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Media news and trends from July to October 2014!


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Review of the latest media trends in Belgium

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Media news and trends from July to October 2014!

  1. 1. 2014 Media Review Jul – Oct: Overview on media news and innovations
  2. 2. DAILIES
  3. 3. Innovations July 2014 Both newspapers distribute on their websites the summaries of the Jupiler Pro League games 75 min after each game. It reinforces the position of the newspapers as a reference in football. De Persgroep reached an agreement to take over the media group Mecom which is active in the Netherlands and Danemark. They also launched a platform for ‘programmatic buying’ which allows a wider access to De Persgroep network to advertisers.
  4. 4. Innovations July 2014 New look for the Gazet van Antwerpen and Het Belang van Limburg websites. Slide shows, video and articles have new designs. Everything ismeant to be more reader friendly. The New York Daily News lost bet against Het Nieuwsblad for the World cup games. They had to publish the belgian front page on their website.
  5. 5. Innovations August 2014 Pure de luxe - Exclusive New package offered by the two publishing houses in order to reach the target social group 1 and 2. The advertiser can be present on: • (NL) • (NL + FR).
  6. 6. Innovations September 2014 Online video consumption is growing and Mediahuis wishes to increase their service dedicated to video advertising. With the diffusion of the Jupiler Pro League games, traffic on the websites of the group increased. The group wants to take advantage of this audience available. The newspaper, its website and app were entirely updated to offer amodern image for their readers.
  7. 7. Innovations September 2014 The newspaper launched a ‘wake up’ app for free to get information in themorning. Advertisers can now be the first to reach their target audience via this platform. Another app ‘HLN Fietst’ for the cycling community was launched as well to discover the best bike tours in Belgium.
  8. 8. Innovations October 2014 ‘NewsWorks’ a new alternative offered from the four publishing houses. It replaces Newspaperwork and acts as a marketing platform to support all the concerned newsbrands. The advertiser can reach its target with a strong presence on multiple platforms via 12 titles (newspaper, online &mobile).
  10. 10. Innovations July 2014 The iPad apps of the magazines were entirely updated to be more reader friendly. They can login faster to access the content of their choice. A help tool is always available for readers to guide their digital experience.
  11. 11. Innovations September 2014 The big semestrial catalogues are gone! The two former leaders in fashion retailing reconsidered their strategy and revamped their image with catchy communication.
  12. 12. Innovations September 2014 The publishing houses are in pole position to take over Sanoma titles. Roularta would be interested in ‘Libelle’ to complement their offer with ‘Femmes d’Aujourd’hui’. The same with the titles ‘Gael’ and ‘Feeling’. ‘Flair’ and ‘Humo’ would go to De Persgroep in order to reach a younger urban audience.
  13. 13. Innovations October 2014 Trends Style Magazine and Mercedes-Benz launched this special competition via a well thought crossmedia campaign. Readers were asked to vote on the website of the magazine, they could share the content and tweet their opinions as well #tsbdm14.
  14. 14. Innovations October 2014 Trends launches a dailymagazine! Only available online. It will give a selected overview of the daily news and stories with analysis and comments from Trends. The app is available for Android andApple devices. The magazine now has a new website in Dutch It replaces the blog that was used previously. It offers articles concerning beauty, lifestyle and fashion trends.
  15. 15. Innovations BACK ON PAPER NEWCOMER
  16. 16. DIGITAL
  17. 17. Innovations October 2014 Google is working on a paying version for his video provider YouTube. The subscribers will be able to get a YouTube version without commercials. Snapchat users will soon be the advertisers’ target. Advertising messages will be included in the Stories-feed like Facebook users are dealing with on their Timeline .
  18. 18. Innovations October 2014 Mediahuis decided to manage its digital advertising sales internally with Mediahuis Connect. The websites and won’t be part of Pebblemedia’s portfolio anymore. VAR and Telenet, the two other shareholders, trust Pebblemedia’s strategy to develop their portfolio of brands. They will distribute the shares left by Mediahuis among them.
  19. 19. Innovations October 2014 IPM Advertising ends its collaboration with Beweb concerning, and The group takes over the commercialization of these websites.
  20. 20. OUT OF HOME
  21. 21. Innovations July 2014 JCDecaux is developing its advertising offer in Brussels’ Subway. More than hundred LCD Full HD screens are getting on the walls of the 13 most visited stations in Brussels. The former 2m² signs will be removed to display these new interactive advertising formats.
  22. 22. Innovations August 2014 Real-time digital OOH campaign in London! launched this campaign showing in real time which item was bought and where it was bought in the world via their website. The aim was to show that online fashion retail is easily accessible and global.
  23. 23. Innovations August 2014 Disney channel offered a creative bus shelter for daily commuters. The aim was to increase awareness around the brand.
  24. 24. Innovations September 2014 People & Places 2.0 Advertisers can select 2m² faces next to Point of Sales or Point of Interests where they can easily reach their target. Awild experience with Diesel Passers-by had the opportunity to discover a jungle inside the Anvers-Central train station. People could go through a tunnel and discover the new fragrance.
  25. 25. Innovations September 2014 The Coffee brand colors Brussels! To promote the new coffee machine Inissia, which aims at targeting a young population 25-35 years old, Nespresso launched an outdoor campaign to surprise potential customers. They turned it into a viral video on Youtube. The motto is to ‘Make you live a unique & colorful experience’.
  26. 26. Innovations September 2014 JCDecaux will be the exclusive advertising partner of the Lux- Airport. The company will spread a network of digital platforms with a variety of formats. Tailored solutions, promotional events and other possibilities will be available for advertisers. The airport welcomed 2,2 million travelers, 60% of them were business passengers.
  27. 27. Innovations WHAT ELSE? SpaceBillboard launches billboards in space! The goal is to raise funds for space research, the initiative comes from three PhD students in engineering of the Leuven University in Belgium. Some companies already invested in the project to see their brand launched into space.
  28. 28. RADIO
  29. 29. Innovations September 2014 Base & Spotify teamed up to launch the ‘Party drone’. When purchasing tickets to a festival, the buyer is asked to input his favorite song to the playlist on Spotify. When going to the festival, the drone will fly over you and play the song you selected previously. This way the public discovers a new experience when participating to such events.
  30. 30. Innovations September 2014 The radio station launched an innovative campaign to involve their audience. If listeners want to be part of the next communication of Classic 21, people just need to dress up as rock star icones and send it. The selected pictures will be on the campaign for 2015. The idea is to strengthen a community around the radio station.
  31. 31. Innovations October 2014 The music platform launches promotional videos for non- subscribed users. Users will be asked if they want to watch the video for 15 to 30 seconds. In exchange they receive 30minutes of music without commercials. VRT launched a new radio called ‘Radioplus’. The website allows the audience to listen online their favorite programs, react and share their favorite songs with friends. The app Radioplus is also available for Smartphone.
  32. 32. Innovations WHAT ELSE? Digizik is an ‘Interactive music bureau’. Their strategy is to connect the brand to their consumers thanks to the best media choice with the intervention of an artist. Ed Sheeran and the STIB is one of the recent campaigns launched with the collaboration of Digizik.
  33. 33. TELEVISION
  34. 34. Innovations August 2014 The French Strat-up answers advertisers issue concerning the rise ofmulti-screen advertising. It allows to synchronise online and TV advertising in real-time.
  35. 35. Innovations September 2014 TV is getting more interactive! Rising star aims at involving the TV viewer from home thanks to a real time app which alllows himto vote for its favorite singer. SBS Channels and Telenet are working on a model to allow targeted TV advertising depending on the audience.
  36. 36. Innovations September 2014 Netflix arrived in Belgium! The online video provider gives access to movies and TV series online via a subscription fee of €7,99 permonth. The content is accessible on TV but also on othermobile devices depending on the subscription chosen. VRT already confirmed its cooperation with Netflix. Six programs will be available on the platform.
  37. 37. Innovations WHAT ELSE? Advertisers can now perform product placement in Post-Production. Mirriad technology can transform banners, products or any other support in movies so as to show the branded content chosen by the advertiser. It makes the placement process easier. The advertiser really decides where and when the product will appear on screen.
  38. 38. CINEMA
  39. 39. Innovations September 2014 Mercedes Smart in Cinema! For the launch of the new models Smart Fortwo and Smart Forfour, a crossmedia campaign was launched in movie theatres. The cars are meant to target urban and active drivers who are the main audience in cinemas. Visibility is given as well with the hashtag #WhatAreYouFOR.
  40. 40. Innovations October 2014 The new technology Barco Escape offers a completly new experience in cinema. The panoramic screen will allow a total immersion of the audience. Kinepolis Belgium will be the first European country to offer such experience. The Maze Runner is the first movie to be adapted for this specific format.
  41. 41. Innovations WHAT ELSE? Inspiration & Creativity for CinemaAdvertising! Kinepolis Brussels will welcome advertisers to engage their inspiration for the future of advertising.
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  43. 43. THANK YOU