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Media News March - April 2015


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Discover March & April 2015 media trends and innovations !

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Media News March - April 2015

  1. 1. March-April 2015 Overview on media news and innovations
  2. 2. DAILIES
  3. 3. INNOVATIONS MARCH2015 The Leading European Newspaper Alliance (Lena) which federates : • DieWelt(Germany) • ElPais(Spain) • LaRepubblica(Italy) • LeFigaro(France) • Tages-Anzeiger&TribunedeGenève(Switzerland) • LeSoir(Belgium) Launched a content-sharing platform between the member states in order to highlight how quality journalism in a democraticsocietyis important. Interviews & columns will be selected to be published in all dailies. An exchange programme for journalists will also be set up so that they can extend their journalistic skills.
  4. 4. INNOVATIONS MARCH2015 Persgroep Advertising has acquired a new advertising format. The 3D CUBE allows website visitors to see each side of a promoted product. The CUBE is activated as the visitor scrolls through the halfpage. is the first Belgian website to offer the 3D CUBE.
  5. 5. INNOVATIONS APRIL2015 Le Soir launches The platform (in partnership with La Voix du Nord and Epagine) promotes e-books. The book range offered is wide and each book comes with its critique if it was in Livres du Soir. Rossel Solutions has signed many contracts with all editors and distributors in Belgium to cover the widest range possible.
  6. 6. INNOVATIONS APRIL2015 VTM launches NieuwsLeaks. This collaborative platform will allow citizens to share relevant content with journalists. Citizens can share documents or photos on a secure network which allows the user to remain anonymous. Journalists will then make sure the content is relevant before sharing it.
  8. 8. INNOVATIONS MARCH2015 Guido & Boomerang create a strategic alliance to reach a wider target (15-44 yo). Media departments from both companies will start working hand in hand starting April 1st 2015 to commercially exploit the 7 media networks : • The Cards • Face2Face • • (x)Change • H20, • B-Mat • B-Bock
  9. 9. INNOVATIONS MARCH2015 Sabato Magazine (weekend magazine of L’Echo & De Tijd) launches 4 magazines related to the 4 elements. Those elements will be declined throughout design, art, lifestyle, fashion, architecture and gastronomy. • April – Earth • March – Water • October –Air • November – Fire
  10. 10. INNOVATIONS APRIL2015 Roularta offers enhanced reality advertising format for magazines. The company has developped a mobile app - Scanlink - allowing brands to add augmented reality content to print ads. The app scans the ad and readers discover the digital content behind it. The first brand to give a try to this new ad format is Renault (for its Espace campaign) in magazines such as Le Vif/L’express, Knack, Trends/Tendances and Trends.
  12. 12. DIGITAL
  13. 13. INNOVATIONS MARCH2015 Google will soon release sponsored apps in its Store. Developers & editors will soon be able to buy key words so that their apps will be shown at the top of the PlayStore search results. Beforehand, PlayStore’ search results were solely based on recommendations & popularity of apps.
  14. 14. INNOVATIONS MARCH2015 Instagram launches a new ad format, the Carousel ads. Brands can include up to 4 photos in a diaporama- like link. Advertisers can arrange these « carousel » ads to show off a product in a particular sequence as people swipe through them. It can be used as a way for advertisers to tell a story as they can provide more information to the customers.
  15. 15. INNOVATIONS MARCH2015 L’Oréal US has concluded a partnership with Powa Technologies to allow customers to directly buy a product from an online or offline ad. Customers could « flash » the l’Oréal ad and buy a product straight from their smartphone. The technologies used are : QR codes, JavaScript, NFC or audiotags such as Shazam.
  16. 16. INNOVATIONS MARCH2015 In the US, Twitter is testing a new second-screen experience, the TVTimelines. A few « test people » could use TV Timelines with a suggested hashtag linked with shows such as The Big BangTheory,AmericanIdol or The Blacklist. The Twitter interface divides itself in 3 parts around the program : - Tweets - Videos - Photos & GIF Exclusive ad content could also be added in the near future.
  17. 17. INNOVATIONS APRIL2015 LinkedIn bought the online tutorials and training platform,, for 1.5 $ billion. will be embedded in Economic Graph, a service which uses LinkedIn data in order to improve the job market. LinkedIn, by buying, also wants to broaden its users base.
  18. 18. INNOVATIONS APRIL2015 LinkedIn is launching a new app called Elevate. It allows its users to share content coming from the company they work for on Twitter and LinkedIn. According to the social platform, only 2% of employees share content created by their employer even though they’re responsible for 20% of the engagement these contents receive. The app will be accessible to the public during the third trimester of 2015.
  19. 19. INNOVATIONS APRIL2015 Vike, the online video plateform created by RMB, will no longer be working with RTBF after only one month. According to RMB, Vike doesn’t meet the expected success. Brands don’t want to invest in a platform that hasn’t proven itself yet. Therefore, RMB is still looking for potential investors.
  20. 20. INNOVATIONS APRIL2015 Discussions about YouTube launching a premium version of its platform are back. The paid version of the platform would block all advertising content. No information about the cost of the premium version or when it would be available has been released. YouTube has only stated that it would be a new way to monetize its videos.
  21. 21. OUT OF HOME
  22. 22. INNOVATIONS MARCH2015 In 2016, Belgian mini-satellite – CubeSat – will be the first advertising hoarding sent to space. ClearChannel offers advertisers to position themselves as innovative & avant guarde. Advertising spaces on the satellite are sold for 2500€.
  23. 23. INNOVATIONS MARCH2015 JCDecaux unveiled its new offer at Lux- Airport. Their airport is filled with 27 (70 inches) digital screens along the way travelers use. There’s also a Giant Screen Wall placed just before the Duty Free zone. JCDecaux also invested in the new Connector for the Brussels Airport which allows passengers to go directly to the gate from their check-in.
  24. 24. INNOVATIONS MARCH2015 Carslberg has unveiled a free beer hoarding in London. On the poster, pedestrians could read « Probably the best poster in the world » and could enjoy a free Carlsberg’s pint from 1 to 7 pm. OMD UK, The Marketing Store & Clifford French created this action.
  25. 25. MARCH2015 DOOH Media is offering experimental marketing packages for shopping centers. They provide technologies such as enhanced reality, oculus, photobooth, gaming, live 3D. Those actions can be linked to digital display as well as online actions. INNOVATIONS
  26. 26. INNOVATIONS APRIL2015 JCDecaux is getting ready for the launch of the new Villo! Most of the current Villo! will be replaced by electric ones. According to JCDecaux, Brussels’ geography isn’t always flat, that’s why they have developed this new type of Villo! Each user will need a removable battery that needs to be charged by their own means. The battery can be bought on JCDecaux’s website but the price has yet to be confirmed. It will have a 25km autonomy.
  27. 27. RADIO
  28. 28. MARCH2015 INNOVATIONS The new music platform Tidal has been launched. With only massive music artists at its direction board, Tidal is considered to be Spotify direct competitor. However, Tidal doesn’t seem to do well only one month after being launched.
  29. 29. APRIL2015 INNOVATIONS Norwegian radios will stop broadcasting all FM-wave stations starting in 2017. Radio broadcasts will only be digital. The governement wants new radio channel to be able to reach all audiences in the country. Main goals : - Radio channel diversity - Better audio quality - New features
  30. 30. APRIL2015 INNOVATIONS DH Radio will no longer broadcast radio magazines. It will focus exclusively on music and information programs. Music programming is described as general, mixing recent as well as all-time hits. Newsflashes will be broadcasted every hour between 6AM and 11 PM.
  31. 31. TELEVISION
  32. 32. INNOVATIONS MARCH2015 Medialaan has created the Medialaan FairtimeAward. Social and humanitarian organisations can submit a TV storyboard in order to win a campaign. Medialaan therefore deliberately chooses to aim towards a more social direction. The winner will have its 250 k campaign aired on VTM, 2BE and Vitaya. The competition is also possible for a radio campaign (75 k on Q-music and JOE fm).
  33. 33. INNOVATIONS APRIL2015 VRT, Medialaan and SBS join forces in a solidarity campaign regarding the earthquake that hit Nepal. The 3 groups created a radio and TV spot in order to raise awareness and funds to the Flemish Red Cross, Doctors without Borders and SOS Nepal. The TV spot will be broadcasted on Eén, VTM, Vier, Canvas, 2BE, Vijf, Vitaya and JIM.
  34. 34. CINEMA
  35. 35. INNOVATIONS MARCH2015 Surfing on the buzz wave Fifty Shades of Grey has created for the past few weeks, Redbull and Brightfish created quite an interesting action….
  36. 36. INNOVATIONS APRIL2015 The Fat Lady created a campaign for Brightfish in order to encourage brands to add cinema to their media mix. The agency sent an elegant mail to brands containing a whip with the message « Punish Yourself ». The idea was to invite brands who did not communicate on the blockbuster Fifty Shades of Grey to whip themselves for not seizing that opportunity.
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