A Very Victorian Bachelor Challenge - Day 5


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Day 5 of Theodore Harrison's bachelor challenge. Who will be leaving at the end of the day?

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A Very Victorian Bachelor Challenge - Day 5

  1. 1. Hello and welcome back to the penultimate day of Theodore Harrison's bachelor challenge. I would hope that you have read the previous days, but if not then Theo is the son of one of my generation three spares Enid. His grandfather Thomas had grown weary with his reluctance to start courting so set up a bogus research project to trap him in a house for a week with seven simselves. I actually played the house for nearly two weeks. The first seven days were the challenge, and once the winner was crowned, I reset all the relationships to zero and moved everyone back in. I then shot various set scenes for the challenge to tie up with the legacy and be more era appropriate where necessary. All date activities happened as are shown. The bachelor challenge is by PA Vicky on the exchange.
  2. 2. Theo heaved a heavy sigh as he watched Michelle walk down the path to her waiting carriage. He had not found any of the previous evictions particularly easy, but this one was the hardest so far, and he was dreading having to make two more decisions. He turned and heading into the drawing room looking for his remaining guests. *** Michellefobbs (Michaelfobbs) is the author of a Planteray Apocalypse and Not Quite a Vacation Asylum. She left at the end of day 4 with a score of139.
  3. 3. Two of those guests had made their way into the dining room for lunch. They were DrSupremeNerd the writer of the Vetinari Dualegacy and still the leader with a score of 160.
  4. 4. The other was Annie (tatdatcm), who writes the Doublet Legacy and the Potpal Legacy. For the second day running she was in second place with a score of 146.
  5. 5. The third and final guest was playing darts. Jessica (Mzyra) writes the Kennedy Shufflacy and is a mod at Boolprop.com. She is lying in third with a score of 142.
  6. 6. Theo walked into the dinning room and grabbed a plate of food. "Good afternoon ladies, I hope you do not mind if I join you?"
  7. 7. "No, not at all Mr Harrison." Replied Doc smiling up at him. "What are your plans for the day?"
  8. 8. "I admit I have not given it much thought. I will probably potter around for a bit before going for a soak in one of the spa pools."
  9. 9. "I hope you don't mind if we join you in the pool?" asked Doc. "No not at all. I have resigned myself to the fact that I will never get to relax in one on my own whilst I have guests anyway." Responded Theo.
  10. 10. "You don't mind that we join you do you?" Asked Annie. "I would hate for you to feel that we were overstepping the mark.“ "No, not at all. I enjoy all of your companies, my only reservation is that sometimes it is nice to be able to spend some time in solitude to enable one to think."
  11. 11. "So...you would rather we left you alone at times?" This was a slightly strange notion to Doc, who had so far made it her mission to spend as much time as possible with Theo. Theo gave this some thought. "No, I do not think so. I think that if I am about in the house then I would like to interact with you all. If I want some solitude then I will take myself off away from you all."
  12. 12. "That does seem sensible," put in Annie, "so I propose that if we cannot find you in one of the more accessible areas of the house or garden, then we will leave you alone.“ "Thank you Miss Annie." Said Theo with a small smile.
  13. 13. Annie and Doc finished their meals first, and as Theo got up from the table he said "I am going to play cards for a while, you ladies are welcome to join me if you so wish."
  14. 14. "He just invited us to spend some time with him didn't her?" Asked Doc. "Yup he did.“ "I will be in the drawing room in a minute, there is something I need to do first.“ "Well, since there are only four of us in the house now, I won’t bother saving you a seat."
  15. 15. Theo was shuffling the cards when Annie came out of the dining room to join him. "Ah Miss Annie, nice of you to join me for a game or two." He said dealing her in."
  16. 16. As she played with her chips he asked her, "I know that Miss Jessica is pre-occupied playing darts, but do you think that Doc Nerd will join us?“ She looked up. Where she was sitting she could see through the dinning room doors.
  17. 17. "I think that she is a little busy at the moment, but give her a few minutes and she might be out."
  18. 18. But Doc wasn't out soon, so tiring of cards Theo and Annie retired to the spa pool. "You do raise an interesting point there Mr Harrison, but I am not entirely sure I agree with you..."
  19. 19. As Theo listened to the argument Annie was outlining he smiled. He hadn't really got to know Annie over the first couple of days, and had thought her shy, but now that he was able to spend more time with her he was liking her more and more. "I'll join you if I may." Said a voice cutting through his reverie.
  20. 20. He looked up to see Doc clambering in. "Certainly." He said, a big grin on his face.
  21. 21. "I'll join too." Said Jessica sliding into the water. "Yes this is only the second time you have been able to join Mr Harrison isn't it?" Said Doc. "Yes it is."
  22. 22. "I personally think that it is nice that no one is left out today. I felt sorry for Michelle sitting all by herself yesterday.“ "You really are a nice man aren't you?" Asked Doc. Theo gave this some thought, "Well I would say that I'm nicer than some, but not as nice as others."
  23. 23. "Well I think that you are lovely." Said Doc smiling. "Thank you," he replied starting to blush, "and I think that you are lovely too."
  24. 24. Annie was watching them, a slightly distressed look on her face. She and Theo got on very well, it was true, but whenever Doc was nearby all of Theo's attention suddenly transferred to her.
  25. 25. Jessica was also watching them intently. She had hoped to spend more time talking to Theo now that she was sitting in the same pool as him, but both yesterday and today that had not happened. She had to do something about it, and she remembered what she had heard happening a couple of days ago.
  26. 26. "Doc, think fast."
  27. 27. *splash* "Hahaha, very funny Jessica." Soon the pool was filled with laughter as everyone started to splash each other.
  28. 28. Once the laughter had died down the conversation turned to the subject of food. Although Theo had thoughtfully provided a buffet for them each day, they were starting to tire of the same food day in, day out. "So what are you looking forward to eating when you get home Jessica?“ "Anything apart from turkey." Replied Jessica.
  29. 29. "You do not like the food I am providing?" asked Theo. "No, I mean yes I do like it, but I have eaten enough turkey to last me until the Christmas after next. I would just like a bit of variety."
  30. 30. "I am sure that Arvicanthis Tegenaria could be persuaded to cook for you." Said Doc. "Really? Is he a good cook?“ "I think that no one cooks his style of cuisine better." *** Arvi is the original pleasure shrew from GintasticNecat's the Science of a Legacy. His cooking is an acquired taste.
  31. 31. "I think that Edward knows him. Perhaps I should ask him to invite him over one evening if he is a good cook.“ "Erm...no I think that you are better off living on inventory pizza.“ "Are you sure? Slightly stale cheese does get tiring you know.“ "I'm sure."
  32. 32. It was dark when they vacated the pool and Annie and Jessica quickly made their way into the house, leaving Theo and Doc lagging behind. "Are you well Doc Nerd? You seem to be moving a bit gingerly.“ "Oh I have a twinge in my neck is all. I'll be fine.“ "Perhaps I can help with that.“ She regarded him intently. "Ok then."
  33. 33. So Theo gave her a back and neck rub.
  34. 34. She stretched as he finished. "That was wonderful Mr Harrison. I feel so much better now thank you.“ "I am glad that I could help." He stared at the back of her head for a moment. "Excuse me Doc, I am going to go inside."
  35. 35. Theodore sat in the library, his mind a maelstrom of thoughts. He liked all of his remaining guests, and counted them as friends, but as he had been massaging Doc's shoulders he had been hit with the realisation that he wouldn't mind being more than friends her.
  36. 36. Doc had followed him inside and entered the library interrupting his thoughts. "Mr Harrison, I hope that everything is alright. You left rather quickly.“ He looked up at her, her hair still damp from the pool.
  37. 37. He was struck with the sudden urge to take her in his arms and kiss her.
  38. 38. In fact he found himself thinking that he could very easily fall in love with this woman. *** Yes this is the make out animation. Theo and Nerd fell in love with the romantic kiss, but whilst I was waiting to snap the big red hearts, Theo decided he wanted to make out with Nerd, so he did. It was at this point that my worries about boingy hearts reached an all time high.
  39. 39. "Mr Harrison...?" Doc prompted when Theo didn't answer her. "Sorry Doc Nerd. I am fine, if a little hungry. In fact I think that I am going to have something to eat. Excuse me please." With that he got up and left, leaving a confused Doc watching his retreating back.
  40. 40. Theo walked into the dinning room just as Annie was finishing her dinner. "Mr Harrison, such a shame I have just finished eating, I was looking forward to speaking some more with you.“ "Yes that is a shame..." he started.
  41. 41. But as he looked at her he found himself wanting to kiss her, as he had Doc. *** No falling in love this time, but they did become best friends from it.
  42. 42. He gave himself a mental shake. "Umm, but we can always speak at some other point in time." He walked over to the buffet table and selected some food as she walked out of the room. She had of course been hoping that he would ask her to stay whilst he ate.
  43. 43. He had nearly finished when Doc entered and grabbed a plate of her own. She was determined that she would spend a bit more time with Theo that evening.
  44. 44. "I will join you if I may." She said sitting down. "Erm actually Doc Nerd, I have now finished and was going to go and bathe before retiring for the night." He pushed his chair back.
  45. 45. "Oh, you are leaving?" She asked. "Yes, goodnight Doctor." He replied. He knew he was being rude, but given the sort of thoughts he was having, he didn't want to spend any time around her at the moment in case he acted on them. That would be extremely improper.
  46. 46. He was almost at his bedroom door when Jessica emerged from the next door bathroom. "Oh good evening Mr Harrison. Retiring already?"
  47. 47. "Yes Miss Jessica, I am extremely tired. Today's eviction was rather trying on me.“ "It is a shame we will not be able to converse some more with you, but there is always tomorrow.“ "Yes there is..." he drifted off.
  48. 48. Once again he found himself wondering what it would be like to take one of his guests in his arms and kiss them. *** Again no love hearts, but they are now best friends.
  49. 49. Jessica didn't notice that he had trailed off before finishing his sentence and after once again bidding him goodnight continued on her way to the dining room. As he watched her go, he wondered what was wrong with him; these thoughts were alien to him.
  50. 50. He decided that a refreshing shower was just what he needed so stepped under the spray.
  51. 51. As he stood there his mind started whirring again and he thought back to what he had been thinking. No doubt about it, he wanted to know what it was like to kiss all three of his remaining guests. Perhaps he should be brave enough to do something about that? A thought suddenly occurred to him. Was this how Stanley thought all of the time? He groaned and reached out to turn the hot tap off.
  52. 52. He yelped as the cold water hit his skin, but he didn't turn the hot water back on.
  53. 53. Feeling much refreshed he stepped out of the bathroom ready to change into his pyjamas for bed.
  54. 54. Not everyone made it into a bed that night, with Jessica deciding that she would rather kip on one of the settees.
  55. 55. Theo rose early. He knew by now what his grandfather's letter would say and that he would have to send another guest home. He was not looking forward to the decision he had to make.
  56. 56. In one of the other bedrooms Doc too was up and making her bed. She was slightly puzzled by Theo's actions the night before. Just when she thought she and Theo were getting on really well, he seemed to draw away from her.
  57. 57. They ended up walking down the stairs together. "Good morning Doctor. I trust you slept well?“ "Very thank you Mr Harrison. And you?“ "Yes, quite well thank you."
  58. 58. Since only the two of them were taking breakfast at that time, Doc decided to broach the subject of her worries with Theo. "Mr Harrison you seemed distant last night and I was wondering if I had done something to offend or upset you."
  59. 59. "What? No not at all Doc Nerd. I merely had a few things on my mind and needed some space to myself. I enjoy your company immensely, and always look forward to speaking with you.“ "Good, because I would hate to think that we would lose the relationship we have.“ The sat eating on companionable silence for a while until Jessica entered the room.
  60. 60. Once Jessica had grabbed a plate of food, Theo turned to her. "Miss Jessica, I noticed that you were sleeping on the sofa this morning. Is there something wrong with your bed? If there is you might want to try one of the ones that has been vacated already.“ "Oh, no my bed is fine I just...fell asleep down here for some reason last night." How did she tell him that she had hoped that by sleeping downstairs she would be first to breakfast with him? Well it had worked for Doc.
  61. 61. After breakfast it was once again time for Theo to speak to each one of his guests individually. He was making his way into the library when he saw Annie playing chess. "Miss Annie if I can take a moment of your time I would very much like to speak with you in the library.“ "Of course Mr Harrison. Is it that time again?“ "I am afraid so."
  62. 62. "Miss Annie I missed you at breakfast, but you do look very well today.“ "Yes I am fine. I just wasn't hungry this morning.“ "You should eat breakfast, it is the most important meal of the day."
  63. 63. She looked at him. "Mr Harrison, I am a grown woman and I am well aware of the importance of eating properly. I just wasn't hungry this morning."
  64. 64. "I apologise Miss Annie, I did not mean to sound like a nag.“ Annie sighed. "No I apologise Mr Harrison, I didn't mean to jump down your throat. Now let's put this behind us and change the subject.“ "Agreed. So what shall we talk about?"
  65. 65. Annie thought for a moment. "Well, I don't know about talking, but yesterday I was sure I heard you singing to Doc. I too would love to hear you sing.“ Theo looked down embarrassed. "Really?“ "Oh absolutely."
  66. 66. So feeling extremely self-conscious Theo dropped to his knees and started to sing to Annie.
  67. 67. When he finished he got to his feet and smiled hesitantly at Annie. "That was lovely Mr Harrison." She said. "You should sing more often, and you certainly have no need to be embarrassed."
  68. 68. He gave a small smile. "Well we will see." He didn't like to say to her about how uncomfortable he always felt when performing. "Now Miss Annie...“ "Yes, yes, it is time for you to speak with another guest I know.“ *** Still no hearts for these two but Annie did accept the caress, the goose and the serenade.
  69. 69. As Annie emerged from the library Doc asked her how her chat had gone. "Pretty well I think. You might as well go in now." Doc didn't need telling twice.
  70. 70. "Doc Nerd," said Theo smiling as she entered "I am rather glad that you are the next guest I have to speak to.“ "You are?"
  71. 71. "Yes, I meant to say to you earlier that you did not look as flushed today." He reached out hesitantly and felt her cheek. "You do not feel as warm either." Doc laughed, "No I am feeling much better today thank you. I certainly don't feel feverish at the moment."
  72. 72. "That is very good to hear, although, the slight flush to your cheeks did suit you and made you look even more beautiful..." he trailed off as he realised what he was saying. "Erm, I apologise, that was extremely forward of me." He stammered.
  73. 73. "Please don't. You think I'm beautiful?" She asked smiling. "Very." He replied, looking down at his feet. She stood there for a minute watching him. In many ways Theo didn't strike her as bashful, but when it came to him complimenting her he seemed to come over all shy. She decided to take pity on him and change the subject slightly. "Mr Harrison, I would very much like to hear you sing again.“ "You would?“ "Yes."
  74. 74. So Theo once again dropped to his knees and started to sing to Doc. He was grateful for the distraction: the thoughts he was thinking were still alien to him.
  75. 75. Doc thought that his voice sounded even sweeter today than it had yesterday, but that might be because she was still basking in the fact that he had called her beautiful.
  76. 76. When he had finished they just stood there looking at each other. "You have such a wonderful voice." Said Doc. "So people keep telling me. I am sorry, but I really do need to speak to Miss Jessica. Perhaps we can talk later?“ "Yeah, I'd like that.“ *** I'm sure no one is surprised that Nerd accepted the caress, the goose and the serenade.
  77. 77. Jessica was once again very quick to enter the library once Doc had left it. "Mr Harrison is it time for our morning chat?“ "Yes Miss Jessica it is."
  78. 78. "I profess myself to be quite concerned that you fell asleep in the living room last night, and that you have not changed out of your bathing suit yet. Are you ...well?"
  79. 79. "Oh, no, I am fine. I was more tired than I thought last night, and this morning I was very hungry and wanted to eat before bathing, and then I knew I had to speak to you so haven't got round to it yet." She hurriedly explained. "Ah as long as you are well.“ Jessica sought around for a change of subject. "Mr Harrison, did I hear you singing to Doc earlier?“ "Yes you did." He said somewhat warily. "I would like to hear you sing to me first hand if that is alright with you."
  80. 80. He sighed and started to sing to her. As he did so he reflected that he had sung more in the last two days than he had in the previous two months.
  81. 81. Jessica was oblivious to his reluctance and instead lost herself in the sound of his voice.
  82. 82. "Miss Jessica, I asked you a question." Theo said after he had finished. "You did? Sorry I got caught up in your singing."
  83. 83. He got to his feet. "I asked if you enjoyed it.“ "Yes I did, very much so." She responded. "Good I am glad to hear it.“ *** Still no hearts here, but Jessica did accept the caress, the goose and the serenade.
  84. 84. Theo was just about to show Jessica out of the library when Doc knocked at the door. "I was wondering if you wanted to have a little kick-around?" She asked. "Why not. Miss Jessica would you like to join us?" Came the reply.
  85. 85. After a while Jessica piped up, "I had better go and see to my toilette. It is nearing noon and I am sure that you will want some time to reach your decision Mr Harrison.“ "That is very true Miss Jessica.“ So both Doc and Jessica filed out of the room leaving Theo to make up his mind as to who he was sending home that day.
  86. 86. All too soon the three remaining guests found themselves sitting on one of the settees awaiting Theo's decision. For Theo's part he had not found the decision easy, but he had recalled his cousin Eddie's advice from the day before, and knew that there were two people he wanted to stay for at least one more day.
  87. 87. "Ladies," he started, "I am afraid that it is time for me to say goodbye to one of you again. As always I am grateful for the opportunity to get to meet you all, and hope that we have forged friendships here that will last once we are back in Regalton."
  88. 88. He sighed. "I find it distasteful to have to choose between the three of you, but choose I must."
  89. 89. "As with yesterday it is not a case of me wanting the chosen person to leave, but rather wanting the remaining two to stay more."
  90. 90. "Miss Jessica, I am sorry." He said as he looked at her. "If you will pack your trunk I will help you take it to the carriage when it arrives."
  91. 91. "Really? Oh well this sucks.“ *** Scores at the end of day 5 are from highest to lowest: Doc: 192 double love. Annie: 167 double crush and best friends. Jessica: 163 double crush and best friends.
  92. 92. "Miss Jessica, I am sorry to be asking you to leave." Said Theo after he had taken her trunk to the waiting carriage. "Ask me to stay then." She responded. "I cannot. Much as I like you, I want to spend a bit more time with both Miss Annie and Doc Nerd."
  93. 93. She smiled ruefully. "Yeah, I had a feeling you would say that. Goodbye Mr Harrison, it has been a pleasure to meet you, and I hope that we will be able to meet up once you are back home.“ "As do I Miss Jessica. Have a safe journey."
  94. 94. The fifth simself left Hope Springs House disappointed that she was leaving when she had been so close to staying the whole week.
  95. 95. As she heard the front door close, Doc turned to Annie. "So this is it, just the two of us remaining. I wonder who will be still sitting here at this time tomorrow, and who will be boarding the coach.“ "A day is a long time Doc, anything could happen."
  96. 96. After a short carriage ride Jessica found herself waiting for the door of a nearby mansion to open. The boarding house had informed her that all the previous evictees were staying here rather than with them.
  97. 97. "Oh hello." Said Cee as she opened the door. "It's you today then.“ "Yes Cee it's me. Any chance of a cuppa? I'm parched.“ "Of course, there's always a pot of tea brewing here.“ *** Cee (charris) writes the Regacy. She was evicted on day 3 with a score of 63.
  98. 98. "So," said Jessica as she joined the rest of us in the drawing room, "this is where you have all ended up then."
  99. 99. "Yup." I said. "Lauri and Crice are here too, but they are playing billiards next door.“ *** Lauri (Lauriempress) is the author of Legacy of Jubilee and left the house on the first day with a score of 0. Circe (hbcirice) is the writer of the Geogacy and is along for the ride.
  100. 100. "So," I prompted, "why have you left and how do you feel about it?" "Oh, right. Basically Theodore wants to get to know Annie and Doc more, but he feels he knows me well enough for the time being."
  101. 101. "So you are another one he wants to just be friends with then?" Asked Michelle. She was still slightly upset about leaving, but had decided that being friends with Theo was better than not knowing him at all. "Yes."
  102. 102. "And you're ok with that?" Asked Gin. "Because I know you can get competitive and might not be happy missing out on the final.“ *** GintasticNecat writes the Science of a Legacy. She left on day 2 with a score of 29. Joining her on the sofa are Denise (Avidreader2466) writer of the Puritanical Green Thumb and Grafted Roots Legacies and Lea {tlhs0) author of the Barsoom Legacy.
  103. 103. "Well it is true I wouldn't mind being more than friends with him, but then again who wouldn't?" Replied Jessica. We all gave this some thought. She had a point.
  104. 104. "I can't believe we have only one more day here in Riverblossom Hills." Said Michelle, breaking the silence.
  105. 105. "I know." Replied Cee. "It has gone so quickly."
  106. 106. "Yes, and this time tomorrow we will know who Theo wants to get to know better, and perhaps in a romantic way, when he returns home." Said Denise. "I know, isn't it exciting?" Asked Gin. *** I agree with Gin that it is pretty exciting, but you will have to wait a bit longer I'm afraid. Thank you all for reading, I hope that you have enjoyed it. As always thanks goes to the wonderful creators of my CC, especially Judie at All-About-Style and the everyone at MTS2. My game wouldn't look the same without your work. Thanks also to the authors who have allowed me to pinch their simselves, especially those of you who volunteered for this challenge. Join me soon to find out who wins. =>
  107. 107. Don't you just love stalkercam?