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Basic Facebook marketing workshop held by the Arkansas State University Small Business and Technology Development Center for area businesses wanting to learn more about Facebook or who have just started using it. Topics included privacy, security and lists for profiles and basics of setting up a Facebook page for the business.

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  • Note for SBTDCs I always download my powerpoints to slideshare so that the attendees can access it online later especially where we have links. It is a good habit for your center to do as well. Plus with the link on slideshare others will see it and gives you a unique URL to use for your blogs. I generally create a unique web page that has all of the information and some added stuff like pdfs on the topic that I share with the attendees.
  • Depending on time: can do all 10 in a 3 hour session. 1 ½ hour lunch n learn focus on 1 through 6 NOTE: NAME CHANGE currently can change your business name seen on facebook…NOT URL however ability to change URL is supposed to be coming so stay tuned
  • Stats from Exact Target basically small business needs to understand nobody got on Facebook to “like” a page (except your mamma and spammers) they got on Facebook for right column reasons…to get them to “like” page need to consider what motivates your visitors to your facebook site to become fans…what can you give them?
  • Many of our small businesses are unaware of these which means their engagement is poor. They will probably have no idea what EdgeRank is or why it matters so need to explain to them how the algorithem worksThese stats may surprise your attendees the decay issue is important now…used to be not to post more than once a day because you didn’t want to clog up fans newsfeeds…today decay rate is exploded meaning posting every 4 to 5 hours will not create problems with your fans.
  • Just some nice cover images from “the big boys” the new timelines capitalizes on the fact that Facebook has ALWAYS been a visual medium. Now with this massive virtual real estate the fact that you no longer have “Default Landing Tab” options your cover image must grab visitors if you want them to push the Like button and engage. The image you use should be ABOUT the visitor NOT the business.
  • Before they get too excited about everything they can do to “advertise” on the cover image they need to know that Facebook being Facebook has set very strict guidelines about what CANNOT be put on a cover image. Why? At the bottom of it all…Facebook wants you to BUY advertising from them not post it for free…so making it more difficult Go over with them the next slide is a good example of a page that is ON THE BORDER of too much.
  • Cover image from Hubspot’s Amy Porterfield…look at critical No-Nos on last slide compare to this one…she is right on the border of running afoul of Hubspot Police…. But…as you can do later when we discuss apps…note how she took the photo app put a “Like” image in and then hid her actual “Like” button. Pretty cool. Also note that she is using her cover image not as a permanent billboard but changing up on a regular basis to emphasize marketing campaigns. Given that this is Hubspot sure they researched very carefully where that line in the sand was and did not actually cross. But warn attendees Facebook may not be as forgiving to them as they would be to Hubspot
  • So what can you do? Our small businesses may need some inspiration so see next slides…but KEY…THE VISITOR MUST SEE THEMSELVES IN THE IMAGE. By that I mean the visitor must identify personally with the image shown and relate to the business. Go back to Herb’s 5 Laws…lazy (visual vs text) and Selfish (WIIFM) Hit the part that changing the cover image often is a good idea and why
  • Technical part …on the profile picture…for most of our small businesses stress it should be their brand/logo or image they want people to equate to them. Also fact that the profile picture is the “Thumb Nail” that people will see in their newsfeeds. Best to be same all across all social platforms, website, business cards, email headers, etc.
  • Pretty obvious…but a bunch of folks didn’t know because the button is hidden until you hover over it. Why Pin? Keep a particular post at the top of the timelines for visitors good for sales campaigns, promotions, etc. Or since no more default landing tabs to encourage folks to go to your welcome page.HIDING: make sure they understand that hiding takes it off the visual part of YOUR Facebook Timelines BUT does not delete if from your Fans newsfeed.
  • Walk them through the parts of the new Admin panel…easy to see recent interaction without having to scroll all down your page and to respond. On the new Fans/Likes show them how you can send them a private message on their profile (if they don’t have their message button turned off) but to be careful not to look like a “stalker” because if you privately message a new “Liker” it is YOUR PROFILE picture that appears NOT your page logo…
  • Critical issue is expansion to 170 characters…ability to put your CTA (CALL TO ACTION) See on ours we have a little slogan but then is driving folks to our specialty landing tab AND the freebies they get for fanning…Can put in URLs as well do note the issue if the small business sets up as a “Local Business” by default pulls in address and phone number. Can get around this by typing in your website URL in the edit portion that has your phone number or street address or change to an organization. Critical question for local business should be what is more important to the visitor? Phone number, address or url? Ex. A photograher would do well to have his website url since most folks want to see samples of his work before contacting.
  • Parting shots….the mechanics of setting up the new Facebook Timelines is not difficult…Turning it into an effective marketing tool that will drive sales to your cash register…takes planning. Here are a few ideas of mine
  • Facebook 101 Seminar Getting Started

    1. 1. Facebook Basics For Business Special Thanks to Our Sponsors
    2. 2. AgendaIntroduction and WHY Facebook 10 minutesFacebook Profiles Vs Facebook Pages 30 minutes Profile Friends List Creation Profile SecuritySetting Up a Facebook Page 30 minutesBREAK 10 minutesBasics of Using Page Timelines Options 1 hourClosing Questions 10 minutes
    3. 3. In Your Packets:Registration form and evaluation form – Please fill out the Attendee Record Form at the beginning of the seminarCopy of the slide presentationAdditional handouts
    4. 4. What Is Facebook?Launched in 2004 , has grown to 950 million+users.1,344,800 users in the state of Arkansas.115,340 users within 50 miles of Jonesboro.Originally used to connect with friends, sharephotos, and real-time updates.Has become one of the largest marketingphenomenon for business today.If your customers are looking for your businesson Facebook, will you be there?
    5. 5. Why Use Facebook For Business? Statistics: Over 950,000,000 users – worldwide! Over 1.5 million local business have active Pages. People spend over 700 million minutes per month on Facebook. Average user is connected to 80 Community Pages, Groups, and events. 150 million active mobile users. Mobile Facebook users are twice as active than non- mobile users.
    6. 6. Get more Facebook user data on our Facebook 2012 boardVisit the ASU SBTDC Facebook Page!
    7. 7. How Can Facebook Pages Help Your Business?
    8. 8. Facebook TerminologyProfiles vs. PagesProfiles are for people.Pages are for business.Friends vs. FansFriends are for profiles.Fans are for pages.Wall, Info, News Feed,Insights, Places,& Tags.
    9. 9. Profiles PagesFor PEOPLE! Have Friends Organizations Have Fans (Likers)
    10. 10. What To Include On Your ProfileA recognizable photo – you want people to knowwho you are, and recognize you when they aresearching for you on Facebook.Work/Education – this will allow people to recognizeyou by your place of work, and will also promoteyour business in it’s own way. Education will providecredibility for your professionalism.Current City, Interests, Contact Info
    11. 11. Why Have Personal Profile?Perhaps you feel like you won’t use your personal profile verymuch, but you do realize the need for your business to have aPage – Profiles will allow you to put a FACE with your business. When interacting with other businesses on Facebook, your profile will be how you represent your business. You may not want to be there, but your customers may want you to be. Remember, your business won’t float without the customer. If you really don’t want a profile, you can still create a page for your business. But this may limit your page’s functionality.
    12. 12. Facebook PrivacyPrivacy is very importanton Facebook. Be sure tounderstand whatinformation you aresharing online.Let’s take a look at howto keep your informationsafe on Facebook!
    13. 13. Things To Remember About Facebook PrivacyDon’t ever share anything youwould not put your picture next twoon a highway billboard!Use The Preview My Profile Buttonwhen changing your settings.Protect your family & friends, don’tshare things about them that theywould not want to share!
    14. 14. Set Your Lists
    15. 15. My Friends Lists
    16. 16. Setting in Lists
    17. 17. Privacy
    18. 18. Who SeesWhat?
    19. 19. What Family Close Friends See
    20. 20. What Business “Friends” See
    21. 21. Let’s Take A Break! Connect with us on Facebook!http://www.facebook.com/asu.sbtdc
    22. 22. Facebook Business Pages
    23. 23. Creating Your Business PageSelect The Right CategoryConsider Your Page Name Your Company Name? Something Catchy? Keep It Simple & Memorable Pages Are Public Don’t Forge Another Company’s Name Educate Yourself- Terms of Use & Promotion Guidelines
    24. 24. Let’s Create A Page ( follow along!)Facebook
    25. 25. What To Share On Your Business PagePhotos: Location Photo, TopEmployee Photos, Retail Tag other industry pagesPhotos, Action Shots, Promotional active on Facebook.Ads Use keywords in every statusVideos: Commercials, Fun update!Videos, Informational VideosLinks: News articles both local & UPDATE REGULARLY!national, industry news, companyblog, & your website!Events: Share upcoming eventshosted by your company!
    26. 26. /52% of Users Prefer to Interact with Brands on Facebook Not Websites
    27. 27. Customers Vs Business Our Know Thy Customer Board
    28. 28. What We Will Cover1. Setting our Cover Photo and Profile Picture2. Star, Hide, Pin3. Explore the Admin Panel4. Make the Most of About5. Organizing Our Views and Apps
    29. 29. Facebook User Motivation Why “Like” a PAGE?40% Want Discounts/promotions Why Consumers Use Facebook39% Show support of Company36% Get FREEBIES 63% Reconnect old friends34% Stay informed 59% Maintain personal contacts30% Updates on upcoming sales 37% Stay on top of social life25% Exclusive Content 30% Fill downtime guilty pleasure 30% play games
    30. 30. What Facebook Doesn’t Tell You! At BEST… 20% of your Fans See Your Newsfeed Post Today Post “Decay” is about 5 HOURS Edgerank will SLAP YOU! 90% of “Likers” NEVER come back to your page! Up to 30% penalty for 3rd party posting to Facebook
    31. 31. Engaging Brand Timelines Photo of first Wal-Mart in Rogers in 1962
    32. 32. Cover PhotosNew: Cover Photo 851 X 315 pixelsThou Shalt Not: Price or purchase information Any type of contact information References to Facebook features (like, share, etc.) Calls to Action (Get it Now or Tell Your Friends) Misleading, deceptive or false covers
    33. 33. Walking a Fine Line HereWalking a Fine Line Here
    34. 34. Cover ImagesWhat Works? Photo to showcase your products Photo of people using your products Photo of “secret” ingredients Photo with unique selling point Photo that gives inside look to your business Photos that make visitor salivate Photos that involve the audienceChange Cover Image often
    35. 35. Profile Picture 180 x180 pixels is your thumbnail scaled down to 32 x 32 What works? Logo Image that is representative of your brandProfileBe permanent Best to Picture ASU SBTDC Facebook
    36. 36. You can Pin or Anchor a specific post to the top of thetimeline for up to 7 days Pinning a story prevents it from getting lostStar Highlights the post and spreads across both columnsDownside…can’t Highlight AND PinHide from Page takes off Timeline not newsfeed Star, Hide or Pin
    37. 37. About BoxOn left below Cover ImageGrown from 70 characters to 170 charactersPerfect Call to ActionCan Include website linksHowever Local Business Pages display your local information(address or phone)Can insert website in those optionsDecide what is more important website or other contactEdit About Description: admin panel>Manage Page> BasicInformation
    38. 38. It’s Not About YOU! A Few Tips To Grow Your Fans Quickly -Get Your Employees Involved!Remember, this page is for yourclients & enthusiasts! -Share your page with your existing friends on Facebook, ask yourPost info that they would like or staff to do the same!need! -Send an e-mail to your clientAllow your fans to post database, include yourcomments, photos & info! Facebook Page in your company newsletter!Don’t be a pushy salesman! -Include Facebook Link in the signature of your emails & Business Cards!
    39. 39. Facebook Pages: Don’t Forget Facebook provides you with ‘Get Started’ steps – be sure to follow their advice! Upload a colorful & eye catching logo! Post some basic content on your page before you send invitations out to like your page! Links to your website, blog, share promotions, specials, ask questions! Use your keywords in status updates & info sections! Provide at least 5 pieces of content relative to your business or industry --before you share your page!
    40. 40. Posting Content
    41. 41. Scheduling Posts
    42. 42. What To Do When Something Negative Shows Up Business is Business – act professionally! Apologize Publically To Any Complaints. Reach Out Privately to Resolve The Situation. (Send a message, or contact them personally) Move On – Don’t let negativity get you down.If someone persists to write nasty things on your Facebook Page, attempt to resolve the manner privately, & if all else fails report the user to Facebook. (This is the LAST RESORT!)
    43. 43. Don’t Be Labeled a Spammer!Act like a user, you don’t like to be sent a million messages. Sodon’t do it to others!Don’t participate in aggressive marketing: Do not post links on your competitors page (that’s tacky) Don’t be a solicitor! Build Relationships, and encourage your followers to promote your page for you!Don’t post your info about your Facebook Page on other’s wallswithout permission!Don’t create multiple accounts with the same name.Don’t set up your business as a Profile.
    44. 44. Facebook Pages: What’s Next?!Be consistent! Don’t stop after a week, keep building & sharing information.Respond to people who are ‘Liking’ your page, commenting and sharing! (Say Thanks!)Look at Your Insights, who’s viewing your page, and what are they interested in!Register for Advanced Facebook for Business with Arkansas State University Small Business Technology & Development Center!
    45. 45. Best PracticesPublish MORE Visual Content Posts including a photo album or pic generate 2X more engagement than other post types Think: photos, charts, infographics, Pinterest! Edit Images that Appear in Your Views & App Bar Make Sure Best Posts Appear on Timeline (Make sure default setting is “Allowed on timeline by checking “Everyone can post to ASU SBTDC timeline in the manage permissions section) Best Practices Pin a New Featured Promotion every 7 Days Prepare a Schedule or Calendar for regular posting Tie Facebook posts to your marketing campaigns
    46. 46. THIS AFTERNOON!
    47. 47. Tools to Create ContentSlideshare.com upload your PowerPoint, word documents, pdffiles, brochures, even video online to share with your audienceAnimoto.com Video creation and sharing tool that allows you to uploadimages and short video clips, add text, then mix with a great music library to sharewith your fans.Storify.com Online curation site bring information fromGoogle, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and more. Perfect for quick creation ofinformation in appealing format.YouTube – Fits as both a support tool and as its own social network. Shootvideo from anywhere, upload to YouTube and share on your sites.Get more information about Slideshare, Animoto and YouTubeat our Storify article “Tools to Create GREAT Content”
    48. 48. Thanks Again -- ASBTDC Online: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ASU.SBTDC Twitter: http://twitter.com/asbtdc_asu Blog: http://www.asbtdc-asu.com/ Connect with Herb on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/asusbtdc Thanks For Coming!