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Extending your online course

  1. 1. Extending your online course #eyolc Virtual Classroom 04/11/2011
  2. 2. Agenda• Platform introduction• Profiles – What does your profile “say” about you? – Finding profile resources• Course focus – Audiographics and multimedia – Distributed collaboration – Social citation – Others?• Week 1 activities• Sharing on this course• Reflection
  4. 4. Platform introduction (4 slides) Health warning• If you are here it has worked – Fire drill I am relatively – Headphones new to this as• Permission to record well. – Posting the recording Only the second • public or private? time I have used• Back channels Wimba – Text chat (see next slide) Classroom. – Twitter I have used – Telephone in emergency Elluminate for several years
  5. 5. Platform tools Volume: Attention & Space- Camera: approval wasting Listening Toggle onTalk: click and and indicators advert and off HOLD to talk speaking Exit Dial-in information Polling & Polling and Presence and approval approval attention Clear, Away, Thumbs- resultsText chat to: Text chat: tools: up/down, Surprised, Select who Type text Tick = yes Confused, Applaud, to chat to here Cross = no Laugh, Speed up, Slow Admin Raise hand Down tools
  6. 6. Media “Options” Menu • Behaviour is odd • Only available when you are “presenter” • May hide behind the main window • Turn on camera, then select options • Use to “Lock Talk” if you are delivering a lecture
  7. 7. Good practice?• Try it out first. Have a practice session.• Speak in short sentences. (Even if you are me.)• The talk button takes a moment to work• Seek feedback on attention often• Slide transitions dont work• Desktop sharing and application sharing dont work• You will get through about half of face-to-face• Encourage a back channel - and follow it• If there is silence it is often because people are reading the back channel - not because sound has failed• Have a collaborator watch the backchannel for you• Discourage the use of cameras "in the room”• If you are the presenter and you are on camera - remember - you are on camera (hand/nose no no!)
  8. 8. • Profiles• Course focus• Week 1 activities• Sharing on this course• ReflectionEXTENDING YOUR ONLINE COURSE
  9. 9. Profiles• What does your profile “say” about you• Finding profile resources• Sharing these resources – Webquest• Leads to a general problem of sharing in this course – See • Course focus: distributed collaboration • Sharing on this course
  10. 10. Out of the almost limitless possibilities:• Audiographics and multimedia• Distributed collaboration• Social citation• Others?COURSE FOCUS
  11. 11. Audiographics and multimedia• Challenges – Synchronous discussion and the tyranny of now – Channel => relationship => message – Multimedia production• Tools and resources
  12. 12. Distributed collaboration• Group-work online? – Tools – The problem of sharing in this course• Week 2 and 3 activity preview: – In your small group/pair design, develop and (next week) display a learning activity which extends an online course through the use of social media tools.
  13. 13. Social citation• Bookmarking• Reference management• Folksonomy/tagging• Tools – https://wiki.brookes.ac.uk/display/elab/Resources +from+Lunchtime+sessions+on+Web+2.0+for+Lea rning+and+Teaching
  14. 14. Other focus• Portfolios?• Mobile learning?• OER?• Game-based learning? – Khan Academy “Were full of game mechanics. As soon as you login, youll start earning badges and points for learning. “ http://www.khanacademy.org/about
  15. 15. • Identity, privacy and disclosure• Sharing social citation practiceWEEK 1 ACTIVITIES
  16. 16. Identity, privacy, disclosure• Do you follow or friend your students? – Asynchronous discussion in the VLE forums – Resources • Again, see “Sharing on this course”
  17. 17. Sharing social citation• The “obvious” thing – All get a Bibsonomy account • Friend each other • Agree some common tags – All get a Zotero account • Share a “Library”• What’s wrong with this picture?
  18. 18. • Given the complexity, how can we develop appropriate social citation practices for this course, and for courses we teach?
  19. 19. Sharing on this course• Collaborative work spaces – Google docs? • Forms? – Wiki?
  20. 20. Reflection• http://extendingonline.brookesblogs.net/• Why not just blog the whole course?
  21. 21. Enjoy the course!THANK YOU