Linked infor business jonesboro july 2012


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PowerPoint presented in Jonesboro, AR Thursday, July 26th on Fundamentals of LinkedIn for small businesses by the Arkansas State University Small Business and Technology Development Center.

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Linked infor business jonesboro july 2012

  1. 1. LinkedIn Basics For Business The Professional Social NetworkPresentation Herb LawrenceASU SBTDC Center Director Special Thanks to Our Sponsors
  2. 2. What Is LinkedIn?∗ 101.7 million Professionals in 200 Countries!∗ 38.8 million in the United States∗ Executives from all Fortune 500 Companies are members of this network.∗ Relationships matter – connect with people in a new way to prolong professional relationships & to create new ones via your existing contacts!∗
  3. 3. Social network for businesses and Professionals LinkedIn Stats 2012Of course love to connect with you on LinkedIn
  4. 4. Why Online?
  5. 5. First Things First – Join LinkedIn∗∗ Have your recent resume ready!∗ Company Names, Dates, Education∗ Summary of Experience gained at each job or school!∗ A professional headshot, or recognizable photo! ∗ Don’t be too casual with this photo, this is a professional social network– not Facebook.
  6. 6. What Are My Goals?∗ Why am I here?∗ What do I want to accomplish with LinkedIn?∗ What is my “VALUE PROPOSITION?∗ How are others using LI in my Industry?∗ How much time to dedicate?∗ How does LinkedIn fit into my Overall Marketing Plan?
  7. 7. Profile Completeness: What You Need To Get 100%∗ Current Position∗ At Least: 2 Past Positions∗ Your Education∗ Profile Summary – A short paragraph about yourself & professional aspirations! (Remember Your Keywords!)∗ Profile Photo – No Babies, No Partying. Keep it Professional (Headshots work best!)∗ Your Specialties∗ At least: 3 LinkedIn Recommendations
  8. 8. Connections Are Exponential!
  9. 9. Finding Connections∗ Search for People.∗ Import E-Mail Address Book∗ Invite people to connect with you on LinkedIn.∗ Start with your community – search for your professional circle first.∗ Introduce Yourself – send messages to members of your industry or community that you have yet to meet.
  10. 10. Share Your LinkedIn URL∗ Share your presence on LinkedIn on your business cards – this a great way to build your connections online & meet new contacts.∗ Reach out to your clients in a professional way – Facebook is great for building a casual relationship, but for business people LinkedIn can work better!∗ Your LinkedIn URL is located: On Your Profile – Under Education & Recommendations. You can edit your URL to be easy to remember!
  11. 11. Your LinkedIn Toolbox
  12. 12. LinkedIn for Outlook
  13. 13. LinkedIn Toolbar – Internet Explorer & Firefox
  14. 14. LinkedIn Mobile
  15. 15. Share On LinkedIn Button
  16. 16. Status Updates: What Should You Share?∗ Latest Projects or Events You Are Showing∗ Your latest specials, deals or news∗ Tips for your customers/support info∗ Links to your business online: ∗ Facebook Page ∗ Twitter Account NO MORE!!!!!! ∗ Website Update around 3 times a day – Morning, Afternoon, Evening*
  17. 17. LinkedIn Answers- Build Credibility o r e tit o mp rCY ou
  18. 18. How To ‘Answer’ Questions On LinkedIn∗∗ Login To LinkedIn∗ Look On Left Hand Side For The Word ‘Browse’ ∗ Browse the Categories ∗ Look to for your industry topic/specialty ∗ Choose a Question You Want To Answer ∗ Click The Yellow Answer Button Type your answer, spell check & provide sources!
  19. 19. Becoming An Expert∗ First you have to answer some questions.∗ Offer clear & concise terminology in your answers. Avoid Industry jargon.∗ Answer more than one question – be heard and have something valuable to say.∗ The more questions you answer, the more likely you will receive expertise in that field based on your solid content.∗ The person who asks the question, chooses the best answer among the many replies.
  20. 20. Let’s Take A Look At LinkedIn!∗
  21. 21. Let’s Take A Break!
  22. 22. What is Good Content∗ Educates∗ Informs∗ Entertains∗ Provides Value∗ Builds Trust∗ Creates Relationships…then∗ SELLS……
  23. 23. Why Good Content Matters
  24. 24. How to Spread Content ∗ Video ∗ Images, pictures – ∗ Articles ∗ Infographics ∗ eBooks/White Papers ∗ Webinars ∗ Podcasts ∗ Coupons/discounts/special offersKnow how subscribers in different networks PREFER to receive your content
  25. 25. Company Profiles∗ Follow other Companies – local, industry, or partners.∗ Search for Jonesboro, Paragould, Memphis companies who are already set up on LinkedIn.∗ Set-Up Your Own Company Profile- (only one person needs to do this!)∗ Get your employees who are active on LinkedIn involved with the company profile!These can be a little tricky – be sure to download this PDF before you get started!PDF File To Create Company Profiles
  26. 26. Setting Up Your Company Profile∗ BE SURE YOU READ THE DIRECTIONS!∗ Use your WORK email-∗ You do not want to attach a personal email to the Company Profile (Why? no one else in the company can list it.)∗ Shrink Your Logo – 100x60 pixels∗ Pick the BEST Company Type & be honest about the size!
  27. 27. Small Business Tips via LinkedInHere’s some fun & helpful LinkedIn Video Tutorials for Small Business!∗Episode 1: You and Your Company:∗Episode 2: You and Your Customers:∗Episode 3: You and Your Team:∗Episode 4: You and Your Reputation:∗Episode 5: You and Your Funding:
  28. 28. Don’t Forget …∗ Keywords, Keywords, Keywords! ∗ Company Specialties are really important!∗ Discuss with your owner & fellow employees what your Company Description should be!∗ No ESSAYS! Be direct, professional & simple! Its like a first impression- make it count!
  29. 29. Don’t Give Up!∗ Don’t just create a profile – get involved with Group Conversations, actively add your contacts to LinkedIn & respond to recommendation requests or messages!∗ Seek out those who would recommend you, too!∗ Update your LinkedIn Status– share your professional news! ∗ Example: Real Estate Agent lists a new home – share the details! Your connections may be more likely to buy a home from someone they know than a complete stranger!
  30. 30. Tools to Save Time∗∗ Buffer.comRead all about these and other scheduling tools at our Storify article “Scheduling Tools for Beginners”
  31. 31. Connect with Us∗ E-mail∗ Facebook∗ Facebook∗ Twitter∗ LinkedIn∗ Google Plus posts∗ Oh… or call me (870) 972-3517
  32. 32. Thanks Again -- ASBTDC Online: Facebook: Twitter: Blog: Connect with Herb on LinkedIn: Thanks For Coming!