tea, or you can simply enjoy a hot drink such as coffee or tea. Tea is a very popular drink in England, and most English people like to add milk to their tea. You can also add sugar if you like your tea to be sweet. The traditional way of making tea is by using a teapot, and drinking from a cup and saucer. Sometimes English people still do this at home, but usually it is easier to just boil a kettle of hot water and make your tea in a mug!
  18. 18. Questions 1. What kind of meat is in a full English breakfast? 2. English people only eat a full English breakfast from time to time. What do they usually eat for breakfast? 3. What’s the name of the meat sauce that is used in a roast dinner? 4. ‘Crumble’ is made with two layers of food. Can you remember what they are made of? 5. When you buy ‘fish and chips’ in a restaurant it is always served on a plate. How is it served when you buy it from a fish and chip shop? 6. Where can you buy fish and chips (or pie and chips) in England? 7. How long did I work in a fish and chip shop for? 8. Can you name some food that you would eat for afternoon tea? 9. What do English people like to put in their tea? 10.Sometimes English people drink tea from a cup and saucer, but usually they use something else. What do they usually use?