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Published in: Education, Business
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Blog summary

  1. 1. Jim RichardsonJim Richardson coordinated “Follow a Museum” day in 2010 to raise awareness of museums in social media
  2. 2.  Focus on one social media platform at a time Three things to consider: 1. What the social media is trying to accomplish 2. Who the audience will be 3. If the platform will allow the museum to achieve its goals
  3. 3.  First museum on Flickr Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Google+
  4. 4.  Goal to online presence is to be “where the audience is already living” Susan Spero Tech-savvy curators promote a user- friendly environment
  5. 5.  “Museums are media producers.” Jasper Visser Use the conversion rate idea: • Compel the audience to familiarize themselves with museum social media
  6. 6.  Social media can help museums create connections Social media can be described as an education department Use Twittercruiting to invite scientists and interns to join museum“Organizations run more effectively and efficiently when they embrace technology” Colleen
  7. 7.  Have policy in place to minimize and resolve incidents Webmaster reserves the right to remove some or all posts Policy is a living document Setup methods to measure how good the social media tools are doing
  8. 8.  Powerhouse museum – serves as example for others to setup their own guidelines Online policy database by Chris Bourdeaux
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