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Sentinel Report - Q3 2015


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This new edition of the Sentinel Report highlights a trend known as “seamless ecosystems" and describes its four dimensions: Fluidity & Shortcuts, Co-Created Offers, Targeted Discounts & Perks and Total Personalization. This report also features the Time Savy Emerging Consumer Profile, industries updates and metrics of the digital world.

Published in: Technology
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Sentinel Report - Q3 2015

  1. 1. Sentinel Report Q3 2015
  2. 2. GOAL OF THE REPORT To provide insightful evidence of consumer behavior and market trends that ignites our strategic thinking. METRICS & STATEMENTS INDUSTRY UPDATES CONSUMER TRENDS TAKE ACTIONS
  3. 3. WELCOME The Sentinel Report is Globant’s initiative to present metrics, statements, market trends, insights, and industry updates on consumer behavior from all over the world. This information is meant to inspire new thoughts and trigger new conversations about products, ideas, and opportunities in an effort to help us be more creative and innovative in our solutions. Observation and action are at the core of any sustainable strategy and we believe that this is a great way to create a positive habit. We encourage you to share this information with your colleagues and to deepen understanding of the services and products that we present here. Take a look and enjoy!
  4. 4. EMERGING EXPERIENCES Jointly Conceived Offerings INDEX TRENDS Observing Consumer Behavior INDUSTRY UPDATES Relevant Cases in Main Industries 6 33 52 60 ACTIONS Moving Forward 71 EMERGING PROFILES Meeting New Consumers 29 STATEMENTS Results in One Simple Quote METRICS Numbers that Show Behavior 31
  6. 6. SEAMLESS ECOSYSTEMS A network of brands that provide holistic services and products to loyal consumers.
  7. 7. SEAMLESS ECOSYSTEMS Consumers will be drawn deeper into sprawling ecosystems that utilize a handful of big brands in order to operate via connected products and diverse alliances. They will be willing to invest trust and trade personal data for the ubiquitous personalization and comprehensive shortcuts that an ecosystem provides. Seamless Ecosystems usually depend on partnerships that seek to provide a not lock-in value that customers would never want to leave. This trend becomes real when consumers are able to enjoy the power of brands working together and making a seamless transition between brands, joining forces and creating more relevant services and products to a more sophisticated and demanding breed of consumers. While Apple’s famously ‘closed’ approach to technology foreshadowed this trend, in 2015 new ecosystems will offer targeted discounts, seamless shortcuts, perks, and total personalization. ADOPTION CURVE PEAK OF EXPECTATION STAGE
  8. 8. SEAMLESS ECOSYSTEMS FLUIDITY & SHORTCUTS TOTAL PERSONALIZATION TARGETED DISCOUNTS & PERKS CO-CREATED OFFERS TREND DIMENSIONS: This trend represents itself in 4 main dimensions and allows for new interactions and types of engagements with consumers.
  9. 9. FLUIDITY & SHORTCUTS Seamless Ecosystems can provide smoother and organic customer journeys. VALUE FOR USERS Users tend to drop-off services when the offer is interrupted. Through seamless ecosystems, users get a fluid service that allows them to achieve their goals without having to jump between brands and in fewer steps. VALUE FOR COMPANIES By joining with other companies, brands can cover the user end-to-end journey and increase their overall value propositions. Connecting brands that complete the full user experience seamlessly, increases conversion and user engagement as the user stays within a naturally fluid ecosystem. NAIROBI CITY WATER + SEWAGE Kenya’s New ATMs Bring Clean, Affordable Water to Nairobi’s Slums Nairobi city partnered with a Danish company to provide Water ATMs to impoverished neighborhoods of Mathare. Using smart cards, users store “water credits,” that can be used to purchase clean water. A simple swipe of the card sends water gushing out of a pipe into a container positioned to collect it. These water ATMs dispense 20 liters of water for half a Kenyan shilling—which amounts to half an American cent. The system also includes a Water Management Dashboard where transactional and operational data is published and processed. Source: nairobi COCA COLA TWITTER PINTEREST UBER SPOTIFY WECHAT ACTIVE BRANDS SEAMLESS ECOSYSTEMS
  10. 10. UBER + ALL BRANDS API that can be embedded within other apps In March 2015, Uber launched a feature that allows developers to embed Uber within other apps. This means you could be reading a restaurant review in one app, and then request an Uber car to take you there — without ever leaving the original app. The API includes a feature called "Request endpoint," which incorporates the full Uber experience into existing apps. It also opens up more possibilities around how people can use Uber in the future. While Uber is already working with companies such as Starbucks and TripAdvisor as a part of an affiliate program, the latest news opens up the service to all brands and their apps. Source: other-apps/ Industry: Transport AMERICAN EXPRESS + JAWBONE Seamless payment experience all in the tap of a wrist American Express and Jawbone® announced in April 2015 a partnership giving eligible U.S. American Express Card® Members the ability to tap to pay with the new Jawbone UP4™ fitness tracker anywhere American Express contactless payments are accepted in the U.S. This partnership and product launch marks the first time consumers can use a wearable fitness tracker with an embedded NFC chip for Amex payments, redefining what is possible with a 24/7 activity tracker. Source: com/news/pr/2015/amex-jawbone-to-launch-up4- fitness-wearable.aspx Industry: Financial Services, Health SNAPCHAT + SQUARE CASH Snapchash Chat app integrates P2P payments November 2014 saw Snapchat add a feature enabling users to send money via the mobile chat app. The Snapcash payments option is provided thanks to a partnership with Square Cash. To send cash, users need to add a debit card, details of the amount they wish to send, and then press the ‘Pay’ button for an instant transfer. Source: v=kBwjxBmMszQ Industry: Financial Services, Telecoms SEAMLESS ECOSYSTEMS FLUIDITY & SHORTCUTS
  11. 11. TREND: FLUIDITY & SHORTCUTS SANTIAGO FONTANARROSA VP of Technology - Mobile Studio at Globant “Collaboration, the key to success” There is no such thing as an application that "can do it all." If we try to reach the perfect solution - one that can help us with our daily tasks, from paying for coffee in the morning, to hailing a taxi to get to the office, to booking theatre tickets and making dinner reservations, we are setting ourselves up to fail." Time and money are required to create such an ecosystem to allow users to perform all necessary tasks, plus years of research and knowledge. It is simply not something that can be acquired and learned in just a few days. Here is where partnership came into play - "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts." In order to keep users engaged, two or more companies can join forces in order to provide a full user experience. By working together they can keep track of users actions and gather user info. This not only provides access into user preferences, but also provides insights on how the interaction between brands can lead to new partnerships and collaborations. PROFESSIONAL OPINION
  12. 12. MINI FASHION BAR Hotel’s curated mini bar allows guests to borrow the latest apparel May 2015 saw Antwerp’s Hotel Banks unveil the Mini Fashion Bar, an initiative created in partnership with French fashion brand Pimkie. Guests can borrow any items from a curated range of Pimkie's latest collection for the duration of their stay at the hotel. The fashion brand is set to roll out the concept to hotels in European cities, including Paris, London, Berlin, and Milan. Via a QR code on the Mini Fashion Bar, guests can also scan a QR code that takes them to Pimkie’s website, allowing them to view the brand’s full collection. Source: Industry: Fashion, Travel RIO 2016 + CORREIOS + VISA + B2W Olympic and Paralympic games bring brands together to a large event The Rio 2016 Committee in May 2015 launched its online store to sell licensed products of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. On the website, users can find products related to the mascots of the games, Vinicius, and Tom. The online shop is operated by Digital B2W in Brazil, deliveries are made by Correios, official sponsor and logistics operator of the Rio 2016 Games. Anyone who lives in Rio de Janeiro can also shop at the physical store. The organizers hope to move one billion dollars of licensed products to the Olympics. There will be 150 official stores and 40,000 points of sale are expected. Source: 2016-lanca-loja-online-com-produtos-das-olimpiadas Industry: Sports, Entertainment ZOOMI Mobile app allows Tunisians to report environmental problems Available to download in May 2015, Zoomi is a mobile app created by Tunisia’s Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development in partnership with mobile operator Ooredoo. Via the free app, people can report environmental problems in their area – whether that’s trash that needs clearing away or something more serious. Offered in French and Arabic versions, Zoomi allows users to take a photograph and add their comments before sending it directly to the relevant authorities along with location details. Source: Industry: Government & Public Sector SEAMLESS ECOSYSTEMS FLUIDITY & SHORTCUTS
  13. 13. TAKE ACTION What partnerships would you create to reduce wait time?
  14. 14. WHISKAS + INSTAGRAM Pet food brand offers photo device for cats Whiskas Australia unveils the Catstacam: a device designed to help people get closer to their pets, by allowing cats to take and post their own images to Instagram. Cats wear a small camera around their necks, with motion detector technology taking one image every 20 seconds which is then automatically posted to the animal’s own Instagram account. Each image is posted with the caption: “I took this photo so you can see the world through my eyes. If you notice any behaviour you’re curious about, simply ask a question using the hashtag #askwhiskas. You can see photos from other cats at #Catstacam. Source: STARBUCKS VISA GYROSCOPE AMERICAN EXPRESS ALIBABA ACTIVE BRANDS TOTAL PERSONALIZATION Ecosystems allow brands to deliver seamless tailored experiences by bridging customized products. VALUE FOR USERS Personalized experiences embrace users' desire to express and be recognized for their individual interests, personality, and identity through consumption. Connecting these solutions feeds their need relevant relationship with brands that 'get' them in every step of the way. VALUE FOR COMPANIES By partnering with others, brands can get a more complete understanding of who their users are and what they do, not just with a single service, but within a system of related services. Aggregating this data allows brands to provide more engaging solutions that increase conversion and loyalty. SEAMLESS ECOSYSTEMS
  15. 15. In September 2014 high-fashion designer Tory Burch teamed up with wearable tech brand FitBit to create a line of chic jewelry pieces that can track an individual's fitness, monitoring steps, heart rate and health. These fitness bracelets and necklaces are marketed towards women with the hope that the FitBit items will feel less like fitness trackers and more like conventional pieces of jewelry. Source: Industry: Fashion KATE SPADE AND TRUE FIT Personalized fit and size Kate Spade New York and True Fit, a leading fit personalization service, announced a partnership to provide personalized fit and size recommendations for Kate Spade New York branded apparel and footwear on True Fit’s technology, powered by a global platform of fit data and consumer feedback from millions of consumers and the technical design details from the world’s top apparel and footwear brands, enables the company’s customers to shop the brand’s flagship site with increased confidence about fit. Source: http://www.businesswire. com/news/home/20150527005278/en/kate- spade-york-True-Fit-Announce-Partnership#. VXijM89Vikp Industry: Fashion WAY Personal skincare companion Way is a compact device designed to fit in the user's bag or pocket, incorporating a range of sensors to provide personalized skincare advice. That data is combined with pollution and weather reports, linking to a smartphone app (iOS and Android) to provide personalized advice. During use, the app will pop up with notifications, making recommendations such as applying moisturizer when humidity is low or putting on sunscreen when the UV index is high. It will also suggest particular skincare products based on the recorded stats, giving advice on the best way to apply them. Source: Industry: Beauty & Personal Care SEAMLESS ECOSYSTEMS TOTAL PERSONALIZATION TORY BURCH FITBIT BRACELET High Fashion wearable
  16. 16. TREND: SEAMLESS ECOSYSTEMS ESTEBAN ABAIT Technical Director at Consumer Experience Studio in Globant “Intelligent products will understand user’s emotions.” Personalization of the User Interface (UI) has been previously achieved by means of Adaptive Content, and Adaptive Navigation. Adaptive Content tailors the content to be presented to meet user's needs and habits. Examples, are Amazon presenting products based on search history and the wish list. Or Netflix, recommending a movie based on the user watching history. Adaptive Navigation, on the other hand, improves the user interface interactions by changing the paths to information or tasks. For instance, Microsoft Word 2000 had an adaptive menu which would hide infrequently used items and show frequently ones at the top of the menu. With the advent of mobile, IoT, and wearable devices, and an increasing use of social networks, there is an ever growing amount of data related to how users interact among each other, and with its own devices and applications. This new type of data has spawned new fields of research aiming at identify personality types, mood, sleep, and stress level, among other user factors. New cloud-based services have been created to leverage that type of data, and provide insights on users emotions and personality. For instance, IBM's Watson Personality Insights service can infer cognitive and social characteristics from communications that the user makes available in social networks. Intelligent User Interfaces, built upon this new type of user information, will engage with the user by not only tailoring content or interface elements, they will also understand user's personality, emotion, and other social factors to improve the conversation in a natural, empathetic way. They will blur the distinction between physical and virtual worlds even more. PROFESSIONAL OPINION
  17. 17. While the embedding feature isn’t totally new, it’s interesting to see Discovery choose to partner with Meerkat, rather than Twitter’s Periscope service, to deliver Shark Week content. One of the reasons is likely the particular feature set offered up by Meerkat. New user numbers for the live- streaming service are slowing as time progresses and the initial fanfare dies down, but Meerkat’s founder Ben Rubin said on Twitter recently that ‘core’ users are generating more use than ever before, showing ongoing engagement. Source: Industry: Media & Entertainment NEST + MERCEDES BENZ Automaker announces in-car integration with Nest In June 2014, Mercedes-Benz announced in-car compatibility with Nest. Drivers can control heat settings and adjust the temperature of their home using a Nest app integrated into vehicle dashboards. Via GPS tracking and pre-selected functions, the app automatically switches the heating or air conditioning on when the driver is 30 minutes from home. Source: Industry: Automotive CHOCOJET D Printing Arrives With Hershey Stamp of Approval Chocoholics no longer need to head to the nearest deli or wait for the next batch of groceries to be delivered: Now they can just sit back and press a button to get their fix.3D Systems (in partnership with Hershey) is enticing show-goers with demonstrations (watch below) of the CocoJet and ChefJet Pro printers, with the promise that consumers can print and consume chocolate and other edible creations in their own homes. Source: http://brandchannel. com/2015/01/07/ces-2015-3d-printing-arrives- with-hershey-stamp-of-approval/ Industry: Food & Beverage SEAMLESS ECOSYSTEMS TOTAL PERSONALIZATION DISCOVERY + MEERKAT Discovery links up with Meerkat for live video streams during Shark Week
  18. 18. TAKE ACTION What if you would create new partnerships to create a personalized experience that will set you aside from your competitors?
  19. 19. UBER + STARWOOD Uber unveils members’ partnership with hotels chain February 2015 saw US-based hotel chain Starwood announce a service in which members receive one Starwood point for every USD spent on Uber. Members can start collecting Starwood points after syncing an SPG account with their Uber account, and spending one night at any Starwood hotel. Starwood celebrated the partnership by giving participating users in five selected cities the chance to win 15,000 Starwood points. Source: AMAZON EDX SOUTHWEST APPLE FACEBOOK ACTIVE BRANDS WALMART UBER RYANAIR TAM VIRGIN SEARS AMAZON ACTIVE BRANDS TARGETED DISCOUNTS & PERKS Working with other partners allows companies to offer new and meaningful perks in order to attract users. VALUE FOR USERS Customers can take advantage of customized discounts and fringe benefits offered by joint brands that take care of the moments of in- between moments. In this way, users gets a better overall value-for-money offering linked to a better the brand experience. VALUE FOR COMPANIES It is proven that scarcity is a proven psychological trigger that can make UX design persuasive. By working with others, companies can create love-in value by offering extras to cover and transform low engagement moments, increase cross, and up- sales in order to avoid conversion abandonment. SEAMLESS ECOSYSTEMS
  20. 20. EASY TAXI + TAM Easy taxi and TAM share your taxi ride Since December 2014, the taxi app Easy Taxi, in partnership with airline company TAM is giving 50% discounts on taxi rides to/from the airport. Users must purchase the ticket at TAM and call/pay the ride with the app. Source: Industry: Travel & Transport BEAMANDGO + ZAP GROUP Online remittance service partners with discounts company In March 2015, Philippine-based remittance service BeamAndGo partnered with the Zap Group to allow customers to gain Zap loyalty points for every BeamAndGo purchase. After paying a USD 1.95 service fee, expat Filipinos can buy online gift certificates for groceries, supplies, and prescription medicines from BeamAndGo for recipients in the Philippines. The certificates can be retrieved at associated stores using an SMS code. Customers receive five Zap points for every PHP 1,000 spent, and points can be exchanged for discounts at stores and restaurants. Source: Industry: Financial services JOHN HANCOCK + VITALITY + FITBIT New Approach to Life Insurance That Rewards Customers for Healthy Living Developed through an exclusive, first-ever U.S. life insurance partnership with Vitality, new life insurance solution provides policyholders with industry-leading financial protection, as well as opportunities to significantly save on their annual premiums and earn valuable rewards and discounts for taking steps to improve their health. Policyholders receive personalized health goals and can easily log their activities using online and automated tools, which are integrated with personal health technology. In fact, John Hancock is giving every new policyholder a free Fitbit® as one easy way to track their progress. Source: hancock-enters-exclusive-partnership-with-vitality/ Industry: Health Insurance SEAMLESS ECOSYSTEMS TARGETED DISCOUNTS & PERKS
  21. 21. GOOGLE + WAZE Google-owned mapping service Waze has started a carpooling trial in Tel Aviv, Israel The service, called RideWith, will charge a small fee for passengers who pay fellow drivers for a lift to or from work. Unsurprisingly, it’ll use Waze’s mapping app for navigation. In theory, it should learn which routes people most frequently take to get to or from work and pair them up with other users who tend to favor the same routes. It’s just a trial for now, with no suggestion of imminent launches in other countries, and drivers are blocked from offering more than two rides per day. That means they can’t earn a salary from the service, unlike with car services like Uber. Source: Industry: Travel & Transport ALIBABA + ALIPASS Alibaba introduces ticket and voucher management app In July 2014, e-payment app Aplipay Wallet introduced Alipass: a new feature that allows users to store and manage e-tickets, vouchers and coupons. Similar to Apple’s Passbook, the update functions across partner merchants and apps that support Alipay. Aplipay is owned by Chinese e- commerce service Alibaba. Source: mod=weibotime Industry: Retail LYFT The ride hailing company is giving frequent passengers special treats. Lyft, the ride-hailing service that once used a kooky pink mustache as its corporate emblem, is getting even more festive — literally. The San Francisco company is rolling out Lyft Nation, a club for the top 10% of its passengers in each city that includes secret parties and exclusive partnerships. Lyft passengers who made the cut have received emails announcing the new program, along with a personalized summary about their use of the service like the date they first took a Lyft ride and the number of miles they’ ve been taxied around town. Source: parties-top-customers/ Industry: Travel & Transport SEAMLESS ECOSYSTEMS TARGETED DISCOUNTS & PERKS
  22. 22. TAKE ACTION What if you could uncover the ecosystems' hooks hidden in your users' customer journey in order to decrease drop-offs?
  23. 23. The Magnum Effect aroma was incorporated into the wrap using oNotes, a system which integrates scent into apparel. Combined with the colors and silky texture of the fabric, the wrap was designed to reproduce the sensuous experience of a Magnum ice cream bar. Source: DORITOS GOOGLE NIKE FIAT GUCCI GIVENCHY MAGNUM ICE CREAM + BCBGMAXAZRIA Perfumed wrap inspired by ice cream brand ACTIVE BRANDS CO-CREATED OFFERS Brands will go beyond connecting individual products and services and into a full creative partnership that results in a one of a kind offering. VALUE FOR USERS They want innovative products, services, and experiences. This is harder and harder to find in our crowded marketplaces, so more and more brands are collaborating to create real breakthroughs. Co- making is on the rise, and it’s very positive for brands and their audiences. VALUE FOR COMPANIES They will team up to jointly devise unique offerings that result from co-creation. The process is empowered by the creative blending of each brand´s distinct core and strong expertise. SEAMLESS ECOSYSTEMS
  24. 24. Ephemera Perfume line is inspired by conceptual soundscapes Inspired by conceptual soundscapes, Ephemera is a perfume range from the Poland-based Unsound Festival, created in partnership with perfumer Geza Schoen and music collective Kode9. The fragrances were officially launched at the Tromsø Center For Contemporary Art in Norway in October 2014, alongside an interactive art installation conceived by the participating musicians. Priced at 80 EUR, each perfume has an accompanying soundtrack, which can be accessed online. Source: Industry: Beauty & Personal Care L’Atelier Givenchy Hotel bar creates cocktail collection based on luxury perfumes London hotel Café Royal partnered with Parfums Givenchy to launch a series of seven cocktails mirroring the color, personality, and taste of the L’ Atelier de Givenchy luxury perfume collection. The Atelier Collection of Cocktails was available exclusively at Café Royal’s Green Bar, priced from 13 GBP. Source: bars/green-bar/ Industry: Beauty & Personal Care Luxury Travel Green Beer Fiber Bottle Brewery unveils biodegradeable wood-fiber beer bottle In January 2015, Danish brewery Carlsberg unveiled a partnership with packaging firm ecoXpac to create a biodegradable wood-fiber beer bottle. The Green Fibre Bottle is made from sustainably-sourced wood-fiber, and designed to ensure sustainable delivery of liquids in the future. Source: http://www.carlsberggroup. com/investor/news/Pages/CarlsbergandPartnerst oDevelopBiodegradableWood-FiberBottle.aspx#. VZq5ZflViko Industry: Food & Beverage EMERGING EXPERIENCES CO-CREATED OFFERS
  25. 25. TREND: SEAMLESS ECOSYSTEMS "Customers don't need your marketing experts to have mind-reading skills. They just need to be heard." The cookies on our devices, the information we share, the posts we like, all of it can be (and sometimes already is) read. In our online interactions, we open our lives as books, in exchange for building relationships with brands, being better assisted on e-commerce, getting suggestions on what content we should consume next. This is why we should crown a new internet king: Context. It means if we are able to read the signals the user is sending us with each interaction he or she makes, we will be right on their side as they tells us what has changed in their life or what they need right now. However, we face a great challenge: "The User" in this book we are trying to read, has some missing paragraphs and chapters. Each time the user interacts on some domain to which you do not have access, some information is lost. That is why companies are joining efforts, completing those missing chunks of information to develop the so-called Seamless Ecosystem, where they can centralize user knowledge and combine it with technology to provide a rich and customized experience. Who better to tell you what the customer needs than the customers themselves? PROFESSIONAL OPINION ANDRE MARTIN LORENZ FILHO Digital Marketing Specialist of the Digital Content Studio at Globant.
  26. 26. Feel Good To Be You Artist collaborates with soda brand on World Book Day stunt On World Book Day in March 2015, 7up partnered with Argentina-based artist Raul Lemesoff as part of the soda brand’s ‘Feel Good To Be You’ campaign. Lemesoff toured Buenos Aires in his 1979 Ford Falcon distributing free books to pedestrians and passers-by. A video clip of the stunt was hosted on the brand’s website. Source: Industry: Food & Beverage DC Superhero Girls Toy brand unveils superhero products for girls In April 2015, Mattel announced that it was joining forces with DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. for the global launch of DC Super Hero Girls (a range of action figure toys aimed at pre-teen girls). The initial launch featured an immersive digital experience and online content, followed by TV shows, toys, and apparel. DC Super Hero Girls also comprises a portfolio of novels from Random House Books for Young Readers, as well as themed LEGO building kits. Source: and-dc-entertainment-in-partnership-with-mattel- launch-dc-super-hero-girls Industry: Media & Entertainment Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale Ice-cream flavored craft beer combats climate change In April 2015, Ben & Jerry’s announced a partnership with New Belgium Brewing to create a Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale. The 6.3% ABV craft beer will be available from fall 2015, with proceeds of the partnership going to help the Protect Our Winters campaign to combat climate change. Source: aspx?id=fbd1bebe-fa28-48b4-aa14-c56a4b616a47 Industry: Food & Beverage EMERGING EXPERIENCES CO-CREATED OFFERS
  27. 27. TAKE ACTION What if you could partner with a brand you love in order to create a completely new offering to your shared audience?
  28. 28. EMERGING CONSUMERS PROFILES Meeting new consumers and how they expect to interact with brands
  29. 29. EMERGING CONSUMER PROFILES Meet the Time Savvy Consumers will never stop embracing time-saving products, services, and experiences that simplify their lives. Consumers live busy lives. Naturally, many are happy to spend some money on anything that makes things a bit faster, hassle- free, and easier, whether it’s new formats, bundled products or innovative models. In fact, for many consumers, convenience is a prerequisite, a hygiene factor if you will. The ‘trend’ may feel tired, but the innovations are not. Brands that give people their most valuable commodity – time – will be showered with sales. For Time Savvy there are endless opportunities to make consumers’ lives less stressful and more enjoyable. Try adding ‘convenience’ into the mix when next brainstorming new directions. Think marketing as a service; think simple (or alternatively, multifunctional); think integrated; think about pain points and their solutions. FAST-MOVING ALWAYS BUSY EXIGENT EFFICIENT CONNECTED OVERWHELMED ATTITUDE CONVENIENCE NOVELTY INTELLIGENT OFFERS EFFORTLESS HELPFULL SEAMLESS BRAND DESIRES GOBEAUTY + WECHAT Beauty services bookable via WeChat In May 2015, South Africa-based mobile app GoBeauty launched on WeChat. Via the move, customers can automatically book services for free in real-time using the mobile chat app. Once users have added GoBeautySA to their WeChat contacts, they can book services such hairdressing, manicures and spa treatments. Source: launch-gobeauty/ "Most times, in terms of services, I’d rather pay more to wait less. I’d rather send an email or get the company to call me back when they have a solution." Kate, 31
  30. 30. INDUSTRY UPDATES Cases worth noticing
  31. 31. MEDIA Industry Updates The following examples have been drawn from around the world. This selection of products, services, and marketing campaigns from established brands and new startups will be sure to inspire your strategic thinking.
  32. 32. SNAPCHAT Social messaging app introduces time- sensitive geofilters In April 2015, at the Coachella Music Festival in California, Snapchat introduced dynamic geofilters that changed throughout the day, available only for the duration of specific events. There was not an extra charge for the unique filters, which were made available for every music set throughout the festival. Users were able to pin their images to transient times and events, highlighting the unique quality of their experience at the event. Source: Related trends: Local Love, Ephemeral CELLPHONE CASE Features evolving satellite-captured images In May 2015, Google launched Editions, a series of creative collaborations resulting in limited edition cases for Android cellphones. The special Skrillex Live case can be connected with a cellphone to give users access to exclusive Skrillex content and an accompanying wallpaper which updates over the day to show daytime and nighttime Google Earth images. Google and Skrillex also launched a custom- designed balloon satellite named after Skrillex’s dog to capture the Google Earth images. Source: uk/2015/05/the-limited-edition-skrillex- live-case.html Related trends: Joining, Fuzzynomics TINY FILM FESTIVAL Toy company creates movie based on kids’ ideas In March 2015, LEGO Duplo UK partnered with Disney to host the Tiny Film Festival, an event celebrating kids’ creativity. Over a six-week period, one child was chosen each week to have their animated movie idea created by Disney using LEGO Duplo bricks. Kids could take part in the competition by submitting their idea via the Tiny Film Festival website, with the 15- second stop-motion movies consequently being premiered on Facebook. Source : Related trends: Fuzzynomics NEW CASES MEDIA
  33. 33. MICO Headphone detect user’s mood and play music accordingly Developed by Japanese product design brand Neurowear and unveiled in March 2013, the Mico headset consists of headphones and an EEG reader that rests on the wearer’s forehead and senses neural activity. Brain signals allow the device to detect the user’s mood (such as sleepy, stressed or focused), which is shown on an LED earpiece display. The headphones relay the information to a mobile running the Mico app and mood- appropriate music is selected from the database. Source: Related trends: Betterment, Youniverse, Infolust THE AD FILTER Browser extension only shows award-winning ads Launched by British advertising organization D&AD in May 2015, The Ad Filter is a browser extension which blocks regular pre-roll ads. Available for Chrome and Firefox browsers, the free extension automatically replaces ads with D&AD award-winning clips from previous years. Source: filter/ Related trends: Infolust JOHN MOOSE Band’s album can only be listened to the woods April 2015 saw John Moose release their debut album via a free mobile app. The Swedish band’s album can only be listened to in the woods – which evoke the music’s theme of a human connection with nature. The app uses a device’s GPS to detect whether people are located in the woods or not, and will only play the music in wooded areas. Source: Related trends: Status Seeker, Local Love NEW CASES MEDIA
  34. 34. TELECOMS Industry Updates The following examples have been drawn from around the world. This selection of products, services, and marketing campaigns from established brands and new startups will be sure to inspire your strategic thinking.
  35. 35. BLUE FREEDOM Gadgets charged via portable hydropower plant Surpassing its crowdfunding goal in March 2015, Blue Freedom is a USD 319 portable hydropower plant that provides enough energy to charge gadgets such as cellphones or tablets. The US- designed device can be placed into any source of running water, and after one hour of its micro turbine spinning, it will have produced enough energy to power a smartphone for up to ten hours. Devices can be charged directly from the Blue Freedom plant with a micro-USB cable Source: Related trends: Better Business SESANE Touch-free smartphone system is designed for the disabled Successfully funded on Indiegogo in January 2015, Sesame provides touch- free access for the Google Nexus Phone. Developed in Israel, the smartphone software allows users to carry out a range of functions, including making phone calls and playing games via gesture or voice control. Sold pre- installed on the handset for USD 700, the operating system was developed to aid people with disabilities and is capable of recognizing small head movements Source: Related trends: Helpful, Ubitech INKCASE I6 Cellphone case turns iPhone into e-readers March 2015 saw Singapore-based technology firm Oaxis announce the inkCase i6: a 4.2mm iPhone 6 case with a low-power e-ink display on the reverse. The e-ink display connects to the iPhone via Bluetooth and can display notifications without the need to switch on the display, providing a more pleasurable reading experience free from backlight or glare. The case features an integrated USB- charging battery system. Source: Related trends: Helpful, Better Business, Ubitech NEW CASES TELECOMS
  36. 36. SNAPI Selfie app functions via gesture control Available to download from March 2015, Snapi is a touch-free selfie app. Created by Israel-based EyeSight Technologies, the free mobile app allows people to take self-portraits using gesture control. Once users have opened the app and set up their image, they then raise an open palm to the camera. Closing their hand into a fist starts a timer, and once this has counted down, Snapi automatically takes the selfie. The app also autofocuses, and includes a sound signal. Source: com/store/apps/details?id=com. Related trends: Status Seekers, Youniverse, Helpfull, Ubitech PROJECT JACQUARD Fabric project integrates wearable technology control into jeans Project Jacquard is a partnership between Levi Strauss and Google, focusing on creating apparel from fabrics with touchscreen capabilities. The project’s aim is to allow wearers to control their cellphone via gestures made on the woven fabric of their apparel. Swipes or taps are mapped to cellphone functionality, allowing wearers to carry out actions such as silencing calls and controlling music, as well as altering cellphone settings and apps. Both companies committed to manufacturing and integrating Project Jacquard technology during 2016. Source: v=qObSFfdfe7I& Related trends: Helpfull, Ubitech, Fuzzynomics TRAY TYPER Paper-thin food tray functions as a wireless keyboard In Q2 2105, KFC unveiled the Tray Typer, a paper tray which functions as a wireless keyboard when paired with a cellphone. Designed to allow diners to use their cellphone hands-free – and avoid getting the screen dirty while eating – the trays were handed out for free at the opening of new KFC restaurants. To use the ultra-thin rechargeable keyboard, diners simply connect their cellphone via Bluetooth. Source: Related trends: Playsumers, Helpfull, Human Brands, Ubitech NEW CASES TELECOMS
  37. 37. BANKING & FINANCE Industry Updates The following examples have been drawn from around the world. This selection of products, services, and marketing campaigns from established brands and new startups will be sure to inspire your strategic thinking.
  38. 38. NEW CASES Swyp Electric Wallet Electric wallet holds up to 25 bank cards January 2015 saw US-based SWYP announce pre-ordering for its electric wallet, which allows users to sync credit, debit, gift, and loyalty cards to one mobile wallet that can be used at any card terminal. Up to 25 cards can be encrypted into SWYP, which locks automatically if separated from its synced smartphone by more than six feet. Source: Related Trend: Youniverse, Helpful, Ubitech Icici Bank Bank offers secure authentication via voice recognition From April 2015, ICICI Bank customers can carry out transactions over the telephone via voice authentication. Customers need to call from a registered cellphone number, and then within ten seconds, the server will authenticate their identity by matching a voice sample with the India-based bank’s database. Source: http://www.icicibank. com/aboutus/ identifier=news-icici-bank-introduces- voice-recognition-for-biometric- authentication-20152505124050634 Related Trends: Ephemeral, Helpful, Human Brands, Ubitech Glassjar Mobile Group Payment The best way to collect money from a group of friends March 2015 saw the US launch of Glassjar, a free app that aims to simplify group payments. The New Zealand-created mobile app helps friends split bills and lets people create a group to collect money from so they can pay together. Glassjar is powered by Venmo and all transactions are instant and free. Source: Related Trend: Ephemeral,Helpful, Infolust FINANCIAL INDUSTRY
  39. 39. NEW CASES Chillr Banking app transfers cash based on location In March 2015, HDFC Bank launched a mobile app, Chillr, to enable account holders to transfer money instantly to cellphone contacts anywhere in India, 24 hours a day. Customers can also use the ‘Near Me’ option to send money to Chillr app users in their vicinity without sharing mobile numbers. Source: com/htdocs/common/MobileBanking/ch illr-app/index.htm Related Trend: Helpful, Ubitech In April 2015, Danish investment firm Saxo Bank announced it would begin live- streaming trading ideas to its retail clients via Twitter. The #SaxoStrats service is available on Twitter and via Persicope (Twitter’s live-streaming app), and includes trading ideas from the bank’ s resident experts. Source: Related Trends: Ephemeral, Human Brands, Infolust Bitseeds Environmental foundation raises funds via cryptocurrency Launched in the US during April 2015, BitSeeds is a digital currency created by the Rainforest Foundation. The nonprofit’s currency is designed to support global forest protection initiatives. 100 coins were pre-mined and set aside in a wallet generating quarterly interest, which benefits the Rainforest Foundation. A total of 1 billion BitSeeds are set to be mined over the cryptocurrency’s lifetime. Source: Related Trend: Helpful, Better Business, Ubitech FINANCIAL INDUSTRY Saxo Bank Bank live-streams trading ideas via Twitter
  40. 40. The following examples have been drawn from around the world. This selection of products, services, and marketing campaigns from established brands and new startups will be sure to inspire your strategic thinking. RETAIL Industry Updates
  41. 41. NEW CASES Tira-vez Supermarket app saves shoppers from waiting in line Launched in March 2015, Tira-vez Continente (meaning “Take-time”) is a free mobile app that lets supermarket shoppers know where they are in line. Those visiting Continente supermarkets in Portugal can use the app to wait in line for the various counters, such as the delicatessen, bakery, or fishmonger. The app will automatically keep them updated as to where they are in the line and when it is their time to be served. Source: pt/public/Pages/homepage.aspx Related Trend: Ephemeral, Helpful, Infolust Amazon Kiranow Amazon launches hyperlocal grocery delivery service March 2015 saw Amazon launch KiranaNow in Bangalore. Via this service, customers can order products from neighborhood stores – called ‘kirana’ – for delivery within two to four hours. The hyperlocal service is available on mobile only, and allows shoppers to find stores near them that have uploaded their product inventory to Amazon. Groceries are then delivered via the detailer’s logistics network or by the store’s own staff. Source: in/l/5756143031/ref=mh_everyday_essentials_addr ess_widget Related Trends: Ephemeral, Helpful, Remapped Magic On-demand SMS service supplies anything customers need Launched in the US during February 2015, Magic is a company supplying a variety of services via SMS. People simply send an SMS to Magic with their request, which could be anything from food delivery or home repair to reserving a restaurant or booking flights. Once they’ve sent their request, customers receive a price quote for the services required and if they confirm, they are sent a 128-bit encrypted HTTPS link asking them to enter credit card information or pay via Bitcoin. Source: Related Trend: Ephemeral, Helpful RETAIL
  42. 42. NEW CASES Boooodl Smart shopping app alerts users when wanted items are nearby Launched in Sydney in April 2015, the Booodl app allows people to create smart shopping lists, and notifies shoppers when items on their list is available at nearby stores. Via the free mobile app, shoppers can send an SMS to local retailers asking specific product questions, with replies sent within five minutes. Purchases can be made in-app, and an integrated Uber function allows shoppers to order taxis to stores. Source: Related Trend: Local Love, Helpful, Infolust MikMak Mobile app features quirky shopping infomercials Beta-launched in the US during Q1 2015, MikMak is a free mobile app allowing customers to shop products via short, 30- second infomercials. The humorous videos feature items such as beauty products, accessories, and homewares, with a limited number available to buy. New videos are added to MikMak every evening, and all featured products cost under USD 100. Source: Related Trends: Ephemeral, Helpful The traceable coat hanger Traceable coat hanger challenges fashion brands to be more transparent In April 2015, sustainable Dutch fashion brand Nukuhiva launched the traceable coat hanger as part of a campaign to challenge major fashion labels to be transparent about how and where their garments are made. On the wooden coat hanger are printed the coordinates of exactly where it was made, from what type of wood, and when the tree used was cut down. The promotional hangers were sent to influential editors, journalists and bloggers. Source: Related Trend: Infolust RETAIL
  43. 43. TRAVEL & TRANSPORT Industry Updates The following examples have been drawn from around the world. This selection of products, services, and marketing campaigns from established brands and new startups will be sure to inspire your strategic thinking.
  44. 44. NEW CASES One world observatory The latest in gesture-based technology for an interactive concierge. One hundred stories above the city skyline, One World Observatory is the newest tourist attraction of NYC . City Pulse, from media designers Local Projects, helps guests to connect with the landmarks and neighbourhoods they observe from above. At City Pulse, ‘global ambassadors’ are stationed under a ring of HD video monitors fitted with gesture recognition technology. Source: https://www.lsnglobal. com/seed/article/17681/point-and-look Related trends: Internet of better things Nimber Social delivery service utilizes existing travel to transport goods In April 2015, Norway-based Nimber introduced its social delivery service into the UK. The service, which the company estimates has helped cut carbon emissions by 198.24 tons, is free to join, and allows items of any size to be transported between members as part of trips they would be taking anyway. The system works by matching up those who need items to be delivered with people traveling to that location. Source: Related trends: Joyning, Fuzzynomics Lopeca Discover places. Live from local people’s camera Beta-launched in Turkey during March 2015, Lopeca is a website allowing people to act as online tour guides via their cellphone. Based on a peer-to-peer model, local residents are paid to be tour guides for an area of the city they are familiar with. Users are connected to local residents via the Lopeca website, who then guide visitors around the area via video chat. Source: Related Trend: Local love, Ephemeral, Joyning, Fuzzynomics, Remapped TRAVEL
  45. 45. NEW CASES Thalys Interactive billboards capture the sounds of the city In May 2015, Thalys unveiled interactive audio billboards in Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels. Designed to promote railroad intercity services, the European train operator’s billboards each featured a map of one of the cities, and over 1,000 audio clips recorded in each location. Passers-by could plug their headphones into one of the audio jacks to heard the sounds of the cities – such as pigeons in Paris, fries cooking in Brussels or bicycle bells in Amsterdam. Source: v=ltcNSZu0nZc Related trends: Local love, Ephemeral. inforlust Grabbike On-demand booking app expands to motorcycle taxis May 2015 saw GrabTaxi announce GrabBike: a service allowing people to book motorcycle taxis through the Malaysia-based taxi booking app. Via the service, customers can access driver information – such as a vehicle registration number and a profile photo – and track the bike’s location in real- time. GrabBike was initially launched in Jakarta, following a successful pilot in two Vietnamese cities. Source: indonesia/nge-bike-gratis-pake-grabbike/ . Related trends:Remapped Tripbook Smiles On-demand booking app expands to motorcycle taxis In April 2015, Smiles (Brazil-based Gol Airline’s frequent flyer program) launched Trip Book: a free app adapting stories to suit the reader’s location. The app’s GPS identifies the city the reader is in (Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, New York, Paris, Rome or Lisbon) and amends the story accordingly. If the reader travels to a new destination during the course of reading the novel, the story evolves to reflect their route. All the stories were written by the Brazilian author Marcelo Rubens Paiva. Source: Related Trend:Local love, Human Brands TRAVEL
  46. 46. HEALTH Industry Updates The following examples have been drawn from around the world. This selection of products, services, and marketing campaigns from established brands and new startups will be sure to inspire your strategic thinking.
  47. 47. NEW CASES HEALTH Neulasta Delivery Kit On-body injector treats chemo patients at home The app records sleep patterns, exercise and social interactions, and adjusts life expectancy accordingly. For example, if a wearer only sleeps 5 hours a night (rather than the recommended 8) 26 minutes are removed, whereas completing a 30 minute workout adds 36 minutes. Source: http://www.thelifeclockapp. com Related Trends: Betterment, Infolust, Youniverse, Human Brands After chemotherapy, clinicians fill and activate the injector with pegfilgrastim, and apply it to patient. It automatically activates the next day, providing the patient with the medicine they need without requiring a return to hospital for the shot. Source: http://www.neulasta. com/on-body-injector.html Related Trend: Helpfull, Ephemeral Maven Telemedicine app provides information and teleconsultation for women LifeClock Apple Watch app adjusts life expectancy based on individual habits Positioned as a digital clinic, the app offers video consultations with healthcare professionals (medical doctors, lactation consultants, etc), and appointment duration ranging from 10 minutes to 1 hour. Source: Related Trends: Helpfull, Post demographic, Infolust
  48. 48. NEW CASES HEALTH Zami Stool Sensory stool & app promote active sitting and better posture Zami Life’s smart stool has pressure sensors in its legs that transmit information to the companion mobile app via Bluetooth, providing feedback about posture and daily sitting habits. It encourages active sitting and healthy posture. Source: Related Trend: Ubitech, Betterment BitBite Wearable device helps people change their eating habits The virtual trip to an amusement park improved children’s mood and mindset during hospital stay, raising their spirits and aiding return to good health. It was well received by kids and parents. Source: Related Trends: Better business, Human Brands, Playsumers Device fits into the ear and listens to when and how users eat, registering what they are eating if they say the food out loud. A connected app shows a nutrition diary, calorie intake and infographics of eating habits. Source: Related Trends: Ephemeral, InfoLust, Betterment eMotion Project Samsumg´s Gear VR takes kids in hospital on a trip to Movieland
  50. 50. METRICS Share of web traffic by device Based on each device's share of total web pages served Source: StatCounter, 2015. SHARE OF WEB PAGE VIEWS: LAPTOPS & DESKTOPS 62% YEAR ON YEAR ↓13% SHARE OF WEB PAGE VIEWS: MOBILE PHONES 31% YEAR ON YEAR ↑39% SHARE OF WEB PAGE VIEWS: TABLETS 7% YEAR ON YEAR ↓17% SHARE OF WEB PAGE VIEWS: OTHER DEVICES 0.1% YEAR ON YEAR ↑18%
  51. 51. METRICS Social Networks: Active User Members Based on accounts that logged at least once in the most recent 30 days report periods. Data listed here is in the millions. Source: GSMA Intelligence, 2015. Wikipedia for population data. 98% 77% 79% 119% 139% 125% 126% 101% 124% 91% 112% 109% EASTASIA SOUTH ASIA AFRICA SOUTHERN AFRICA EASTERN EUROPE WESTERN EUROPE SOUTH AMERIC A NORTH AMERICA MIDDLE EAST CENTRAL AMERICA CENTRAL ASIA OCEANICA 1565 1296 900 744 583 521 519 358 294 191 76 42 Mobile Connections, in millions. Chat Applications
  52. 52. METRICS Social Networks: Active User Members Based on accounts that logged in at least once in the most recent 30 days report periods. Data listed in the millions. Source: GSMA Intelligence, 2015. Wikipedia for population data. TOTAL NUMBER OF MOBILE SUBSCRIPTIONS 7.1B # MOBILE SUBSCRIPTIONS AS A PERCENTAGE OF THE TOTAL POPULATION 99% PERCENTAGE OF MOBILE CONNECTIONS THAT ARE PRE-PAID 80% PERCENTAGE OF MOBILE CONNECTIONS THAT ARE BROADBAND (3G&4G) 42% PERCENTAGE OF MOBILE CONNECTIONS THAT ARE POST-PAID 24%
  53. 53. METRICS Mobile Broadband: Active 3G & 4G mobile connections. Compared to total active mobile connections per region. Source: InternetLivesStats 2015, InternetWorldStats 2015. Wikipedia for population data. 85% NORTH AMERICA 31% CENTRAL AMERICA 57% SOUTH AMERICA 16% AFRICA 85% WEST EUROPE 53% EAST EUROPE 21% CENTRAL ASIA 34% MIDDLE EAST EAST ASIA53% SOUTH ASIA 8% 48% SOUTHEAST ASIA OCEANIA 84% GLOBAL AVERAGE 38%
  54. 54. METRICS Primary marketing channel used by US small-business owners to focus their marketing efforts to millennials, April 2015 Based on total amount of respondents Social Media Website or Blog Email Paid Online Ads Email Others Source: Manta, "Marketing to Millennials", June 23, 2015. -
  55. 55. METRICS Internet Data in Numbers 660 Accounts Created 342000 Tweets 138840 Video Hours Watched 120 Video Hours Uploaded 10920 User Searches 1388880 Minutes Used 347155 +1s 1395 Blog Posts 276480 Searches $96120 Ad Revenue 30 Reviews 2100 Check-ins 3060 Items Purchased $141540 Money Spent 74160 App Downloads 38040 App Downloads 3131760 Likes 3298560 Posts 360GB of Data 1111140 Likes 60000 Comments 41640 Uploads 204166680 Email Sent 694440 Files Saved 720 Accounts Created 13194420 Messages Sent 65 Posts 845 Comments 13780 Votes 27780 Posts 23160 Hours Watched 61230 Hours Watched 347725 Stories Viewed 486120 Messages Sent 14280 Pins AN AVERAGE AMOUNT OF 1353827 GB OF DATA WAS TRANSFERRED ON THE INTERNET PER MINUTE DURING Q2 2015 ACCESS THE LIVE FEED @
  57. 57. of customers say that they intentionally browse online to buy products at stores, showing that integrating physical and digital demands are really important. PwC, February 2015. 70% STATEMENTS Retail
  58. 58. of consumers spend more when their experience is personalized. GetElastic, February 2015. 48% STATEMENTS Personalization
  59. 59. of consumers said the interaction they had with their favorite brands on social media has driven them to buy more. PwC, February 2015. STATEMENTS Brand 62%
  60. 60. wearable devices sold, between tokens, smartwatches, and wristbands. 8 times more than 2014. CCS Insight, February 2015. 75million STATEMENTS Wearables
  61. 61. of travelers use their smartphones to conduct research and make decisions about their activities and where to travel to. Think with Google, June 2015. 56% STATEMENTS Travel
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