Minutes of the meeting in uddevalla


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Minutes of the meeting in uddevalla

  1. 1. Minutes of the meeting in Uddevalla, Sweden May 2012-05-31 - Focus: still on school environment, but more emphasis is put on solutions rather than tracking down problems - Song: Pupils in each school will have to rehearse the song by the help of the video and the music sheet copied in Sweden. Reunion has volunteered to design a kind of dance for the song. - Improve the already published presentations on the wiki and the blog: Now that the first year of the project is over and we have to come up with a half-term report about our achievements, it is very important to check every information that goes public either in the wiki or in the blog. Each country (teachers and students likewise) has to check the presentations of the schools and the reports for factual information mistakes to help the countries improve the published presentations. - Wiki: Mind the different timing of holidays in each participating country when expecting immediate answers This term the activities in the wiki are going to be less regulated due to lack of school instruction time. Students are invited to share their ideas about what they think about the organisation of an earth day campaign and what they think should be included in it in a rather informal way in the wiki - Energy Blog: In a way we are going to continue the energy blog by concentrating on problem solving. Students have to suggest some ideas about what they think they could implement from the ideas of other schools (it is essential that they could refresh their memories about the presentations by making them available on the wiki) Pupils will suggest ways of celebrating Earth Day by launching a campaign. We will plan the campaign in Portugal based on the ideas published in the wiki.
  2. 2. - The story of a ... ... Each country will select a product, an item (related to the topic they are in charge of) , and will try to follow its story talking about: a) The energy needed to make that product b) The energy needed while it is working, during its life period. c) The energy needed to recycle that item after having used it. Products: Portugal is already done with The Story of Paper and Hungary : The Story of a Battery Reunion: The Story of a Plastic Bottle The Basque Country: The Story of Pizza Sweden: A glass bottle Each country will present the story of the chosen product (PPT, PREZI or other presentation tools) in Portugal. + National Days Each country will hold a special day, (the Portuguese hosts are responsible for the schedule: which day - which country)