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Mobile2Reality Pitch Winner - Blue Daring


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Mobile2Reality Pitch Winner - Blue Daring

  1. 1. Integrating Mobile to Drive Sales and Modernize the Brand MobiU2013 Summit presents to and the
  2. 2. What we heard Flat category with declining sales Who is growing, family-oriented, over-indexes on mobile and loves rice? Loss of relevance What’s hot on the food scene? How do we build on the brand? Break into purchase cycle How do we make her life easier?
  4. 4. IMPACT Be where she is Modernize the brand Nurture the icon
  5. 5. Rice + Pasta Timer Meal Planner RONI’s in her hand
  6. 6. IMPACT She knows our product We are useful to her cooking We help her feed her family
  7. 7. RONI’s in her CART GEO-LOCATION
  8. 8. RONI’s in her CART
  9. 9. IMPACT Break into her purchase routine Drive sales on location
  10. 10. WHAT’s NEXT Select a market Provide a list of market retailers Identify a baseline, set metrics Build phase 1 version of the application, Identify and customize a vehicle Prepare to launch WHAT’s NEXT