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The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 15


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The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 15

  1. 1. 17th February 2008 Helloooo! Long time no update, I know. Hopefully this nice little two parter (which is now in one part) will make it up to you! But anyway, welcome to the Science of a Legacy, where last time after some difficulties Generation Five made an appearance! That'll do for an update, if you're unfamiliar with this Legacy I'd suggest going and reading the past chapters - we've come a long, long way baby. But when you've done that, arrow! That way! Go!
  2. 2. We'll start our little journey at The Nest, home of Generation Four spare/Shrew Arvicanthis, and his expectant wife Mallory. Along with his older brother Meloti and daughter Winifred of course. "This is so Shrew Maid Mallory! There's a little shrewlet just waiting to come out and say hello! I do hope it isn't green like Fred though.. Are shrewlets green in the forest Maid Mallory, are they are they?" "*sigh* Arvi, I've told you ten thousand times, I'm not that kind of maid! But don't worry, I'm sure our baby won't be green like Meloti's. That was er, under very different circumstances.."
  3. 3. And speaking of Meloti and Fred, it was time for her Birthday! Meloti had done a wonderful job of taking care of Fred as a baby and was thrilled to be able to get started on all the things he could teach her about the world as a toddler. "I'll extinguish the flames for you my dear, and then we shall have the spin of wonder!"
  4. 4. And didn't she spin out lovely? Her eyes are slightly slanted in an oh-so-sweet way, and she has elf ears! No idea why. I'm not a zomgs fan of them, but I think they look awesome on her. Straight away Meloti fetched Smart Milk for his alien daughter, there could be no time to waste when there was learning to be done! Must be a bit stressful for a toddler actually, having a Knowledge Sim as their only parent.. Every toddler wants the odd day when they can just sit in the dog bowl. Oh, and she's a Gemini 6/9/10/2/8 so will run around naked looking for hugs, aww.
  5. 5. A couple of days later, Meloti approached his younger brother after having reached a brave decision. "Arvicanthis, I know we've always been in everything together, including when things weren't too great with either Allozyme or Menidia, but.. I think the time has come that we go our separate ways. Winifred's growing up and you and Mallory have a child on the way, our little families are growing! So I've bought a house. Of my own." "B-b-but shrew! Meloti, you can't GO! What will I dooo? And you'll be so far away! And and and nooo!" "Calm down! I've bought the house next door, we'll be just as close as always. Plus, I told Gin there was a reason I couldn't be heir and it's high time I acted on it!" "Will this be shrew?" "*chuckled* Don't worry Arvi, it'll be so Shrew you won't believe."
  6. 6. And that very afternoon, Arvicanthis helped Meloti move his and Fred's belongings into the house next door. Once he saw how happy they looked, Arvi felt that his older brother probably was making the right decision and left the father and daughter to settle in, for a shrewtastic date with Mallory. Meloti tickled Fred and she giggled happily, and he his inquisitive eyes lit up as they always did. "Oh my stars little girl, I do believe we're going to do rather well here.." He settled her down to sleep, and decided to call up an old friend..
  7. 7. It didn't even take Styx five minutes to arrive, she'd been expecting Meloti's call for a few days now. "Meloti, the new house looks wonderful! Arvi didn't mind too much about you moving out? Gosh, you two have been together so long.. But you certainly look happy enough!"
  8. 8. "Couldn't possibly be due to the present company, perhaps? But I think Arvi will be fine, he needs to focus on Mallory and their up-coming child. So how about a dance, for old time's sake?" So, you may be wondering why Meloti and StyxLady here, writer of Just Another Legacy, are so chummy? Well, it does actually go back a long way..
  9. 9. It all began on the steps on Shrimp Shack, as all good things often do. I'd asked the SimSelves to drop in on the kids every now and again after Allozyme had cowplanted Matthew Hart, just to check they were all still doing ok. Styx seemed to enjoy stopping by more than most, and her visits became frequent and more frequent.. Meloti seems fine with it, and their friendship continued after G4 had graduated..
  10. 10. .. And became something much more! With Arvicanthis and Mallory busy dating 24/7, Meloti had more than enough time to kindle his budding relationship with StyxLady and it wasn't long before he called her up most every day! Not that she minded, of course.
  11. 11. And certainly not long before they fell in love, over a slow dance. Which coming back to the present day, again lead to a big milestone..
  12. 12. His eyes shining, Meloti pulled a box out from his pocket, where it had already been for several months, and right there and then in the middle of the living room, proposed. "My darling, I'm so sorry I had to keep our relationship a secret, but now that everyone is happy and settled, we may finally be together! Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?"
  13. 13. "YEEEEEEEEES!!!" Goodo! I think on that note it's time to check back over with the main Legacy House, to see how things are progressing..
  14. 14. With the birth of miracle child Ara, the Tegenaria Family were in high spirits. The recently passed Family dog, Parsimony, foretold that Ara's birth should not have been, but his warning was for the meantime forgotten as Generation Three heiress Saeva was already so excited about all her incoming Grandchildren. "Oh Seany! Isn't it just wonderful? The little pitter patter of tiny feet around again? I know there are only three at the moment, Winifred, Norris, and Ara, but I just can't wait for more! How many will we get do you think? 10? 20?" "Ah, my only true love, don't get ahead of yourself! Our daughter has been through a huge ordeal for just one child, anymore would be a blessing indeed but don't rush her." "Babies?"
  15. 15. Grumbling to herself, Saeva wandered up to the already decorated yet still empty, children's room. Well, almost empty. "Well I suppose Seany's right, but that doesn't mean I can't hope. And to ease her burden, so Menidia and Ocean can try for some more Grandchildren, I think I shall give them this gift I have been working on!"
  16. 16. *buzz* *crank* And the Servo sprang to life right in front of her! "Salutations! My name be-ith Molecule, how may I serveth thee, thy Ladyship?" "Oh my! Well er, can you help my daughter? Her need to have another child is great and so it would be er, 'good-eth' of you to help around the home so she doesn't have to as much.. You know, protect her from harm and so on." "Ah, a noble quest! I shall not fail thee, thy Ladyship, and the youngest maiden shall bear fruit again soon!"
  17. 17. Things weren't going as well for others in the house.. Menidia's husband, Ocean, had been fired from his job as an Exorcist. But then again, Saeva would probably consider this a great thing, as he was not permanently at home to woohoo his wife. "Well I was just trying to fill in time until the Criminal track shows up! And who knew ghosts are attracted to bubbles, not repelled?"
  18. 18. Menidia was not the best mother in the world, to put it lightly, but still loved little Ara for the miracle that she was. "I still don't know if it's weird that my oldest brother put you in my belly, but I'm very glad for it. I think that for once Parsi may have been wrong.. Of course you're meant to be, Ara!" "*hic*"
  19. 19. "Hello Mr. Garden Club Man! I've spent a ridiculous amount of money on useless tat and plants and trees for our garden as well as adding a greenhouse, because I really really want a wishing well before I die! So, what do you think?" "You could do with extending the size of your garden, or adding more decorative touches. But it is delightfully clean and bug free!" AAAARGH! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?? *tears hair out and sells back all the useless tat and trees and plants* Did I mention I hate the Garden Club?
  20. 20. Other Legacy-ish things were also underway, and you can see just how thrilled Ocean is with his portrait.. "Oh no! And I always wondered why Legacy writers wouldn't marry me in.. Does my nose really look like that?"
  21. 21. And alas Menidia faired no better.. "Dad! Don't make me look like that! You're supposed to hide my insecurities, not broadcast them!"
  22. 22. Fear not Sean, I know you paint nothing but Masterpieces. He's still just as much of a Knowledge Sim as he ever was, he certainly taught Meloti well! And just to prove that, here he is completing his second LTW, to max all 7 skills. This is also a milestone for me, because I've never had a spouse do this before. So yay Sean! Max all his skills or complete a second LTW, so yay x2!
  23. 23. But much as life is continuing in a normal-for-once vein for the main Family, surprises were never far around the corner.. "You're engaged to my brother? Since when? Who are you?"
  24. 24. "Gin, what exactly is this about?" chorused Menidia, Arvicanthis, Sean and Saeva as we all made our may to Meloti's new pad the next morning. "Dunno, wedding I guess. He certainly didn't tell me about it! But I'm all for formal wear, especially hats. I like hats, I really need that one I wear in A Victorian Legacy.." written by Dicreasy/Di, where bonnets are a-plenty.
  25. 25. But we were all happily surprised to find Styx and Meloti, who we had all been so sure would never wed anyone, crooning at each other underneath an arch. "Oooh, I still remember our first kiss! It was beautiful, out there in secret.." "Not as beautiful as you, my dear."
  26. 26. "I'm so pleased we can finally wed, but you are not only taking me as your family, but also this mess out here.." "Can't wait!" Styx giggled as Meloti slid the long awaited ring onto her finger.
  27. 27. Everyone who made it out to watch the ceremony cheered and applauded, Tegenarias and Simselves alike. Along with the maid, a random-passer by and a wolf. But even of those present inside and outside the house, Meloti's youngest brother, Allozyme was notabley absent. Deep down Meloti appeared to still not have forgiven him for murdering, but was playing it down for everyone else's sakes.
  28. 28. I looked at my friend and could see she happy she was to be married, Styx is a Family Sim after all. She asked me to marry Meloti way back when, and is the reason that he couldn't have become heir should Menidia have been unable to conceive. I couldn't bear to break them up! And now that's all over they can finally be together now the Legacy is safe, aww.
  29. 29. Everyone was thrilled for them, including Di and Arvicanthis as the some of the only guests to make it to the ceremony. "This is so SHREW! Now I can see why he needed his own place, there can only be so much Shrew-hoo under one roof!" "..That's very disturbing, have you people never heard of try for baby only? Such values indeed.. Never would I let a Sim of mine do such things! Unless they had a really nice hat." Di replied to the Shrew.
  30. 30. Right then oh guessers of the cake shoving.. Arvicanthis didn't shove cake I seem to remember. Meloti, who he is technically a clone of, does. Confused? Me too. Or maybe, this is actual proof that it is random? Anyway, hope you like cake, Styx! It's delightfully bug free.
  31. 31. Some of the other Simselves are apparently not as big fans of weddings.. SimNerd: *BANG BANG CLANG* Circe: "Interesting tune there, Nerd.. I think I'll tip you $100!" SimNerd: "Awesome! I have no Creativity points and this is so much more fun than watching our friend get married!" Circe: "I completely agree! The soil of this pot plant is simply fascinating.. I wonder what minerals it contains?" Circe aka hbcirce writes the Geoglacy and DrSupremeNerd who really needs no introduction in this Legacy writes the Vetinari Dualegacy, where I'm hoping my Simself will one day woohoo Spider Jerusalem, not Gilbert Jacques.
  32. 32. Once the ceremony was over and the guests dispersed, Styx found time to get to know her step daughter. "I can't believe I get to look after alien babiez! But don't worry Fred, I'll be a great Mum and love you like my own.. We can even bake cupcakes together! What do you say to that?" "Pseudo-Mummy pretty!" Meh, close enough.
  33. 33. Back at The Nest, Arvicanthis was also making new friends. "You are the biggest Shrew I've ever seen! Ok, you're kind of maybe too big, but still wows! I hope that my shrewlet grows up to be as big and strong as you.." I would love to tell you that Arvi finally got his fur that night, but alas nothing came of it. Leaders of the Pack only ever seem to turn up once for me, I tried to hard with Corvus but it never worked out and he was best friends with about 3 of them! Woes.
  34. 34. But there is no time for wolfing when there are Shrewlets to be born! "Arviii, I think you need to get the shrewlet litter basket.." "Just use a bush, Maid Mallory, like in the forest!"
  35. 35. But luckily neither bush nor basket was required, and Arvicanthis and Mallory's daughter was brought safely into the world! And what did they name her? Nothing less than Vole, of course! She's Mallory's skin tone, red hair and green eyes which is fine by me, she's the first of Generation Five not to have black hair, so huzzah for variety!
  36. 36. And it seems like she wasn't the only one expecting! Menidia was showing all the signs of a second pregnancy, which truly meant that Meloti had broken whatever negative energy surrounded her and Ocean. Though the perception of the Pleasure couple? Er, 'fraid not yet.. "You feeling ok, Meni?" "Dunno, maybe it's too many bubbles.."
  37. 37. But everyone understood what was going on, and the news of her second pregnancy travelled fast. Molecule, still under strict orders from Saeva, was more than ready to congratulate her. "Young damsel, the fruit you soon shall bear is more wondrous than one bard can tell! Pray, let me embrace you for your triumphs.." "Um, no! My Mum may have made you, but we hardly know each other yet! Can I just play with the fish? Please?" SupremeNerd, you are not the only one with a crazy manic hug Servo.. But at least your isn't medieval!
  38. 38. Saeva was more thrilled than anyone with her daughter's state of expectancy, as you'd imagine. But that didn't distract her from loving Ara just as much and was always cuddling her when the opportunity arose. "I don't care what Parsimony said, you're far too perfect to be a mistake.. And I have the Power of the Third for goodness sake! You'll be fine! And the Legacy Orbs, though I haven't seen them since the move, but I'm sure your Granddaddy Sean just hasn't unpacked them yet.." With everything that had been going on since G4 left for university, Saeva had failed to notice that the Orbs had been broken, least of all that it had been done by her youngest son - Allozyme.
  39. 39. However, somebody else had.. Sort of. Vee looked in annoyance at her crystal ball. As a witch, surely she should be able to read these things properly? In annoyance, she kicked the table. "That blasted animal had left permanent dents in this thing! That's the last time I buy European.. I can't tell if the Orbs are broken, or if they're fine and it's just a surface crack! Oh good goat.."
  40. 40. "That twat of a minion just had to go and run off, didn't he? 'You'll fine me if you love me, Mistress Vee' pfft, as if. I have to know more about the Orb situation, and I've heard fom the ghosts that there's something dodgy about this new birth. Well, that can only play to my advantage, surely?" She kicked he table again and let out a growl. "But first I'm going to need a new sodding ball.. And I've got to destroy that Bertie and his mutt, but at least I know where that murderer is. I'm still sure he'll come in handy some day. It's been years since I've been up to anything really evil!"
  41. 41. Ocean had never known about the Orbs, so was oblivious to the potential danger and merely concerned with his infant daughter. "I didn't think there could be any greater Pleasure than lighting a fire with your Mother, but you're just such a sweet little thing! As long as you follow this Family and not the Tricou's, I have a feeling you'll be just fine, little Ara. Now it's time to wake up, it's your birthday today!"
  42. 42. And so it was! Except Menidia didn't quite make it there in time.. But y'know, she's by a cake - it counts! "I've always wondered why one simple twirl can add so many years.." postulated Sean, as everyone had gathered around to watch Ara's Birthday.
  43. 43. And look at her! I have a feeling she may resemble Ocean quite a bit, I didn't download his younger face templates because I forgot like a silly fish, but at least to me Ara doesn't seem to look much like Menidia, except for her colouring. I'm pretty sure that's not her nose. But Ara's a Sagittarius 2/3/10/7/10 so the first Sim I've had to be as nice as Corvus! Now there's a lot to live up to. But she'll try, by juggling kittens whilst running with a skate board.
  44. 44. "Brilliant, so my daughter managed to toddlerfy without killing anyone - can I throw a party yet?" "Ah young Damsel, that may not be such a wise foray in such a fragile state as thy be. May I suggest a light refreshing tea gathering, if it is not too bold of me?" "Oh now that's a nice idea Menidia! Why don't you invite your brothers over and bake some cakes for them?" "But.. but.. I want to throw a party and light a fire and play with the fish! And then blow bubbles."
  45. 45. But her father won her round, and that afternoon all of the four siblings were seated around the dining table, their first proper reunion since LFT. "Oh this is so Shrew! Meloti I've missed you so much.. And you Meni! And even you little bro!" Arvicanthis happily squealed the minute they were all seated. "And I hear there's cake?" "Yeah, it's baking in the oven.." Menidia sighed, just because she was shy, didn't mean she felt like a traditional domestic goddess. "Is it grasshopper and adder per chance?" "I hardly think so.." retorted Allozyme, "unless that helps with pregnancy? Meloti? You sure you don't need my help to make sure Meni's ok this time? I mean, I am Captain Hero after all now!"
  46. 46. "You are?!" chorus Menidia and Arvicanthis excitedly before Meloti had a chance to speak, and stared at their brother. "Well duh, you morons! I need a set a good example for Norris, and now I really can protect everyone! I'm a true hero now."
  47. 47. "Well that remains to be seen, Allozyme." Meloti said quietly. "Oh come on, Meloti! We've all grown up a lot since university, don't you think it's time you moved on? If you want to set a good example to your children, you'd see-" "When it comes to raising my daughter, I really don't think I need your help. I pity your son as it is! You and that Lisa woman raising him, I shudder to think what he'll turn out like."
  48. 48. Ignoring his oldest brother, Allozyme turned the conversation of children towards his other siblings. "..and as they grow up, they'll all be best friends, won't they? Norris and Fred and Ara, as well as yours and Mallory's baby!" "Oh that would be just Shrewtastic! A little pack of shrewlets, all foraging for berries together.." Allozyme smiled. "You know Meni? I hate to say it, but I think Parsi was wrong. It's so lovely to have Ara in our lives, isn't it? Obviously, none of your kids will be as good as Norris and any other kids Lisa and I have, which will be at least 4 more, but I can come and babysit them if you like, to teach them the ways of hero-ism." Meloti growled at his youngest brother yet again. "I'm not letting you anywhere near my daughter, Allozyme. I told you, I will never forget what you did!"
  49. 49. "I still don't see why you can't just put all of that in the past, Meloti, for the sake of our children. They deserve to be friends, even if we can't. Not that I mind when it comes to you, heh.. But I really can save the world now, so I'm not going to listen to your griping." He sighed and looked at his sister. "Meni, are those cakes ready yet? "Er, I think so.. But I don't want to get up. Molecule!" she cried, "Wherefore art thou Molecule?"
  50. 50. Uh oh. Turns out Menidia really isn't the best baker in Strangetown.. A small fire had broken out on the stove, but it was nothing that couldn't be sorted with a simple extinguisher. "Uh.. Molecule?! Seriously, where are you!" Menidia yelled from the table. But before the Servo could reach the burning cakes, the entire stove caught on fire and the whole household started shouting and panicking.
  51. 51. "Oh good gracious! This is a disaster.. I must follow my Ladyship's orders, the damsel with child must be protected above all others!" and he ran towards the dining room to find Menidia.
  52. 52. The boys all rushed outside blind with panic, along with Saeva, Sean and Ocean, but Menidia remained behind for a moment longer than the others. "Ara!" Menidia was yelling as loudly as she could, "Ara, where are you? Oh my goat, I don't know where she is.. I left her crawling around so she could meet her uncles and now where is she.. Ara! ARA!" But her toddler's crying couldn't be heard over the now deafening roar of flames coming from the kitchen. It was then that Molecule found Menidia.
  53. 53. He bundled her towards the door, ignoring her persistent cries, as he was dead set of following the orders Saeva had given him: protect Menidia above all others. "Young Maiden! We must leave at once, the cargo thy carry is too precious to be lost! I must remove you from this castle, post haste." "No, you can't! Go find Ara, I order you to find my daughter! She's more important, now go!" "I have my orders from My Ladyship, it is thee I must save. I am bound by my orders from her."
  54. 54. "No, you can't!" the heiress fell begging to her knees and pleaded with the Servo. "Save Ara.." But her cries fell on deaf ears and Molecule bundled her out the door without another word, which he then locked behind them.
  55. 55. Outside, everyone was in a state of utter distress. "Oh Shrew oh Shrew! What are we going to do, what are we going to DO?" Arvi leapt around in fear, as the flames spread around the house, not visible from all the windows. "The little shrewlet! Oh Shrew, I just didn't think! Why didn't we think?"
  56. 56. "Ocean, OCEAN! He locked out daughter inside, he locked our daughter inside with the fire! Go get her, go get her!" Menidia ran straight up to her husband when she saw that the way back in was barred. Ocean turned and glared at the Servo, his eyes shining with rage. But before he could say a word the Servo once again repeated his orders. "I must keep your wife safeth, her burden is most precious." "But what about the child we already HAVE!" the couple bellowed.
  57. 57. "Yes, this is my chance to prove myself!" Allozyme whispered. Clearing his throat, he spoke in a commanding Captain Hero-esque voice: "Fear not Family! For I shall save her! I am the protector of all, especially when it comes to this Family!" and he sped off towards the house, crashing through a window.
  58. 58. Menidia was in tears, but Meloti was quickly with her. "*sniff* Do you think he'll find her? That he can save her? My daughter, Meloti! After all we went through to bring her into this world.." "Much as I hate to admit it Meni, I have faith that Allozyme will come through on this one. He knows what he's doing is right, and he won't let you down because he loves you. He'll find Ara, I'm sure of it." Meloti really hoped that he was right about his brother, because much as he didn't want to let the others know, he knew Allozyme was Ara's only hope.
  59. 59. Inside the house, the smoke was thick and much of the kitchen already demolished in the flames. It was hard to breathe, but seeing her bottle on the floor, Allozyme knew Ara wasn't far away from the flames so doubled his search efforts. "Ara?" he choked, "*cough* Ara? *cough*"
  60. 60. Allozyme heard a small cry coming from a space next to the fridge, where the flames had not yet been able to reach, and found his terrified niece. He scooped Ara up in his arms and began to carry her to the other side of the house where it was safer, as they were still unable to get outside while the flames raged.
  61. 61. He set her down and she appeared to be unscathed, not even particularly shaken from the whole experience. "Unkey Allo read story? Birdy stories!" Allozyme smiled "Soon my little pet, soon!" and knew his niece was safe in the nursey, and how relieved his sister would be outside. So he set off back to the kitchen to extinguish the flames so it was safe for her and the rest of the Family to come inside and be re-untied with little Ara.
  62. 62. But in the little time it had taken to reach safety with Ara, the flames had grown yet stronger. But Allozyme was Captain Hero, who was he to turn down a challenge? So bravely he strode towards the flame, brandishing the extinguisher like a lethal weapon. "Prepare to eat foam, flamey boys!" he cried, "You are no match for Captain Hero, the greatest protector of them all, haha!"
  63. 63. But as the flames grew even higher, they quickly spread all around Allozyme. He was trapped, and determined as he was to protect his Family, he knew he couldn't just talk his way out of this one. The heat was intense, but Allozyme put on a brave face - who was he to not go down fighting?
  64. 64. But it wasn't enough. In a few minutes Allozyme was gone, nothing left but ashes as the flames began to die down. Whether he survived it or not, he'd managed to save his Family, their youngest member, and their home.
  66. 66. Because the flames had died, Molecule allowed the front door to be open, and after checking that Ara was safe, the entire Family rushed into the kitchen only to be confronted with Grim. Tears sprang from all eyes and the incessant howling began. "No, not again.." Saeva whispered. "It was not his time! You took my sister, you're not taking my son as well." "WELL THAT'S NOT MY FAULT! HE SHOULDN'T HAVE TRIED TO PLAY HERO NOW, SHOULD HE?"
  67. 67. "But he WAS a hero!" Menidia sniffed, "he saved Ara, when no one else could.. *hiccup* I loved him so much, and he's dead because of it.. If it wasn't for us then, th-th-then.. Oh Allozyme!" and she descended into uncontrollable floods of tears for her fallen brother.
  68. 68. Meloti however, remained outside to gather his thoughts before facing the scene indoors. But he was confronted with a rather disgruntled fire-fighter. "You want to charge me for a prank call! How dare you! After what has just happened? We just lost a Family member! And.. and he died a hero's death. My brother was a hero, now get out of my sight before I take you to my lab." and then broke down in tears, because through it all Meloti loved his brother and knew what'd he'd done this day was righteous and brave. Needless to say, the fireman hurried off rather quickly without a fine - this was clearly something he didn't want to be part of.
  69. 69. "Mummy! Where's Unke Allo? He said he's read me a birdie story.. He cuddled me and now he's gone! Where is he Mummy?" "Ara, I-I.. He's gone away, but we still have each other ok? Daddy will read you a story, Mummy needs to go lie down. This isn't your fault Ara! ..I don't think."
  70. 70. Oh my goodness, I think we should leave the Main House while they piece themselves back together. And onto happier things! Though they had only been married for a short while, it wasn't long before Styx found out that she was pregnant. "Oh squee! This is so exciting, my first real baby.. Meloti'll be so pleased that he doesn't have to carry it this time, hehe!"
  71. 71. Styx didn't seem to be the only one expecting again. Arvicanthis had returned home, and was immediately consoled by having his own Family around him, and a big slab of slug tart. But Mallory was exhausted and on three bowls of chilli a day, which could only mean one thing - more shrewlets! "Mhum? It's what now dear? Um.. yes? That's very nice. Ok, ok, I'm coming, I'm coming.."
  72. 72. "It's Vole's Birthday Maid Mallory! Wake up, look excited! I baked a moth cake specially for her, I do hope she likes it.." "If I cheer may I be excused some?" "Oh, I suppose, the more for Vole!" "Then YAAAAY VOOOLE!"
  73. 73. Is that a Repens nose I see there? Oh I do hope so.. Ahem. Vole is an Aries 6/10/6/2/8 so will be finger gunning with a giant grin, whilst studying from a book in her other hand. "You know what you are Vole, don't you? Don't let your name fool you.." "Shrew?" "That's my girl."
  74. 74. Weeks had passed since the fire, and life was getting back to normal for the Tegenarias. But most of the Family were unable to look at Ara without being reminded of Allozyme's death, which meant that she fell under the primary care of Ocean and Molecule. Walking was a breeze, and Ara was soon toddling around as fast as her little legs would carry her. "Who's Daddy's little fish then? One day I shall teach you to swim now you can walk, and then you can be a master of the ways just like me and your Mummy!"
  75. 75. Ocean had thrown himself into parenting so much, that he couldn't wait for the arrival of his and Menidia's next child and so got very excited whenever anyone mentioned the word 'baby'. This thrilled Saeva no end, but she was unable to tempt him to use the Renu-U Orb to convert to the ways of Family. Despite his Mother-in-Law, Ocean made sure his wife know how happy he was. "It's all going to be worth it Meni, all of it! Ara's such a sweet little thing, I can't wait to meet the new little tadpole wiggling inside" "Ocean, please don't use metaphors like that- even Arvi's not that dodgy!"
  76. 76. But despite his happiness, Ocean still felt unsettled by the continuing woe of his Family. He watched Sean cry whilst feeding the dogs.
  77. 77. He watched Saeva cry as she ate her cheesecake. And he didn't like it one bit.. He was glad that Allozyme had saved Ara, but didn't like the disaster that it had left behind. He decided the time had come to actually do something about it!
  78. 78. So as usual, he thought the best place to talk to Menidia about it over a good bubble blowing session, perhaps followed by a dream date or two. "Say Meni, fancy hitting the Lulu Lounge tonight? Take your mind of things round here? I know there's a two for once special of pina coladas!"
  79. 79. "Ocean! I'm pregnant.. And I don't think I can face going out, what if something happens? I don't want any more death.." "Oh Meni, don't cry any more, please. I'm here! And we're going to have a baby soon!"
  80. 80. "I know, and that's lovely, but I just miss Allozyme so much! I think about him all the time, he was my big brother.. Ok, he didn't always do things for the right reason, but this time he did and he's gone because of it! I just wish I could tell him how grateful I am for what he did." "Men.."
  81. 81. "I wasn't sure whether to give you this, but I can't bear to see you or your parents so sad. I love you and promised to always make you happy, so I'm going to try my little fishie! This is a receiver, the corresponding phone is at the bottom of the garden. Why don't you try placing a call?" "Did you get this from your time in Paranormal? I don't know what to say, I don't know if I believe in this, but right now anything's worth a shot."
  82. 82. And so the heavily pregnant Menidia paid a trip to the part of the lot where all her ancestors were laid to rest. Now her own portrait was placed along side them she shivered, she really didn't like the shadow of death looming over her like that.. Allozyme's picture hadn't been added yet, and Menidia really hoped that it wouldn't have to be.
  83. 83. She connected the receiver and felt it vibrate and start to ring. Tentatively, she answered it.
  85. 85. "IT'S THE GRIM REAPER YOU NUMBSKULL! NOW WHADDYA WANT? MAKE IT QUICK." "Um.." though she'd made much progress, Menidia was shaking as all her old insecurities seemed to come flooding back due to the chilling voice on the line. "'s about my brother. Allozyme Tegenaria? Do you know where he is?" "HE'S RIGHT HERE! DO YOU WANT HIM THEN? PAY UP!" "Er.. H-how much?" "HOWEVER MUCH YOU WANT! NOW JUST GET ON WITH IT, G&TS DON'T POUR THEMSELVES.."
  86. 86. Menidia mumbled a random price off the top of her head and replaced the received, frightened yet excited - she was going to have her brother back! She hoped.
  87. 87. A cloud began to appear and Menidia just couldn't contain her excitement. "Allozyme! Allo, where are you!"
  88. 88. "Eep! It's me Allozyme, Menidia! It's Meni, Allo!"
  89. 89. "Oh my goat, Allozyme.. I's really you, you're back! Oh, I've missed you so much, you've no idea.. Allo? Allozyme? Hello? .. It is really you isn't it?"
  90. 90. "Muuuuuhuuhn!"
  91. 91. Menidia looked worriedly at her newly resurrected brother, standing blue as day in the garden. "Oh my trout.. Alllozyme? What's happened! I'm so sorry, this is all m-my fault.. A-a-and Ara, oh thank you for saving Ara! But oh.. my."
  92. 92. But Allozyme shed his little sister, as he had done so many times in the past, and stumbled towards the main house. Past his ancestors who had managed to stay dead!
  93. 93. That night, the ghost of Parsimony appeared! Coincidence? I think not. "No dear Gin, it's not. I did warn them! They defied the laws of nature and brought unnatural life when it was not meant to be, so in balance there must be death. But I didn't see this strange turn of events!" he flapped his ears in excitement, "I'm thrilled young mistress won back the life of youngest master!"
  94. 94. Much as he was thrilled Menidia brought him back, Allozyme knew he couldn't stay with his parents and sister. With another baby on the way there'd simply be no room! And he couldn't wait to see Lisa and little Norris, he knew they would have heard what had happened to him. So that very afternoon he headed home to his little cottage that he had shared with his wife and son.
  95. 95. Making a mental note to not think of such things around his son, Allozyme cheerfully dragged himself up the front stairs - eager to see the delighted look on his wife's face at his return. Without hesitation, he knocked on the door, wanting to surprise Lisa.
  96. 96. "Whaddaya want? Oh goat, what is that dreadful smell?" Lisa screeched as she stormed out the door. "Oh geez, that's all I need! Kids dropping stinking poo bags on my front lawn.. Don't they know who my husband was?! A true hero, that's what.." she growled and began to head inside. "Muuuhiiiuua?"
  97. 97. Slowly Lisa turned around, and caught sight of her new and 'improved' husband. "Allozyme?" she whispered, "What the heck happened to you? You're supposed to be dead!" "Muuuhuummuh! Muuhggthmmm, mmmgurm. Mhim?" "No."
  98. 98. "Muuuhum muhee, 'Mmo'?" "You can't come back here! I don't care if your sister resurrected you, just LOOK at you! You're disgusting, you think I need a rotting corpse on my new couch? What if the neighbours see! You're supposed to be -dead-, you died a hero! I've been getting buckets of respect since. You think I want to give that up for your stench?"
  99. 99. "Get OFF of my front porch, you foul foul toad! NOW!" Lisa was now screaming at a very confused and upset Allozyme. "Muuuurs! Muuurs! Hmuug hfffmug!" "I don't care if it's Norris' Birthday, don't you dare think you're ever coming near that child again, do you hear? It's bad enough he's male, I can't have him being corrupted by you any further!"
  100. 100. "Muuuurs! MUUUUURS!" Allozyme was now on the floor, pleading desperately for his son who he didn't like being away from as it was - but never seeing him again? A Family Sim like Allozyme couldn't take such punishment. "Pur-lease." Lisa scoffed, "as if a thing like you could have feelings form a baby. Be gone, vile one!"
  101. 101. And she strode through the door without a backwards glance, locking it tight behind her. Allozyme watched her go, and could barely believe what his wife was doing. His Family had turned its back on him, and left him standing all alone.
  102. 102. He sniffed and tried to wipe away his tears. "Nuuuurds.." And sorrowfully he began to make his way back down the garden path, wondering where he could go now.
  103. 103. "Muhiiiiiin!" "Muh?" Luckily, my Simself happened to be walking past his home and whipped round when she heard what she assumed to be her name called out. "Allozyme? Is that you? What the flying pink flamingo has happened here? Who got their hands on a bone phone without telling me?"
  104. 104. "Muuurh hun huuurn." "No way! Menidia zombifyed you? Awesome! I've never had a zombie before!" "Muuuuiin." "Sorry.. But WOW!"
  105. 105. "Muuuhg meeeeenj muhuhhehoooooo!" and he burst into tears again. "Oh Allo.. I'm so sorry. I can't believe Lisa would do that, Norris needs his Daddy. That's awful, boys without good father figures may grow up hot, but unhappy little reaper-child puppies.." "Muh?" "Oh nothing, nothing.." said my Simself as she quickly crossed her arms over her t-shirt.
  106. 106. "Mi, muuuhim?" "Of course I'll help you! I'll hang around and have a word with Lisa when she comes outside to take the rubbish out. Why don't you scurry along and see if you can stay with Arvicanthis for now?" And a much cheered Zombie stumbled off down the road, convinced it wouldn't be long so he could hold his little son again. And my Simself began the wait.
  107. 107. The sun was setting before Lisa Bauchman finally unlocked her door and ventured into the garden, sure Allozyme had left. What she wasn't expecting was a Simself to spring out of the begonias. "Lisa! So pleased to finally meet you! So you know who I am, right?" "*sigh* You're not one of those Garden Club freaks, are you? Look, I told you - I don't want my bushed pruning, thank you and so goodnight." "No no, I'm Gin. I try and keep the Tegenarias in line. Speaking of, why'd you turn Allozyme away? He's your husband, and you're both so Family orientated, and think of Norris gorwing up without his Dad."
  108. 108. "Well I can't have that thing in my Family now can I? I'd be the laughing stock of Strangetown. Everyone thinks he died a hero's death, the papers have been full of it. Why would I want to ruin that by saying 'Oh no wait, stop the presents and flowers - he's actually not dead, but a vile blue corpse instead!" Lisa spoke with extreme conviction, she really didn't want to let Allozyme back through her door. "But.. Bu.. Norris!" "It's bad enough he had to be born the way he was, I don't want to make to worse. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a Birthday to take care of *sigh* I never should have married Allozyme in the first place, he's been nothing but a disappointment." And once again, Lisa strode into her home, leaving my Simself standing and stammering on the lawn.
  109. 109. "Oh great, it looks like a trout. This is all Allozyme's doing.." she muttered, and dumped Norris in his crib before the sparklies had even finished falling. Lisa wanted to become the Education Minister for Strangetown, and had a lot of work to do before the weekend was over. That didn't exactly leave a lot of time for toddler care. But because I'm sure you care, Norris is a Pisces 7/1/10/2/8 and so even shyer than Menidia. So he'll leave kindly presents for you, but run and hide at top speed in a bush before you get there, so never know they're from him. Good luck to you kid, really.
  110. 110. And he needs it.. Lisa's disappointment in him was even more apparent as a toddler, and he was left alone for as long as possible. So Norris' toddler days were spent mainly looking like this.
  111. 111. Not that Lisa would ever come, no matter how wide he opened that giant mouth of his. Which by the way, I actually think is Lisa. But with his face shape, eyes, hair and maybe nose I think he may look a lot like his Father and Grandmother, which you know I find smexy.
  112. 112. Luckily, Allozyme had been so thrilled when Norris was born, he had invested a great deal of money in his infant son. This meant that Nannies had already been scheduled, toys purchased and potties polished. Not that Norris knew it, but when all these came through, his father's love had saved him from a very nasty toddlerhood indeed.
  113. 113. "Who on Earth is that old bag in my house? Must be a new maid. I must say, the old one didn't make the ornaments sparkle as much as I'd like.." she shrugged and headed off to work. Lisa was heading up the ranks, but not as quickly as she'd like. She was worried the news about Allozyme's resurrection would get out, but was more than happy to milk up the sympathy whilst it lasted.
  114. 114. All this was completely over the head of young Norris, he was just happy to be fed, cuddled, and lick the rabbit head a bit.
  115. 115. Allozyme had also recruited some of his old friends to help keep an eye on Norris and report back whilst Lisa was out. Don't know about you, but I feel I may have the same reaction if it were a llama that'd taught me to talk. "Norris, can you say 'voo gerbits'?" "Moo turbits?"
  116. 116. And who knows how being taught to talk like this would turn out! Servos, better or worse language teachers? Erm, I guess only time will tell. "Ara my sweet, can thee say 'bleep-eth'?" "Bweeeeep!"
  117. 117. But back to the misfortunes of Norris' newly Zombifyed father. Taking my advice, he swiftly headed down the road to see if he could crash at The Nest. "Oh my SHREW! What's the shrew happened? Shrew? SHREW!" "Muuuuuuhumm 'hmmyreww' hhugmm!" "Sorry bro, sorry. I'll try and cut down. But whoa!"
  118. 118. "Muuhjjm kkuuuhmf muuuhgggum?" "You want to stay here? With me? Oh shrew, you know I'd love to help Allo, but.. There's already me and Maid Mallory and Vole and a new shrewlet on the way. Vole's going to grow up any day now, and Mallory's about to produce a second litter. I just don't think it's a good idea right now. Sorry, bro." "Mmhhmmm."
  119. 119. Back at the Main Legacy House, Molecule felt it was time he talk to Menidia about the day of the fire. "Dearest Damsel, I am truly sorry about the fate of thy dearest brother on the fateful day of flame. I followed my first thought, and did not rack-eth my brains to think of an alternative solution for thee. For which I be truly sorrowful." "Thank you for that, Molecule. But in future, the kids always come first, ok? Except for after bubbles and fish. But Allozyme's still alive, sort of, so it's all ok." "Blessings be to you, sweet Dame! Now I shall preparest some cake of cheese for thee!"
  120. 120. Luckily , Menidia had been feeling too queasy for cheesecake and headed upstairs for a nap. But it didn't last for long, and her second baby decided that now was the best time to come and meet the world! "Give me my bubbles, NOW!"
  121. 121. But Menidia got through it without them, and was pleased as punch to meet little Gadus. Of all the Sims in this Legacy to give birth, I think Menidia always looks the most pleased to finally see her children! And this little boy was no exception. You can't see it from here, but Gadus has blonde hair and green eyes just like Ocean. I suck at skin tones as I say, but maybe one? Anyway, Gadus is part of the Latin name for the Northern Cod, a name Ocean decided would be very fitting. Due to increased fishing in the cod's feeding grounds, they are maturing earlier when they're smaller, leading to even more fishing to make up weight which is ARGH a vicious cycle which means ARGH probable extinction. The plight of the cod makes me so sad..
  122. 122. Not that everyone else isn't pleased, mind! "Ah, yet another grandchild! He is such a little wonderball of fluff! The love of my life will be so thrilled, but alas she is still sleeping."
  123. 123. Yes, Saeva was deeply asleep. Apparently what had happened to Allozyme had brought up some old painful memories for her..
  124. 124. "Oh no way. NO WAY! Is what they're saying on true? Allozyme Tegenaria a zombie? Oh this is too good, way too good! I didn't even need to kill the twit, he did it himself for me! And now he's alone and rejected? HA! That'll teach him for a while. And if he dare cheer up? Well, the media will be all over him! I'll know exactly where he is, and he'll be so vulnerable he'll be just dying for my help!" Vee couldn't help but showing a rare smile. He'd sworn revenge when Allozyme turned her down for her quest to overturn the Family, and caused Bertie to run away.
  125. 125. "If that boy is a zombie.. Maybe that would be a good turn of events for Bertie! If I can do that to him, there's no way his Family will ever take him back! Not that I think they will now anyway, but I must admit.. It may be best to cover my bases after what happened last time. I have to find him, much as it pains me to bother.."
  126. 126. "It was buy one get one free of TrackerFlies, I do love a bargain, so let's see if these things actually work.."
  127. 127. "FLY MY PRETTIES, FLY!" And the modified butterflies spread out around the desert, ready to activate if they found hair or hide of Bertie and Waffles.
  128. 128. A long way out of town, the two renegades were relaxing in the desert rain, exhausted from walking for days. "You know Waffles? Maybe this is the life for us, you know? No one telling us what to do, who to bribe, or being made to sleep in a shack!" Yeah, and also no one to feed u.. thought Waffles. He loved his master, but didn't think that his plan was exactly foolproof.
  129. 129. "Wuuf! Wuff!" Waffles had seen something, and managed to get Bertie at least sitting up, even if not looking in the right direction. "What is it Waffles? I told you, we're not going to Daddy's yet!" "WUFF!"
  130. 130. "Oh no way! Is that a Zombie? Whoa, that's not good.." In the distance they had spotted Allozyme, still just wandering around with tears in his eyes wondering if he'd ever have a home again. Needless to say being this far out, he'd got a little lost. "That's him, isn't it? I bet Mistress Vee did that, she found him Waffles! Oh no, she'll want to do that to us, and you don't look good in blue!" Waffles gulped.
  131. 131. "Time to move on again, I guess.." Bertie sighed as the rain fell heavier. "I'm cold. And wet. I want.. I want my Daddy." Waffles wuffed in agreement excitedly. "Come on boy, let's go home!"
  132. 132. And Bertie bent down the cuddle his beloved companion. But sadly, they were being watched. It hadn't been hard for a group of TrackerFlies to find him, figures kind of stick out in the desert. They began to beep, "We haff found heeem! We haff found heeem! He eees goink hooom.."
  133. 133. The rain clouds had reached Strangetown, and our Zombie had found himself back on the main street. Groaning, Allozyme looked around. Not only was it raining heavily, but he was outside a door he'd vowed never to cross. Sighing, he took one last long thought of brains, and staggered inside. There was no way this was going to go well.
  134. 134. He tentatively peeked round the corner of the doorframe, which alone was out of character for him. Though he wouldn't dare admit it, Allozyme was more than a little frightened of what he was trying to do. "Muuuhummmi?" he ventured.
  135. 135. Meloti entered the room and let out a shriek! This caught Allozyme off guard, and in his shaky state screamed right back at his eldest brother.
  136. 136. "Oh my stars! Allozyme, what's gone on with you? You're back, you're really back! But you're a ZOMBIE!" "Hum, mhh upgnmm num." "Well yes, I suppose you would have gotten that by now.. But what are you doing here in my living room?"
  137. 137. Allozyme tried to hold it in, but couldn't control himself and broke down yet again as he began to recount what seemed for the millionth time, his tale since resurrection. ".. hum num!" "Help you? But you can't live here, you know that. I told you before and I'll tell you again, I will never forget that you are a murderer or let you anywhere near my children."
  138. 138. And the two brothers fell back into the very same argument that caused them to miss the very fire that killed Allozyme in the first place. Allozyme wanted Meloti for forget and move on, whilst Meloti didn't want to let go of his grudge against his brother. They continued on for about half an hour, with Allozyme declaring he could help and Meloti throwing excuses as to why not right back. But eventually, the argument had to end one way or another and Meloti threw his hands up in the air. "Fine, FINE!"
  139. 139. "You can stay. I'm not going to pretend I'm not proud of what you did for Meni and Ara, because I am. But I'll be keeping an eye on you, Allozyme. Plus," he giggled, "I've never been able to study a Zombie before!"
  140. 140. "Muuuuuhumeeee!" Allozyme groaned in a way of thanks, and embraced his brother. "Do you know," Meloti ventured, "I can't remember the last time we did this.. Brother."
  141. 141. Allozyme happily stumbled off towards the shower, after all it had been several minutes since his last one, and left a bemused Meloti dusting himself down in the living room. "Skin flakes, everywhere! We're going to have to invest in a dustbuster. *sigh* I best tell Styx about this, I don't know how she's going to take to her Zombie brother-in-law as a lodger.. But oh my stars, I'm so pleased he's safe."
  142. 142. It wasn't hard to find Styx, since she fell pregnant she spent the majority of time studying cooking, and then trying out every dish she could. It was one hungry little foetus.. "Styxy my dear, I've got um, a slight bit of bad news.." "Oh honey, you're not still sad about Allozyme, are you? I know you've been hiding from your Family how upset you are but you really should let them know as well as me."
  143. 143. "He's alive." "Oh he is? That's fantastic news! You must be so pleased! Oh, I bet Lisa and Norris are to have him back. "No, he's been made a Zombie, my love. And he's going to stay with us now, he has nowhere else to go. But please.. Don't tell him how depressed I was since him death, I'd die of he knew." "Oh you brothers.. But ok, just because I love you."
  144. 144. "..and he was go a bit 'RAR' Fred, but don't be scared ok? He's just your Unke Allozyme?" The toddler looked a little unsure as her Father tried to explain their new housemate. "Hum, maybe you'll understand better when you're older. Which is this evening! Oh my stars, it's your Birthday already.. Come on Fred!" and he whisked her downstairs, where Styx was putting the finishing touches to her cake.
  145. 145. "Don't even think about it Allozyme!" "Muuuh.."
  146. 146. But Winifred grew up beautifully, it must be the Zombie-tooting that does it! You heard it here first, kids. I think she's such a lovely looking alien, don't you agree?
  147. 147. "Muuummg. Meew *sniff*" Allozyme was trying to explain to Styx what he'd been through, but she was far more interested in the newest reality tv show to hit Strangetown - Flying With the Pinks: A Day in the Life of a Plastic Flamingo. "Whoo, go Morris, go! But yes dear, don't worry. I'll look after you now. There's a bean casserole in the oven, and I put some cauliflower in to remind you of brains." "Mmmm!"
  148. 148. With everyone happily fed and settled, Meloti's family was just about the hit they hay - when the newest member decided to make an appearance! "Ooo, I bet Meloti didn't have it this hard!"
  149. 149. But it was only a few Moments later when Styx was able to hand Meloti his son, Wesley. He's got Styx's skin tone, but Meloti's black hair and grey eyes. Well if his daughter is Fred, I just had to name is son Wesley!
  150. 150. As with Fred, Meloti's inquisitive eyes scanned his son up and down, before he broke out into a huge grin. "Oh my stars, you're going to learn so much about the world, Wesley. I can't wait to show it to you!" Meloti put his son to bed, and Styx finally went upstairs to get some rest after the long, eventful day.
  151. 151. But Allozyme couldn't sleep. He just looked at Wesley and was reminded of Norris. He choked on tears as he thought of just how much he missed his son.. And wondered if his family was missing him too. Would his son even remember him as he grew up?
  152. 152. Gadus was under no false impressions as to who his Family were. When she awoke the morning after his birth, Saeva spent the whole day with her newest Grandson, constantly cuddling and tickling him. "You certainly look different to any Tegenaria so far!" she chuckled, "but I have no doubt you'll be a true one at heart.." Gadus merely gurgled in agreement.
  153. 153. Still unaware of the trauma she'd put her Family through, Ara was very content to just chew on anything she could get her hands on, oblivious. It was fair to say that life had finally gone back to normal for the Tegenarias, everything was back on track and the whole Family was happy.
  154. 154. Menidia had finally decided to go to work and become perma-plat by becoming a Professional Party Guest. It had been a bit of a long road, with her passion for staying home from work.. Reminds me quite a bit of her Great-Grandfather Atrica. "I still think we should get points for slacking in the Slacker career.."
  155. 155. Ocean has also reached the top of his chosen career, and so become perma-plat as a Criminal Mastermind. He then promptly got the sniffles, aww. Luckily Saeva whipped up some Orange juice for him in a jiffy, in case he infected any of the children. "*sniff* But I rule the Criminal world! Germs should be no match for me.. Atchoo!"
  156. 156. Menidia really does love her daughter, she can break from her bubble and fireplace addictions occasionally. With Allozyme alive, she felt no guilt and happily cuddled her daughter on the morning of her Birthday. "You're nearly big enough to reach the fish tank, Ara! Oh you'll love it, it's so much fun pretending to be one of them, hehe!"
  157. 157. Pasimony's daughter, Lineage, was a firm Family favourite even though she didn't speak as much as her Father. Ara loved nothing more than burying herself in the dog's soft fluffy fur and spreading jam and cake in it. "Oh my, Father really wouldn't have approved of this stickyness.. I really must find a master to brush my moustache!"
  158. 158. The long awaited evening of Ara's birthday finally arrived.. but everyone but Molecule was conspicuously absent. "Don't they like me, dear Bleep-eth?" "Dear heart, there was merely an unfortunate event but hour ago, and your family are now bathing away their filth."
  159. 159. "Thy Mother's adoration for lighting fires on dates got a bit out of hand, and the poor maiden was in a state of terrible fright. She does stutter so when that happens.."
  160. 160. "Luckily, thy Grandmother knew how to handle the situation perfectly well and the flames were vanquished within minutes! However, by then they didn't half stink-eth.."
  161. 161. "Oh wow, that was a great story, Molecule! And hey, I grew up - whooo!" Ara yelled as she flashed her 10 nice point smile, before running of to change.
  162. 162. And her she is, post-makeover! Ocean insisted of painting sea-like images on her eyes, so that she'd always have something of the sea about her. "And Mum taught me how to do a fish impression! See how awesome I am at it already?"
  163. 163. Back at the nest, Vole was growing just as fast as her cousins. Though albeit on a slightly different diet.. "Here you go my little shrewlet! Fresh blackberry and beetle juice, just the way you like it!" "Yaaay, beetle!" *headdesk* Like father like daughter I guess, but I'm not really going to complain. I still whole heartedly believe we all need a bit of Shrew in our lives.
  164. 164. "Oh my god I knooooow! He's a zombie now and everything! But yes SupremeNerd, Arvi and Vole are fine, and I'm expecting any day now. Sigh, I know I know.. Arvi already wants to name the baby ShrewFace, but I'm hoping I can talk him out of it. But yeah, spread the word about Allozyme! Tell the other Simselves, I'm sure Angela, Circe and Di would love it.." ---- As if you didn't already know: DrSupremeNerd - Vetinari Dualegacy Angela aka thepiepers5 - Tha' Simple Life Circe aka hbcirce - Geoglacy Di aka Dicreasy - Victorian Legacy
  165. 165. Before heading the bed, Arvicanthis decided to have a very important talk with his toddler daughter. "Being a Shrew is more than just a name, Vole, it's a way of life. You must think Shrew, be Shrew, all the time! Only then can you totally be so Shrew. You got that, sweety?" "Shrew-ly, Daddy." "That's my girl!" he chuckled as he put Vole to bed.
  166. 166. Just as Arvicanthis was tucking his daughter in, he head his wife shout out from their bed room. "Arvi! Fetch the hot towels and fluffy water!" "Coming Maid Mallory, coming!"
  167. 167. And the second shrewlet was born! "Arvi, do we have to call him ShrewFace?" "Nah, I was talking to Meloti earlier and he said Rutilus would be a good name, because it's a type of Vole. And we can always call him Root if we get confused." Root it is then! I already think he's gorgeous, skin tone 3 like Arvi as well as his black hair, but Mallory's green eyes? I predict hawtness. I can also tell you that this is the last birth of Generation 5, because 7 Sims is quite enough to play through uni and for you to keep up with! So your G5 Crew are in age order: Fred, Norris, Ara, Vole, Gadus, Wesley, and Root. Yaaaay!
  168. 168. "Maid Mallory, you make shrewlets look daym good! Our son puts me in the mood for Shrew- hoo, you know?" "Of for goodness sake Arvi! Let me put Root in his crib first.. Then Shrew-hoo!" Did I mention I love Arvi? I love Arvi. Do you love Arvi? Yes, I know you do.
  169. 169. Vole slept soundly, unaware of the birth of her little brother. She was already dreaming of foraging in bushes and chasing her Father's tail. She is one cute, happy, little shrewlet.
  170. 170. Post Shrew-hoo, Mallory and Arvicanthis were beyond happy. For a Pleasure and Romance couple, they loved having a Family and adored their two little shrewlets. Especially when they were both asleep! "Mm, I'm so happy Arvi.. You know what I want to do now?" "Date with more Shrew-hoo?" "Date with more Shrew-hoo."
  171. 171. The atmosphere was just about the opposite to that in The Nest over at the newly re-named Bauchman residence. Norris was about to grow up, and Lisa was as usual nowhere to be found. So he decided to make a wish to his bear, as she hadn't baked him a Birthday cake. "I wish for cuddles. Lots and lots of cuddles! And to one day try cake."
  172. 172. "Wow! I can cuddle even bigger things now!" he exclaimed happily to the no-one in the house. "I'll see if Mum wants a cuddle when she gets home."
  173. 173. Did she, then? "No.. And I couldn't find any clothes so I have to wear this old costume. But mmmm! Crisps are nearly as good as cake! Probably. Happy Birthday to me." Well I'll say it; Happy Birthday Norris! I promise to try and get you a cake for the next one.
  174. 174. Even though he had missed yet another of his son's birthdays, Allozyme was cheered by the fact that he'd been allowed to keep his job as Captain Hero, so could feel that he was at least still keeping Norris' world safer. He'd also made a friend, and I got my first case of not that distantly related boltage problems! Yay. "I used to know you when you were a tiny baby!" Bubbles giggled, "but you've certainly changed now, hehe! And your Grandma's ok, yeah? I don't get to see her that much anymore with everything you guys have had going on.." "Muuhggum, mmmmk!" "Ehehe, oh you're so funny Allozyme! Say, you don't happen to have ever met my brother, have you..?" "Mm."
  175. 175. Winifred was fascinated by her Uncle, a Meloti had certainly taught her well as she wanted to know everything she could about his condition, as she knew that she too was different. "Pseudo-Mum, do I smell as bad as Uncle Allozyme? I mean, I don't even shower as much as him.. I want to make friends, not have them run away!"
  176. 176. "Oh Fred, no no, it's not like that! Allozyme was given back to us a, er, present, when he'd been taken away. You're just our little Princess!" "Will I get taken away too? Where did he go?" "Er.. Why don't you ask your Father about that one, I need to feed your brother."
  177. 177. So she hunted out Meloti and sat him down on the couch, eager to continue with her questioning. "Dad, am I like Uncle Allozyme? Even a little teeny bit?" "Oh my stars, little Princess! Of course not! You were a magical gift given to me, your Uncle's just a bit strange. You have nothing to worry about."
  178. 178. Meloti cuddled his daughter close and smiled to himself. "For once, I don't think any of us have anything to worry about!" And so finally, this is where I will leave you after this big 'ole two part update! But do the Tegenarias and assorted other Families really have nothing to worry about? Find out next time, obviously! CC thanks to Bitsy for Meloti and Arvi's houses, and many many sites for the rest - notably XM Sims, All About Style, Parsimonious, Nouk and Myos. And loads more! Thanks to everyone who's let me abuse their Simselves, especially Styx for having to smell Allozyme. I pre-ordered Free Time yesterday, just in case it and BV work when I upgrade my RAM! Obviously you'll see by next update, see you then! This has been Gin, writing Legacies instead of CVs.
  179. 179. AHAHAHA! You're not pregnant, you can eat as much bloomin' cheesecake as you want. HA.