Start Your Business On the Right Foot


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Prepared by the Arkansas State University Small Business and Technology Development Center staff as a basic guide for new businesses in Northeast Arkansas

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Start Your Business On the Right Foot

  1. 1. Helping Real People and Real Businesses SUCCEEDSTEPS TO HELP YOU GET STARTED Information inside includes: Advertising to utilize before the ground breaking Contacts to help reach the local market Marketing research services provided by the SBTDC
  2. 2. Page 2   Getting Ready for the Grand Opening     Local Advertising Informing potential customers and the community of an upcoming Grand Opening is essential in making a new business a success. The best way to do this is to advertise locally. Prime outlets include the city newspaper, local televi- sion stations, the local radio stations, and billboards, ect. When executed correctly these powerful Social Media can also be utilized to marketing tools can help to inform introduce your brand to the masses. customers about a new business. Online social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are just a few of the online venues that can be employed Marketing Decisions to help you reach potential customers. One of the most important factors in marketing is determining the audience The SBTDC you wish to reach. The market that you intend to target should be anyone who The Small Business and Technology might bene it from the products or Development Center located at services being offered. Arkansas State University offers After choosing the medium you wish to counseling, business plan reviews, market through, schedule the training, and market research to the advertisement during times when your small business community. target market will be the majority of the audience. SBTDC 
  3. 3.   Page 3 Create Yourself     3 Months before your opening…  Create an email address with your business domain  Develop a Company Signature or Logo  Design a Business Card These few initial steps enable you to begin communicating with potential customers. Social Media This allows potential customers to find your page through search engines as well as allow the community to become familiar with your business or brand .  Create an account for your business on Facebook and Twitter  Start Inviting Friends  Make sure to review, send messages, and upload information, videos, and photos daily SBTDC 
  4. 4. Page 4   Contact Jonesboro Websites     As consumers get smarter and more speci ic about how they search, they are stepping away from the global market place and reaching out to a local one. Created by Occasions Publishing Group, is an important resource for local businesses who wish to reach consumers in the community and promote their brand for free. Company Info: Contact: Audrey Hanes, Associate Editor Jonesboro Occasions Email: 274 Southwest Dr. Jonesboro, AR 72403 Phone: 870.931.0012 Kait8 is a highly trusted local brand that allows Region 8 businesses to reach a distinct and targeted audience in order to promote and inform viewers of their brand. Kait8-Tv Online has become a wonderful source for news and information that offers unique opportunities to advertisers such as:  Integrated Content Sponsorships Company Info:  Targeted Opt-In Email Campaigns KAIT-TV  Streaming Video Sponsorship P.O. Box 790 472 County Rd. 766 Contact: Howell Westbrook, Senior Account Executive Jonesboro, AR 72401 Phone: 870.933.8888 Email: SBTDC 
  5. 5.   Page 5 Internet Resources   Search Engine Optimization Search engines have recently been recognized as the most effective form of marketing compared to house email, viral video, house blogs, social site pro iles, and Twitter feeds. The majority of first time visitors will happen across your page via a search engine result. Getting Listed Once you have a website be sure and “Get Listed” at, a resource for small business owners to learn more about the way their businesses are listed online. Social Media Resources When you launch into a social media, take a look at which mediums your target audience uses the most. Keeping an eye on social media statistics- Twitter trends, digital marketing trends, and search engine rankings- is important to keep in mind as the average internet user’s activity shifts. Keep yourself updated by checking some of the following sites for search engine and social media statistics:     SBTDC 
  6. 6. Page 6   Local Advertising   Learn what is available in your area...    Covert Advertising  Print Advertising  Broadcast Advertising  Outdoor Advertising Exploring the local advertising options can help you to collect the information needed to narrow down which media outlets you will eventually use. Covert Advertising Covert advertising is a unique kind of advertising in which a product or a particular brand is incorporated in entertainment. The Malco Hollywood movie theatre reaches a large number of consumers especially during new movie releases. Advertising options available include:  Cinema Spots Contact Info:  Cinema Slides Malco Hollywood 2407 East Parker Rd.  Digital Preshow Jonesboro, AR 72401  Lobby Promotions Phone: 870.802.3456 SBTDC 
  7. 7.   Page 7 Print Advertising    The Jonesboro Sun is Northeast Arkansas’ regional newspaper serving over 80,000 readers with a market coverage in seven counties of Arkansas each day. Company Info: The Jonesboro Sun Contact: Lisa A. Lynn, Advertising Director 518 Carson St Email: Jonesboro, AR 72401 Phone: 870.935.5525 Jonesboro Occasions is a publication of locally-owned and operated Occasions Publishing Group. This publication is dedicated to the culture and lifestyle enjoyed by readers in Northeast Arkansas and we exist to make a signi icant contribution to the greater good of the community. Company Info: Jonesboro Occasions Contact: William Black, Account Executive 274 Southwest Drive Email: P.O. Box 1681 Jonesboro, AR 72403-1681 Phone: 870.931.0012 SBTDC 
  8. 8. Page 8   Broadcast Advertising     Television is the only media that can reach large audiences watching the same thing at the same time. The Region 8 market is comprised of approximately 25 counties in Arkansas and Missouri. KAIT 8 captures the majority of the viewing households located in Region 8 and is the #1 station in 9 of these counties and the #1 ABC af iliate in another 8 counties. Sponsorship Opportunities include:  KAIT 8 Drive for Life  Community Weather Cams  Scholarship Salute  Teacher of the Year  Football Friday Night Contact: Company Info: Howell Westbrook, Senior Account Executive KAIT-TV P.O. Box 790 Email: 472 County Rd. 766 Jonesboro, AR 72401 Phone: 870.933.8888 SBTDC 
  9. 9.   Page 9   Suddenlink Media can help you effectively, ef iciently and affordably target your audience with cable television advertising and a suite of other advanced digital advertising solutions.  Local Commercials  Commercial Production  Mobile Text Services Company Info: Suddenlink Communications  Network Promotions 1707 Stone St. Contact: Jim Watkins, Account Executive Jonesboro, AR 72401 Email: Phones: 870.933.9300 The advantage radio advertising offers your business stems from its unique combination of high reach, high targetability, and low cost Jonesboro Radio Group advertisers enjoy, by far, the largest radio listening audience in the Jonesboro market. Company Info: Jonesboro Radio Group 314 Union Street Jonesboro, AR 72401 Phone: 870.933.8800 SBTDC 
  10. 10. Page 10      East Arkansas Broadcasters of Jonesboro owns radio stations across the entire state. They have a contemporary country station, KFIN, a popular music station, KIYS, a class country, KWHF, along with two AM talk stations, KBTM & KNEA. Company Info: Contact: Employee, Job Title East Arkansas Broadcasters Email: Address Phone: Mor Media Inc in Paragould, AR is a private company Broadcasting Companies offering radio advertising as well as radio advertising services. Company Info: MOR Media 400 Tower Drive Contact: Employee, Job Title Paragould, AR 72450 Email: Phone: 870-236-7627 SBTDC 
  11. 11.   Page 11 Outdoor Advertising   American consumers spend more time out-of-home than watching television, reading the paper, or listening to the radio which allows outdoor advertising to reach consumers while they are traveling. Contact Info: Lamar Outdoor 401 West Parker Rd. Contact: Angela Taylor Jonesboro, AR 72404 Email: Phone: 870.935.4603 Other Resources Request information from the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce about sending a newsletter email blast to all members with information about your new business Contact Info: Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce P.O. Box 789 Jonesboro, AR 72403 Phone: 870.932.6691 SBTDC 
  12. 12. Page 12   The ASU SBTDC  New Opportunities for Small Businesses The Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center is a statewide network that serves and supports the small business community offering one-to-one professional consulting for business owners and entrepreneurs.  Conducted 69 small business training Located on Arkansas State University’s workshops with over 900 attendees on Jonesboro campus in the Delta Center, topics from Starting a Business to the ASU Small Business and Business Financing Options, and a Technology Development Center is a wide variety of cutting edge marketing part of the statewide small business workshops especially in social media assistance centers. and on-line marketing. The ASU SBTDC: The ASU SBTDC assists entrepreneurs at  In 2010 our consultants worked on every stage of business development and 30 capital projects helping our cli- growth. Our knowledgeable consulting ents access over $7,900,000 in staff and provided one-to-one inancing con idential guidance and feedback, plus  Using our resources 120 clients information, recommendations, and re- received assistance for their startup sources speci ically tailored to any small or existing businesses business venture.  Small Businesses that worked with Primary areas of assistance include, our consultants created 100 new planning, technology, inancing, market- jobs and our work resulted in 140 ing, growth, management, technology, saved jobs that might have other- Web site optimization, and business wise been lost pro itability. SBTDC 
  13. 13.   Page 13   Services Offered   Starting a new business requires extensive planning and preparation which is quite time consuming. To assist in this process, Small Business and Tech- nology Development Center offers a variety of services to assist new busi- ness owners. Help available to you includes:  Advice on operating challenges in your existing business  Review of your business plan and strategies  Guidance in starting your new business  Advice on purchasing of existing businesses  Preparation of your loan request  Financial Analysis and budget development  Web Site Optimization  Market Research SBTDC 
  14. 14. Page 14   Seminars Offered     The ASU SBTDC offers seminars and training programs that focus on providing current, practical information on a wide variety of business topics. SBTDC staff and professionals from the business community teach basic business skills as well as provide training on more advanced topics. How to Register Online: Phone: 870.972.3517 Fax: 870.972.3678 Email: Mail: ASU SBTDC P.O. Box 2650 State University, AR 72467 Additional Information Consulting The SBTDC can assist you by providing free one-on-one professional consulting on preparation of loan requests, inancial analysis, and budget development. Consultants can provide general business advice; however, they cannot provide speci ic tax, accounting, or legal advice Market Research Our Center has access to research materials that can be ordered and customized based on the clients business. Training The SBTDC offers a wide variety of live and online classes to those who are interested in starting a business. The irst course recommended to those who are considering starting a business is "Starting a Business in Arkansas." SBTDC 
  15. 15.   Page 15 Our Consultants       Herb Lawrence     Center Director and Training Director    Email: Laura Miller Lead Business Consultant Email: Robert Bahn Business Consultant Email: Lois Travis Administrative Assistant Email: SBTDC 
  16. 16. ASU SBTDC Phone: (870) 972-3517 Fax: (870) 972-3678 E-mail: Arkansas State University Small Business and Technology Development Center P.O. Box 2650 State University, AR 7246