Facebook Basics for Business -Searcy, Arkansas


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Facebook Basics for Business -Searcy, Arkansas

  1. 1. Tips Tools Time- Management Abbi Siler – Instructor @abbisiler Facebook.com/local2social abbi.siler@gmail.com
  2. 2. o Launched in 2004 , has grown to 500 million users as of July 2010. o Originally used to connect with friends, share photos, and real-time updates. o Has become one of the largest marketing phenomenons for business today. o If your customers are looking for your business on Facebook, will you be there?
  3. 3.  Statistics:  Over 500,000,000 users – worldwide!  Over 1.5 million local business have active Pages.  People spend over 700 million minutes per month on Facebook.  Average user is connected to 80 Community Pages, Groups, and events.  150 million active mobile users. Mobile Facebook users are twice as active than non-mobile users.* *source: http://www.facebook.com/press/info.php?statistics
  4. 4. •Generate Potential Sales •Spread Brand Awareness •Update Clients on News, Events, or Promotions. •Build Relationships. •Provide Customer Service •Build & Sustain Credibility
  5. 5. Profiles vs. Pages Profiles are for people. Pages are for business. Friends vs. Fans Friends are for profiles. Fans are for pages. Wall, Info, News Feed, Insights, Places, &Tags.
  6. 6. o Your Personal FacebookAccount is set-up under personal email account.You connect directly with other people by becoming friends.You can actively participate on Community & Business Pages and develop your own pages from this profile. o Profiles are NOT to be used to promote businesses or organizations.This violates Facebook’sTerms of Use.You can potentially be terminated from Facebook all together.  Allows Privacy Controls for all interactions on Facebook.
  7. 7.  A recognizable photo – you want people to know who you are, and recognize you when they are searching for you on Facebook.  Work/Education – this will allow people to recognize you by your place of work, and will also promote your business in it’s own way. Education will provide credibility for your professionalism.  Current City, Interests, Contact Info
  8. 8.  Perhaps you feel like you won’t use your personal profile very much, but you do realize the need for your business to have a Page –  Profiles will allow you to put a FACE with your business. When interacting with other businesses on Facebook, your profile will be how you represent your business.  You may not want to be there, but your customers may want you to be. Remember, your business won’t float without the customer.  If you really don’t want a profile, you can still create a page for your business. But this may limit your page’s functionality.
  9. 9. Privacy is very important on Facebook. Be sure to understand what information you are sharing online. Let’s take a look at how to keep your information safe on Facebook!
  10. 10. Account Edit Friends Add to List/Create List NameYour List Sort Friends Into Lists Customize PrivacyWith ListTitles
  11. 11.  Don’t ever share anything you would not put your picture next two on highway billboard!  UseThe Preview My Profile Button when changing your settings.  Protect your family & friends, don’t share things about them that they would not want to share!
  12. 12.  Develop a Facebook Strategy.  Be Honest AboutYour Goals.  Who do you want to interact with on Facebook?  Clients, Potential Clients, Enthusiasts, Local Community?  What information would your client need from you?  Are you committed to monitoring your Facebook Page?  Do you have the time or staff to help?  Do you have an updated website?
  13. 13.  SelectThe Right Category  ConsiderYour Page Name  Your Company Name?  Something Catchy?  Keep It Simple & Memorable Pages Are Public Don’t Forge Another Company’s Name EducateYourself- Terms of Use & Promotion Guidelines
  14. 14. Facebook
  15. 15.  Photos: Location Photo, Top Employee Photos, Retail Photos, Action Shots, Promotional Ads  Videos: Commercials, Fun Videos, InformationalVideos  Links: News articles both local & national, industry news, company blog, & your website!  Events: Share upcoming events hosted by your company!  Tag other industry pages active on Facebook.  Use keywords in every status update!  UPDATE REGULARLY!
  16. 16.  Remember, this page is for your clients & enthusiasts!  Post info that they would like or need!  Allow your fans to post comments, photos & info!  Don’t be a pushy salesman! A FewTipsTo GrowYour Fans Quickly -GetYour Employees Involved! -Share your page with your existing friends on Facebook, ask your staff to do the same! -Send an e-mail to your client database, include your Facebook Page in your company newsletter! -Include Facebook Link in the signature of your emails & BusinessCards!
  17. 17.  Act like a user, you don’t like to be sent a million messages. So don’t do it to others!  Don’t participate in aggressive marketing:  Do not post links on your competitors page (that’s tacky)  Don’t be a solicitor! Build Relationships, and encourage your followers to promote your page for you!  Don’t post your info about your Facebook Page on other’s walls without permission!  Don’t create multiple accounts with the same name.  Don’t set up your business as a Profile.
  18. 18.  Business is Business – act professionally!  Apologize PublicallyTo Any Complaints.  Reach Out Privately to ResolveThe Situation. (Send a message, or contact them personally)  Move On – Don’t let negativity get you down. If someone persists to write nasty things on your Facebook Page, attempt to resolve the manner privately, & if all else fails report the user to Facebook. (This is the ultimate LASTRESORT!)
  19. 19.  Your customers can now check into your business location!  Coming Soon- DEALS!  (see attached articles!)
  20. 20. o Find ContentTo Share: GoogleTrends,YouTube.com, Industry Websites, Google Alerts, Email Newsletters AnimotoVideos:Turn a stack of pictures into a 30 second promotional video with exciting music! o Time Management: Hootsuite: Schedule Updates, Add other social networks, monitor your brand with keywords & activity.
  21. 21.  Facebook provides you with ‘Get Started’ steps – be sure to follow their advice!  Upload a colorful & eye catching logo!  Post some basic content on your page before you send invitations out to like your page!  Links to your website, blog, share promotions, specials, ask questions!  Use your keywords in status updates & info sections!  Provide at least 5 pieces of content relative to your business or industry --before you share your page!
  22. 22. DON’T GIVE UP!
  23. 23. You can find this slideshow at slideshare.net/abbisiler Have a question? Need One on One Assistance? 501-786-3412 – abbi.siler@gmail.com www.local2social.com facebook.com/local2social twitter.com/local2social Linkedin.com/in/abbisiler