Final for ASBDC Social Media for SBDC Presentation


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Final presentation for the ASBDC Social Media Marketing for SBDCs presented in San Diego at national conference by the ASU Small Business and Technology Development Center

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Final for ASBDC Social Media for SBDC Presentation

  1. 1. 9/12/2011 6 Steps to Social Media Marketing SUCCESS! Keeping SBDCs Ahead of the Social Media Learning Curve By Herb Lawrence, ASU Small Business and Technology Development Center Director DISCLAIMERS! I am NOT A GEEK! Love em…not smart enough to be one! My Co-Presenters ABANDONED ME! I AIN’T NO FREAKIN SOCIAL MEDIA GOOROO! I’m a User Like You and Your Clients Social Media Marketing CONFUSES ME TOO! YOU ARE MY PANEL- Want Feedback and your BEST TOOLS! Tweet your comments, thoughts, Ideas, Questions to #ASUDogfood OR: Eating OUR Own Dog Food…And LOVING IT! 1
  2. 2. 9/12/2011 The SBDC Challenge TRAINING HELPING THE SMALL BUSINESS CONSULTING MARKETING OUR STAYING CURRENT SBDC ASU SBTDC Training Website Planning & Strategy Web 2.0+ 5 Steps to Social Media Success (Intro) Facebook ABCs for Business Advanced Facebook Twitter Fundamentals LinkedIn for Small Business Success Professional E-Mail Marketing Google Tools (coming Google Plus) Mobile Marketing Blogging for Business 21st Century Marketing On & OffLine Get Listed Locally Optimizing Local SearchWhat is Social Media?Social media is media designed to bedisseminated through social interaction,created using highly accessible andscalable publishingtechniques.- 2
  3. 3. 9/12/2011 What is Social Media? An ongoing conversation that’s happening RIGHT NOW A promotional channel for content distribution A long-term return on efforts A steady stream of information Marketing Fundamentals Haven’t changed Effective Marketing  Segmenting your Market  Developing Target Groups  Information Channels  Target Needs/Wants  Craft Compelling Message  Analyze Results  Time Management Understand the ELEPHANT! 3
  4. 4. 9/12/2011ASU SBTDC Marketing Elephant Blog SEO Social Media Website OFFLINE SEO Local E-Mail Listing Mobile Because at the End of the Day! If it doesn’t make: It doesn’t make:Just a Bit on Search Engine Optimization 4
  5. 5. 9/12/2011 Current Statistics  3 out of 4 use Social networksregularly  Social media overtaken e-mailas #1 activity on the web ◦ 17% of all web usage 200 million blogs ◦ 900,000 blog posts daily ◦ 34% of opinions about companies, brands and products 93% of social media users believe companies should have presence on social media Our Challenge with Small Businesses  Just over 10% have CLAIMED their businesses on Google Places  Only 10-20% Have Websites Optimized for Mobile Search  66% Are NOT Involved in Social Media Small Businesses Challenges  FACEBOOK IS Social Media!  Social Media can replace a website  Buy MY JUNK!  Post when I get a chance  I Don’t Understand  My Customers Don’t Use Social Media  My Customers Don’t SEARCH Online 5
  6. 6. 9/12/2011 Where they Get News/InformationCustomer NOW Find You (Maybe) New Consumers Begin Search on-Line Includes B2B Review Websites Read Blogs on Subject Read Comments Poll Friends on-line Conduct Local Search ALL BEFORE YOU EVEN KNOW THEY ARE THERE!Customer Involvement ChangedTHE CHALLENGE 6
  7. 7. 9/12/2011 Social Media Platforms  Of 700+ million users, 20 million join fan pages daily  5 Billion links, photos, videos shared on FB daily  Fastest growing segment 35 and older  FB added 100 million users in 6 months@ Social Media Platforms Over 99 Million users 80% of Twitter usage happens off of Over 10 million updates a day 140 character micro-blogSocial Media Platforms  2nd largest search engine  4th largest site on web  13 hours video uploaded every minute  250,000 videos uploaded daily  250,000,000 viewed daily 7
  8. 8. 9/12/2011 Social Media Platforms  Network for Business Professionals  55 Million Worldwide  Dominate Group 35-49 & 50+  Develop Business Connections  Industry Data Google +  Still in Beta Want an Invitation? Send me your email and I will get you one. How is Social Media Used?• Customer Service• Product/service feedback• Industry networking• Promotions/Contests• News, company updates• Internal Collaboration 8
  9. 9. 9/12/2011 Creating a Social Media Plan For SBDCs AND Our Clients STEPS ◦ Pre-planning - Assessment ◦ Listen to the conversations – Get the Intel ◦ Create TARGET profile - ◦ Set Specific Goals ◦ Join Conversation ◦ Measure ReturnStep 1 PREPLANNING ASK YOURSELF: ◦ Information Flow in Your Industry ◦ Where do People Get Information? ◦ How do Consumers interact with Industry? ◦ Do they use networks? ◦ What INFLUENCES your Customers?Step 1 Preplanning What are your CURRENT Channels? E-Mail? Direct Mail Newsletters Websites 9
  10. 10. 9/12/2011 Step 1 Preplanning  Asking Questions reminds you WHO YOU ARE and WHO YOU WANT TO BE  It also indicates how SOCIAL MEDIA can be used to compliment your current Marketing Mix Preplanning  Action Items ◦ Make a List of Questions Step 2 Listen to the Conversation Secure your brand on social platforms ◦ Blogs, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn ◦ Usernames unique ◦ Try to be consistent Set up monitoring platforms ◦ Google Alerts ◦ ◦ Technorati ◦ Twitter Search 10
  11. 11. 9/12/2011Step 2 Listen to the Conversation  KEYWORD categories to identify: ◦ Key industry influencers ◦ Competitors ◦ Industry news sources ◦ Blog Comments Listen to the Conversation  Action Items: ◦ Secure your BRAND ◦ Set up Monitoring Channels Step 3 Create Target Profile  Target Audience is 24-50 males ◦ 350 billion spending power ◦ 16-19 hours online each week ◦ 96% joined social networks  78% trust peer recommendations ◦ Only 14% trust advertisements  Belong to: Quantcast ◦ Twitter: 31 ◦ Facebook: 33 ◦ LinkedIn 39 11
  12. 12. 9/12/2011 Step 3 Create Target Profile Find KEY attributes by Listening Chart out their presence in social media Market Segmentation ◦ Demographic ◦ Geographic ◦ Psychographic ◦ Behavioristic Continue to gather customer information along the way Create your Target Profile  ACTION ITEMS: ◦ Establish Target Profiles ◦ Give them names, photos, or anything else to help you relate to them  BUYER PERSONAS Step 4 Set Specific Goals  Brand Awareness/Advocacy  Increase Traffic/Opt-Ins  Business Partnerships  Search Engine Results  Generate Leads  Reduce CRM Costs  Increase Revenues 12
  13. 13. 9/12/2011 Step 5 – Join the ConversationEstablish an Editorial Calendar Choose schedule for days you will post Keeps on Track & Organize Content Consistency Helps when you need Content Ideas Step 5 – Join the Conversation BE TRANSPARENT & AUTHENTIC  Don’t be Evasive  Offer your name, title, organization, experience  Admit your interest in the topic  Define your Credibility  Be consistent across all SM profiles & Platforms Step 5 – Join the Conversation BE the Expert in Your Industry  Write about what you know,  Offer insights  Offer LINKS to resources When consumers TRUST your content, they will TRUST YOUR PRODUCTS/SERVICES 13
  14. 14. 9/12/2011 Step 5 – Join the Conversation HAVE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT!  Handle NEGATIVE comments  Who will RESPOND  Admit mistakes  Respond KINDLY Handling negative comments correctly will turn BRAND DETRACTORS into ADVOCATES Join the Conversation ACTION ITEMS: 1. Create an EDITORIAL CALENDAR 2. Create RULES OF ENGAGEMENT 3. Share your Expectations with all involved Step 6 – Measure ROIWHAT IS ROI? Non-Financial: ◦ Visitors ◦ WOM ◦ Page Views ◦ Fans & Followers FINANCIAL ◦ Sales ◦ Revenue ◦ Transactions ◦ Coupons 14
  15. 15. 9/12/2011 QUALITATIVE QUANTITATIVE Involved in Industry  Website Analytics Conversations  Social Mentions How Customers Perceive  SEO Ranking us versus competition  Link Clicks Did we build KEY  Newsletter/E-mail relationships Subscribers added Moving from MONOLOGUE to DIALOGUE? Step 6 – Measure ROI Measure ROI ACTION ITEMS:  Track Key Social Media Activities over Time  Set up Analytic Tools ◦ Such as Google Analytics  Make necessary Adjustments to increase Qualitative first ◦ Quantitative numbers will follow Qualitative Efforts  Compare Metrics to Goals BUDGETING SOCIAL MEDIA PLAN WAIT!!!!! ISN’T FACEBOOK FREE? 15
  16. 16. 9/12/2011 Budgeting for Social Media TIME DESIGN & BRANDING ANALYTIC TOOLS SOCIAL MONITORING AUTOMATION APPLICATIONS ◦ Hoot suite ◦ Ninja social SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING OUTSOURCING/CONSULTING Levels of Social Media Engagement Determine your  LEVEL I level of engagement ◦ Place holding and budget for time  Usernames accordingly  Setting up Fan Pages  LEVEL II ◦ Short-term Promotion  Answering questions  Finding Key Influencers in industry  LEVEL III ◦ Dedicated Strategic Engagement  Active Profiles on Several Platforms  Promotions, Contests, Active Content Distribution Bringing it Together Ok…BUT…Where Do I start? 16
  17. 17. 9/12/2011 Tips to get started  Platforms you can ACTIVELY Maintain  What outsourcing is needed? ◦ Design, Development, content ◦ Brand Monitoring,  Plan your Content FLOW  Find Tools to AUTOMATE ◦ ◦ HooutSuite ◦ TweetdeckFIND SYNERGYCombine On & Off-Line QR Codes  Lots of Free & Premium Sites  Difference Static vs Dynamic  FREE- Read TOS & FAQs  Have a Plan  Make it SCAN-WORTHY!  DON’T Send Visitors to sites NOT mobile Friendly! 17
  18. 18. 9/12/2011Consultants Extended Clients ◦ Check them out in Google Places for Ranking ◦ Look at them Mobile ◦ Show them QR Codes ◦ Find reason to talk “Social” Watch Arkansas SBTDC for Consultant Check List coming SOON! All Clients: ◦ Set up Monitoring for Competitive IntelTalk Mobile YOU & Clients Why?What Do YOU Want To SEE? 18
  19. 19. 9/12/2011 Other Tools  Nutshell Mail  Hyper Alerts ARE YOU READY TO DIGG IN? Thank You! Oh or call me: 870-972-3517 Let’s Connect On-LineE-mail hlawrenc@astate.eduASU Small Biz Blog http://www.asbtdc-asu.comFacebook Page: Profile: 19