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marketing strategy for Spice telecom with a focus on the less penetrated and unsaturated markets.

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  1. 1. Opensource presentsA customer acquisition program for SPICE MOBILE
  2. 2. OpportunityThere is a huge untapped market for mobileproducts in Odisha. Lack of productawareness, high price point and unplannedcommunication are the hurdles that has keptthe reach of the products limited .
  3. 3. ScopeThere is huge scope for Spice to explore themarket and acquire new clients. It can targetand focus on areas where its products has ahigh chance of acceptability i.e in areaswhere people have an income level that isbelow the middle of the scale. Sub urbansettlements, sub divisional and blockheadquarters and small towns can bestrategically targeted to acquire new clients
  4. 4. StrategyThe following steps should form part of a broader strategy to tap the market• Identification of the prospect zones.• Studying the socio- economic profile as well as the spending pattern of the people in the area.• Their access to different media channels• Selection of right media mix.• Developing compatible message.
  5. 5. Zones of operationUnsaturated areas and areas having lowmobile density need to be identified aspotential zones of operation. Areasunderrepresented by competitorbrands, Areas where other brands put up acost barrier and areas where the impact ofthe communication of your competitors is lowcould be chosen as strategic locations tolaunch your campaign.
  6. 6. Media planningA successful campaign is contingent upon aprudent use of media channels. Assessingthe reach and accessibility of various mediato different segments of target groups, studying the pattern of response to previousmessages sent by your competitors and thelikely receptiveness to the type of messagesare important aspects to be taken intoaccount.
  7. 7. Engagement programsTo stay in news and ensure consistent recallengagement programs are of utmostnecessity. The prospect must always feelconnected to your brand and for thisprograms ,both micro and of macro scaleshould be organized regularly. It has to beinteractive events where opportunities forresponse generation from the side of theaudience is possible.
  8. 8. Types of programsThe programs should be constructed around a popular theme or it should be so conceived as to carry and embed the communication proposition of your brand.This may be an event involving the local groups and could either be in an interactive or a competitive format. The subject of the discussion or interaction should invariably allude to and align with your communication message.
  9. 9. Our plan of actionWe have developed these concept basedcampaigns that could generate interest of thetarget group because of its compatibility withtheir interests and sensibilities
  10. 10. “Spice" for your joyThe concept will position Spice mobile asanother addition to a consumer‘s ingredientsof joy. Possession of a spice phone with allits features would be presented as a cool toolto simplify day to day tasks as well as anenhancer of pleasure. Along with price, theother differentiating features to be highlightedare its comparative ease of use and itscommitment and concern for the commonpeople.
  11. 11. “Spice "and sportsSpice will try to identify with the exuberantspirit of the youth and engage their attentionthrough activities that they would like. We willorganize a sports event where theparticipants will be the youth associationsand clubs of the area who can be used ascarriers of your brand message to differentareas.
  12. 12. Spice for a causeOn identification of any problem, solution ofwhich could create a positive impressionabout the solution provider, spice will identifyitself with that cause which may endear it withpeople and create more opportunities forinteraction with the brand. The issue will beidentified prior to the launch of the program.
  13. 13. Promoting through eventsEvery region has some cultural festivals thatis unique and popular to the area. We willfind out such opportunities to developprograms that would embed the theme andcustomize messages that would subtlycommunicated to the people ultimatelysyncing your brand with the value of theevent.
  14. 14. Opensource presentsA customer acquisition program for SPICE MOBILE