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Welcome to the #MobiU2013 Summit, 9/26 in Chicago


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Opening presentation to attendees of the #MobiU2013 Summit, 9/26 in Chicago.

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Welcome to the #MobiU2013 Summit, 9/26 in Chicago

  1. 1. Mobilized by the Heartland Mobile Council MobiU2013 Summit Hugh Park Jedwill Executive Director, Heartland Mobile Council #MobiU2013 @heartlandmobile
  2. 2. #MobiU2013, @heartlandmobile Housekeeping Notes • Keep your Phones on! Check-in • WiFi: MSFTOPEN • #MobiU2013 • Restrooms past MPR3 • Join us for the ExpHall Reception, 6-9pm • Mobile experiences & demos • Networking, drinks & hors d’oeuvres • Contest . Visit 10 ExpHall partners for a chance to win and X-Box
  3. 3. #MobiU2013, @heartlandmobile The Heartland Mobile Council is a Chicago-based non-profit Mission: to inspire and educate brands on how to use mobile effectively
  4. 4. #MobiU2013, @heartlandmobile •If this Summit “feels” different it’s because… •We create a Safe Learning Environment •Speakers are not selling •No “sponsors-to-speak” •ExpHall vendors do not pay •HMC = non-profit + 100% volunteers
  5. 5. #MobiU2013, @heartlandmobile HMC Events - SOLD OUT • MobiU2012: Couponing, 4/25; Moms, 6/21; Summit 9/24 • MobiU2013; Millennials 3/18; Hispanics 6/13; Brands+Startups 6/27
  6. 6. #MobiU2013, @heartlandmobile #MobiU2013 Seminar: Path to Purchase
  7. 7. 9:00 Registration 10:00 Opening 10:10 Mobile2- Reality Pitch 10:20 Opening Keynote 11:15 State of Mobile MPR1 MPR2 Building a Mobile Team #MobiU2013, @heartlandmobile Curriculum: 9:00am - 12:00pm
  8. 8. 1:00 Location Behaviors MPR1 MPR2 Mobile & Hispanics 2:00 Privacy & Litigation MPR1 MPR2 MPR3 Mobile & Millennials Creating Buy-in #MobiU2013, @heartlandmobile Curriculum: 1:00pm - 3:00pm
  9. 9. #MobiU2013, @heartlandmobile Curriculum: 3:00pm – 9:00pm 3:00 Closing Keynote 4:00 Closing Keynote Panel 4:45 Closing 5:00 Mobile2- Reality Pitch Envisioning Center 6:00 ExpHall Reception MPR1/2/3
  10. 10. #MobiU2013, @heartlandmobile #MobiU2014 Plan MobiU2014 Seminars (Mobile Ads, B2B) Brands+Startups ™ accelerator HMC Certification HMC ThinkTank Mobile University Week™ 2014
  11. 11. #MobiU2013, @heartlandmobile Brands+Startups Accelerator • Housed in TechNexus • Bringing startup innovation to brands • Game show contest (The Voice + Shark Tank) • Teaching startups Marketing • Brands coach their team
  12. 12. #MobiU2013, @heartlandmobile HMC Certification WHAT IS IT? A broad-based education in mobile marketing that help professionals understand how to execute mobile programs  April 2014  IMC/Medill Downtown Campus WHEN & WHERE? WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Business and Marketing professionals who must build and execute mobile campaigns for their company or clients
  13. 13. #MobiU2013, @heartlandmobile HMC Certification  Contains the best content taught by the best people Build  Live campaign solidifies initial concepts and lays foundation for the next level Curriculum Learn  Testing two months later ensures retention of the key learning points
  14. 14. #MobiU2013, @heartlandmobile HMC ThinkTank • Deep thought mobile leadership • Both left & right brain • Quarterly • Includes brands, agencies, mobile co’s
  15. 15. #MobiU2013, @heartlandmobile Vote for your Favorite Artist
  16. 16. #MobiU2013, @heartlandmobile Thank you to our Sponsor! HMC Partners!