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KW Facebook 101

  1. 1. KELLER WILLIAMS R E A LT Y 101 Getting Started with Facebook Brought to you by Keller Williams University
  2. 2. KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY PRESENTS: 101 Step into Facebook and Step into a Room with Your Favorite Clients Effective social marketing gives you an edge over your competition. As of September 2009, Facebook users numbered a little more than 300 million worldwide. A social network, like Facebook, can generate low cost leads and is the No. 1 referral source available on the Web. Establishing your expertise in real estate is critical to your success in generating quality leads from Facebook. Creating and developing your professional online profile is an easy and inexpensive way to market your business. In this guide, you’ll learn about Facebook and how to: 1. Build your image 2. Build your network Facebook Quick Facts: Fourth most trafficked Website - Get in on the action. Top social search engine - Make your business visible. More than 55,000 networks - Get connected and grow your business. Most trafficked social media site - Go where the people are to get leads. 1. Sign Up for a Profile on Facebook A. How to Create and Edit Your Profile Your profile will give you access to various useful features in Facebook. It will also be one of the pages that other users visit if they want to find out more about you and your service. Set up your profile so that you present yourself in a positive manner. 1
  3. 3. KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY PRESENTS: 101 At a minimum, complete the fields in the Contact Information and Education and Work sections as this information is how your leads can find you. It’s a great idea to upload your professional photo, so your clients can associate your face with your name. Hint: Be sure to enter all of your contact infor- mation as it appears on your business cards. Be consistent with your branded image. B. Set Your Privacy Settings Education and Work Fields Create/Edit Your Friends Lists Friends lists are extremely important to protect your identity and to keep your private life separate from your professional life. After creating your friends lists, determine what you want your friends, clients and associates to see and know about you. When you post a comment or a photo on Facebook, remember your customers, clients and friends can view that information. Setting Up Your Privacy Settings The Privacy Profile page gives you the option to customize exactly who gets to see what about you in Facebook. You can modify the following areas: Profile, Basic Info, Personal Info, Status and Links, Photos Tagged of You, Videos Tagged of You, Friends, Wall Posts, Education Info, and Work Info. If you’re unsure of what any of those things are, click the “?” next to the item to read a definition. Using the drop-down boxes, you can customize Privacy Profile who gets to see your information: “Everyone,” “Only Friends,” “Friends of Friends,” or “Custom,” which allows you to choose from your friends lists. 2
  4. 4. KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY PRESENTS: 101 C. Create Your Own Vanity URL Your own vanity URL is a Facebook feature and allows you to choose a username that will give you a unique Website address for you Facebook profile. ( This is necessary because it will appear in search engines and make it much easier for people to find you, your business and your branded image. Your username must be at least five characters in length and must only include alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9), or a period or full stop (“.”). Add this URL to your email footer, Website and business cards to let your clients know how to find and “friend” you on Facebook. 2. How to Use Facebook Day-to-Day A. Update Your Status Regularly Status Bar This feature allows you to let your network know what you are doing at any given time. You can use this feature to alert your network that you have just uploaded new content to your Website, added a new listing or other information. Always make sure that you post only status updates that are professional - as offhanded comments may be offensive to some and can possibly tarnish your professional image. Keep in mind that your status update will appear on your wall and can be displayed on your friends’ or clients’ news feeds on their page if they select that option. 3
  5. 5. KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY PRESENTS: 101 „ „ B. Use the Wall The wall is located on your profile page and is where the members of your network can post messages. Whenever someone posts something on your wall and whenever you post on friends’ walls, everyone in your network can see it. It’s extremely important that you do not post private messages on a friend’s wall. Simply send a message to your friend’s Facebook inbox instead. You can post promotional messages about your business on Keller Williams Realty’s Wall your wall to help market your service. 31 C. Create Events If you are hosting an event, like an open house or a home-buying seminar, this is great place to post it and share with others by inviting your network to view and participate (or even politely decline). Events can help you get your information easily distributed to the masses through built-in functionality. D. Use the Notes and Photos Applications These two applications allow you to share articles and blog posts or pictures with your network. You can utilize these applications to discuss your business or share photos of your products. Your friends can publish comments on your postings. Be sure that you only post photos that you are comfortable with and that are within KW culture, since they will be viewed by all your clients and prospects. 4
  6. 6. KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY PRESENTS: 101 3. Build Your Network A. Leverage Facebook’s News Feed This feature is viewed by many to be Facebook’s unique advantage over other social networks. Whenever you log into your Facebook account, the first page that you will see is the news feed. This page gives you all the recent news in your network: updates of what your friends have been doing on Facebook, what groups they have joined, what items they have posted, what videos they have uploaded, whom they’ve added as friends to their network, etc. And just as you can see what your friends are doing, they can see what you are doing. In other words, every time you post something, your whole network will see it. This exposure creates a consciousness of your product or service within your network and beyond. B. Get Involved in the Community What Is a Group? Groups are generally better for hosting a (quick) active discussion and attracting quick attention. Groups allow you to promote your business and market your services. By joining groups that are relevant to your business, you can participate in the group’s discussions and also post on the walls. Regularly sharing relevant articles with the group will get the attention of other group members and demonstrate your expertise. What Is a Page? Pages are generally better for a long-term relationship with your fans, readers or customers. Pages are often displayed on profiles more prominently than groups or events. Pages are similar to groups, but they allow you to develop a fan base for your business and services. Pages are great for businesses to establish a brand presence on Facebook. People who join your page are called “fans.” They become “fans” of your business, which really helps promote and market it. 5
  7. 7. KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY PRESENTS: 101 C. When Should You Start a Group or Page? Create a group to build a community around your business’s products and services that best represent your branded image. Your Facebook group features include a discussion board, a “wall,” which maintains posted items where you can also post links to relevant articles and items of interest, as well as upload videos and pictures. It is important to note that groups have limited features once you get over a certain number of group members. Create a page for your business and then direct your friends to that page from your profile. You can even create a Facebook fan page for the neighborhoods you service or want to service and even for your niche. Invite people from your local market and brand yourself as the expert by posting community events, market statistics, new listings, crime reports, neighborhood school information and/or events, and local news articles relating to your community. Don’t forget to personalize your vanity URL if you create a page. 6
  8. 8. KELLER WILLIAMS UNIVERSITY PRESENTS: 101 4. Where to find KW on Facebook Facebook: - Page for Keller Williams Realty - Page for MAPS Coaching - Page for KW Cares - Page for Your First Home - Page for SHIFT: How Top Real Estate Agents Tackle Tough Times - Page for The Millionaire Real Estate Agent - Page for The Millionaire Real Estate Investor - Page for Green Your Home - Profile for Mo Anderson, vice chairman for Keller Williams Realty - Profile for Jay Papasan, vice president of publishing and executive editor for Keller Williams Realty - Profile for Cary Sylvester, executive director of technology for Keller Williams Realty - Profile for Bryon Ellington, chief products officer for Keller Williams Realty 7