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Media Review - November 2014


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November latest news in terms of media and advertising!

Published in: Marketing
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Media Review - November 2014

  1. 1. November 2014 - Media Review Overview on media news and innovations
  2. 2. DAILIES
  3. 3. Innovations November 2014 Le Soir and Hello bank! cooperate offering a free online subscription to students. The daily newspaper wants to extend their readership reaching a younger audience. The young highly connected readers might enjoy this opportunity.
  4. 4. Innovations November 2014 Mediahuis Popular The best offer on daily titles for advertisers. It combines Het Nieuwsblad, Gazet van Antwerpen and Het Belang van Limburg. Advertisers can reach an audience of more than 1,6 million unique readers. Mediahuis Popular Plus adds L’Avenir to the basic offer.
  5. 5. Innovations WHAT ELSE? Le Soir recently developed a real expertise in wine. With a dedicated website , all aspects concerning wine are covered. Supplements and editorial contents will be available with Le Soir. The public is invited to participate to the first wine fair which will take place at Botanique in Brussels the 18 and 19 ofApril 2015.
  7. 7. Innovations November 2014 Sanoma launched their new tool called ‘Brand compass’. The goal is to measure the personality of advertiser brands so as to link them with the right media brands. This tool gives advice on brand positioning and media brands that should be chosen in order to reach this position. Download the app and check out where your brand is positioned according to women!
  8. 8. Innovations NEW LOOK Deuzio is transformed into actual magazine. The supplement of L’Avenir still offers TV programs. A strong emphasis is given to the editorial content in order to ensure reader loyalty. Articles related to traveling, cooking, outdoor activities and cocooning aimat reaching the whole family. Lifestyle 50+ turns into Life PlusMagazine. These new name and logo are easier to remember. The magazine wants to get closer to its target (45+).
  9. 9. Innovations WHAT ELSE? Humo will appear online on Saturday in January! This version will only be available for subscribers on their tablet. The paper version will still be available on Tuesday. The magazine wants to catch the audience attention during the week-end when readers have free time.
  10. 10. DIGITAL
  11. 11. Innovations November 2014 Both fashion online retailers made great use of their Youtube videos. 3 suisses made it possible for viewers to click on the items they want during the commercial. Asos launched the ‘ ’ video where products of a given color are shown. Then viewers can click on the color look they liked.
  12. 12. Innovations November 2014 Original use of bannering campaign with Mercedes for the Classe E Break. The idea was to show how spacious it is. To do so, two men take the banner out of its frame and put it inside the trunk. The banner fits! So does the campaign to show the characteristics of the product.
  13. 13. Innovations November 2014 Afull virtual reality test drive by Volvo. For the promotion of its new SUV XC90, Volvo launched an app compatible with the Cardboard from Google, the cheap alternative to access virtual reality experience. You are virtually set into a new SUV so as to give you an immersive foretaste through different scenarios. This is how advertisers could use such technology in the future!
  14. 14. Innovations November 2014 The most influent users on Pinterest are now the new target of advertisers. Hellosociety is an agency which links influential ‘pinners’ to brands. We could compare them to bloggers who push branded content on their platform to generate traffic for the advertiser. The U.S. retailer Target is the first to integrate Pinterest in an e- commerce website. Their creation called ‘The Awesome Shop’ allows to see how many times a product was pinned and get more information on the product.
  15. 15. Innovations November 2014 Publicis Groupe acquired the digital marketing company Sapient. This acquisition will allow the group to extend its market visibility and create new revenues in the digital field. Their 2018 plan is to earn 50% of their revenues from the digital expertise. This will result in the creation of the platform Publicis.Sapient focused on digital transformation.
  16. 16. Innovations HAVAS MEDIA Havas Media created Havas Earned Media! Earned media is based on free exposure on social media, blogs and comments from users. The aim of Havas Earned Media is to guide the communication strategy of advertisers. Distribution channels are mastered to identify influencers, monitor social media noise around the brand and manage communication crisis.
  17. 17. Innovations WHAT ELSE? The new paying music provider is now avalaible to few lucky winners in beta version only. A subscription to Google Play Music is included in this service with a catalogue of more than 30million titles. In the US, the subscription to Music Key would cost $9.99. Users can listen to music even when the app is in background. It will be possible to watch videos offline as well.
  18. 18. OUT OF HOME
  19. 19. Innovations November 2014 PlayStation launched the Ultimate Party Taxi for the promotion of SingStar Ultimate Party. People waiting for a taxi had the chance to discover this nice alternative during a weekend in Amsterdam and Antwerp. As long as riders sing along in the limo taxi they can get the ride for free. Headphones on the rooftop of the limo broadcasted the voice of of singers in the streets.
  20. 20. Innovations WHAT ELSE? New York launches a huge project to provide WiFi access in the streets with 10.000 LinkNYC kiosks spread in the next coming years to replace old phone booths. The idea is to fund this Internet access via advertising. These terminals will offer free phone calls in the U.S. and a touchscreen device to access city services.
  21. 21. WHAT ELSE? The biggest billboard in the world is in Times Square! The length of a football field, the screen was installed in front of the Marriott Marquis hotel. Google is one of the first advertiser to use this new display. Passers-by will be able to create their own Android character via an app and display it on the screen. Innovations Google wants to promote its latest products as well as 6 non-profit organisations.
  22. 22. RADIO
  23. 23. Innovations November 2014 The radio station made a parody of Beyoncé famous video clip ‘Single ladies’ to promote the ‘Top 500 van de Zeroes’ program on radio. This special program was on air the last two weeks of November.
  24. 24. Innovations November 2014 Hello bank! adds Hello play! to its ecosystem. The Internet bank is getting musical with the creation of its own electronic music platform. They want to attract and reinforce the community. Content on the platform will focus on news and current events on the belgian stage. The bank wants to create partnerships so that members can take advantage of special offers and promotions.
  25. 25. Innovations WHAT ELSE? Uber lets the rider be the DJ! Spotify and Uber entered a collaboration in order to let Spotify play in the speakers of the driver during the ride. The service will be available in selected cities around the world. Some ‘artist ride-alongs’ are also planned for passengers to have a chance to meet artists during the ride.
  26. 26. TELEVISION
  27. 27. Innovations November 2014 IP TV opens up to new possibilities in terms of advertising integration thanks to Mirriad technology. Base was naturally introduced post production into the TV program ‘L’amour est dans le pré’. Possibilities are infinite! Advertisers can accurately choose the spot where they want the brand to appear.
  28. 28. Innovations November 2014 Canal Z will present each week a new program called ‘Z- advertising’ which focuses on advertising latest news, communication andmedias. Disney Channel FR and NL will be part of portfolio from December 1st. 4 million belgian people use Shazam today. The app is installed on 80% of Smartphones in Belgium. Shazam for TV has already been used for campaigns. Users can get more information on the product or service. Interactivity is enhanced! The app is awaiting creative ads.
  29. 29. Innovations WHAT ELSE? Nielsen will start tracking viewership of streaming networks (Netflix & Amazon Prime) in December in U.S. homes. Netflix reaches almost half of American population. However the company never established reports on its viewership. To do so, Nielsen will use its home-based meters to record TV audio. However mobile device viewership would still not be assessed by Nielsen. Advertisers need to know the impact they have on these streaming networks.
  30. 30. CINEMA
  31. 31. Innovations November 2014 Brightfish introduces you to Steve! The first interactive robot ever used to promote cinema and creativity. The robot can communicate with the audience and share with them taking selfies, tweeting and posting on Facebook. He can even scan children’s drawings and transform them into 3D impressions.
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