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Encore act four, scene one


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Encore act four, scene one

  1. 1. Welcome back to the often silly, usually blue, all SiManiaadmod musical legacy! I, Taube/Roxanne, have the familyagain after Katie’s wonderful turn with them. They are a veryamusing family and a lot of fun to play, although their collegeyears were fairly tame. Anyway, thank you for reading andlet’s get going!Last scene, the last of the six kids –Sandy, Marty, Danny, Viola, Betty, and Tom – aged intoteenagers while their parents Marsha and heir Rolfe enjoyedtheir golden years. The family also includes three dogs:Doody, Putzie, and Frenchy. It looked like the blue skin mighthave died out, as none of the kids got it, but we checked theirgenetics, and amongst the ones carrying the bluerecessively, Marty came out as the clear favorite and thusheiress. With everyone caught up, let’s see what’s going on ...
  2. 2. First things first: sending everyone off to college. Sandy hadonly one day left, so she took all five of her youngersiblings, including heiress Marty, with her to Academie LeTour.
  3. 3. With their pooled money, the Encore kids build a nice classical house andchristen it as Annya Oresha, their new Greek house.
  4. 4. Let’s catch up with all the children. Viola,top left, is a popularity/knowledge sim.Danny is family/grilled cheese. Betty isromance/grilled cheese.
  5. 5. Sandy, top left, is pleasure/fortune .Tom is family/romance . Marty, ourheiress, is romance/knowledge.
  6. 6. Danny and Tom aren’t sticking around though. Annya Oreshawill be a sorority. Anyway, since both the boys are family-oriented, they’re probably eager to get on with their lives.Amusingly (to me at least) is that Tom was fat when I got him. Iknow fat sims drive Katie nuts, so I figured he might have beenthe grilled cheese secondary brother, but nope, that’s Danny.When I looked back at the chapter, the last slide depicts himskinny. I don’t know if it was a glitch or a case of one too manypieces of cake at his birthday party, but Tom’s carrying a bit ofextra weight one way or another. That shouldn’t be a problemfor the taxi, though, so let’s stick with the plan.
  7. 7. With their brothers gone, the girls get started on their schoolwork.However, Marty has some more pressing business to attend to . . .
  8. 8. Namely, finding a husband! Remember, she gets three dates with arandomly-chosen amount of money and has to pick from those. I rolled$426. The matchmaker was thrilled.
  9. 9. And here’s what she gave us for four hundred odd dollars. Lovely.
  10. 10. “Let’s go downtown on our date, Marty! I can’t wait to be seenwith such a pretty girl!”“Um, no downtown. In fact, let’s go inside. Away from pryingeyes. Maybe away from the windows too.”
  11. 11. They fell in love, but they did NOT woohoo. Marty may be a romancesim, but she has standards still. After this date I decided not to haveMarty fall in love with everyone and anyone like usual, so this guyended up being the single other heart in her relationship panel besidesher eventual husband. He should feel proud.
  12. 12. “Listen, I know I can’t pay you much money because some sim controllersreally suck at rolling appropriate numbers, but surely you’ve gotsomething better for me. Maybe try a little harder?”
  13. 13. Technically he is better. She’s got us there, Marty. Marty didn’t evencomplete a full date with this guy but just got him as a contact in casenumber three was ‘special’ too.
  14. 14. “Come on now, I’m serious. I need some good husbandmaterial. Four hundred twenty-six or not, you better conjureup someone worth my time. Or else.”I’d do what she says. That’s one ticked-off looking heiress.
  15. 15. Oh, yes, he will do nicely. Another male maid, but a cute one thistime. But why are you still scowling, Marty?“I’m still mad at her wasting my time with those other two.”That’s behind you now. Because now, your future is: Steven. He’seven a redhead! We scored big time!
  16. 16. With that behind us, college life cancontinue apace. The girls have a bubbleblower prominently placed in themiddle of the great room/kitchen/studyroom/everything downstairs, thanks toSandy the pleasure sim. They makegood use of it. The stereo also sees a lotof action and some of the girls, like Violathere, have obviously never dancedbefore. Betty just wants to make grilledcheese or make out. Either one, really.
  17. 17. When she’s not dancing spastically, Viola is definitely the house mother.She cleans everything autonomously and brings home pizza even whenno one’s hungry. You know, just in case. She’s also the only one whobothers to dress for classes, again autonomously. I wonder if that’sbecause she’s so neat.
  18. 18. Betty can’t eat grilled cheese all the time, so she needs something else tokeep her happy. This guy will do for now.
  19. 19. Sandy spends nearly all of her non-school time on the bubbleblower or the game system. I love her cheering while playing theSims 3. The Sims isn’t really a cheering type of game, is it?Yeah, you socialize with that grandmotherly-looking lady, you wildsimmer, you! Yay!
  20. 20. All of the girls have aspirations that make them difficult to keep happywith just regular college stuff. The other three want relationships ofone sort or another and Sandy just wants to be a pleasure sim. Youknow how that is. But she also needs a prospective mate, and basedon her predilection for blond hair, I picked this guy, Byron, out of thecollege directory pretty much at random. Amazingly, they have threebolts. Sandy has found her one true match, I guess.
  21. 21. Viola has too, but her guy is her professor, Charles. Doesn’t hurt hergrades to have a little one-on-one study session out front either. UnlikeSandy, they only have two bolts, but that’s more than good enough forme.
  22. 22. Meanwhile Marty continues seeing Steven. He’s a family sim so maybenot the best match for a romance girl, but he was definitely the cutestand he and Marty actually have two bolts, probably mostly due to her“Massive Attraction” lifetime reward.
  23. 23. On a date while he desires it and she doesn’t fear it, Steven and Martyget engaged. I love Steven’s coat. He just looks like some gentlemanmillionaire in it. It even has gloves! Classy, right?
  24. 24. “Hey, Mom. Yeah, so I got engaged. You know how that is, since you’reromance yourself. Yeah, he is cute. You’ll like him, but hopefully not toomuch. We don’t want any of that Vermachtnis cross-generationalnastiness in OUR home!”
  25. 25. You know who loves pictures? Sandy does. Sandy looooooovespictures. Of herself, with Byron, whatever.Pictures, pictures, pictures. She ended up with like ten of them inher inventory by the end of college. I’m keeping the girls happy byletting them go on dates, two of the girls per day because that’s all Ican handle, so she has a lot of opportunities to get pictures taken.
  26. 26. When that’s done, Sandy proposes to Byron. They have 3 bolts and arecrazy head-over-heels in love with each other, so it’s no surprise that heaccepts. Now two of the girls are officially paired off.
  27. 27. Thank you for uncovering your bust, Steven. Er, what I mean tosay is, that’s a very shapely bust you’ve bared for us.Actually, maybe I better revise that. Your bust is very nice to lookat.You know what? Nice statue. Done.
  28. 28. After countless hours, Viola is finally a great dancer. Everyone inthe house is. Also, they finally got tile for the kitchen instead ofthe carpet I lazily laid down in the whole room at first. Whoops.
  29. 29. Betty’s date with the previous guy went well, as did this one, but neitherone of them were anything to write home about, and Betty didn’t feelmuch of a spark for either of them. One of her turn-ons was blackhair, which is why she was dating these particular gentlemen, so Ichanged it to brown to see if we could find someone better.
  30. 30. Woohoo! Literally! Betty’s next date, Isaiah, is a real cutie and all toowilling to engage in public woohoo with Betty. This may be the one.
  31. 31. Looks like Betty agrees. Those shorts and socks will definitely haveto go as soon as I get my hands on him.Yep, that’s what you get for this slide instead of a sweetly-writtenromantic proposal dialogue.
  32. 32. Oh my, Byron, your bust looks so big from this angle!
  33. 33. Cell phone madness. The girls befriended their professors overtwo semesters instead of doing any schoolwork. I feel lessguilty about this than I do professor woohoo, but it still seemsslightly unethical.Also, notice Sandy there. “Yeah, and I got a look at his bust!”
  34. 34. Marty already befriended her professors so while her sisters all chat in thesame corner, Marty has to actually write a paper.
  35. 35. You know what you get a lot of in ahouse full of mean girls? Gossip.About poor Bernice, professorCharles, Tom, whoever.
  36. 36. Viola finally proposes to her professor and Charles accepts. Now allthe girls are engaged and all they have to do is graduate college. Notlike that’s a big deal, right?
  37. 37. Steven is very cute. When he eventually came home with Marty, herolled knowledge for his secondary, which makes this look even moreappropriate, in my opinion. I have visions of good-looking, redheaded, hopefully blue little babies in my head at thispoint.
  38. 38. Looks like Marty approves of Steven’s new look. And I just noticedthat he wears gloves in his normal outfit too. Maybe he’s ashamedof his hands? I’m sure they’re just fine, Steven! Don’t be shy on ouraccount!
  39. 39. Just another day at Annya Oresha. While the girls all return froma final at the same time, Viola somehow had time to run forpizza. Did Charles let you out of your final early, Viola?Shame, shame.They celebrate by blowing bubbles, of course. Not even thecheerleader can get their attention when they’re floating.
  40. 40. Yup, more pictures. Sandy must have more pictures!
  41. 41. All three of Marty’s sisters eventuallyget in the zone for gaming due toplaying Sims 3 incessantly during theirwaking hours. I was really getting sick ofthe music from it. Play a little SSX for achange, won’t you?Marty’s interest is primarily in Arts andCrafts because I had her makingsnapdragons. I like a lot of snapdragons.
  42. 42. There are always dates going on at the house. It kept thegirls in a pretty good mood most of the time, and sincethey all have a fiancé they’re in love with, the dates gosmoothly and mostly quickly.
  43. 43. Besides games, Betty hasdeveloped an interest in musicand dance, mostly on her own.I just helped her get to thezone when she wanted it.Otherwise, it was all herdancing. She wanted theviolin, too. Looks like someonehas a musical streak.That’s no excuse for impalingyour sister with your own armwhile dancing, though.
  44. 44. All four girls are in the zone in this picture. Betty is smustling, Violaand Sandy are playing games and ignoring the mascot, and Marty isblogging about art. I just loved that all four happened at the sametime.
  45. 45. Here’s Sandy’s other hobby. This is what happens when she’sleft to her own devices outside.
  46. 46. “Good job on becoming Big on campus, Marty!”“Thanks! We probably should have mentioned that back when ithappened in sophomore year.”“Eh.”
  47. 47. And that’s the final final . . . that Betty couldn’t even bother to dressfor. To tell the truth, probably the only reason Marty is dressed isbecause she had a date that day and I made her get dressed forthat.The girls all graduated with 4.0s.
  48. 48. The three spare girls take turnscalling for a cab. Time to gethome to a new house and afiancé!
  49. 49. Finally, Marty leaves AnnyaOresha for the last time andgrows up out on the sidewalk.Let’s check in with the sparesnow.
  50. 50. Shortly after dropping out of college, Danny got his own place back inVeronaville.
  51. 51. Using the crystal ball, he met and made friends withDaisy, eventually good enough for her to move in and off theisland.
  52. 52. After Daisy had a makeover, they soon fell in love and had theirfirst kiss.
  53. 53. Over grilled cheese (Danny’s favorite), he proposed to Daisy. He looks sonervous! But she said yes.
  54. 54. They had a quiet and dignified wedding in front of their fireplace.
  55. 55. Both Danny and Daisy are family sims, so while they were very happytogether, their family just didn’t feel complete yet.
  56. 56. That changed when they had their son, Gaston.This is a good time to mention that the names I’ll be using this roundcome from The Phantom of the Opera. It doesn’t actually have a lot ofnamed characters (especially girls) so the spares are going to be limited toone pregnancy each, and I got a little creative with some of the names.Gaston Leroux is the author of the original novel, Le Fantôme delOpéra, that the musical is based on.
  57. 57. Gaston grew up doted on by both of his family-oriented parents.Daisy hangs around wanting to play peek-a-boo with him eventhough he is clearly busy.
  58. 58. Gaston grew into a very handsome little guy. He’s definitely got alot of Daisy’s coloring.
  59. 59. However, Gaston is a daddy’s boy. He loves his dad and loves tocuddle with him on the couch. Although they would have loved tohave more if I let them, Danny and Daisy feel that their family is finallywhole.
  60. 60. Poor, fat Tom moved in next door to his brother.
  61. 61. With the aid of the crystal ball, he met and wooed Lilly, who lovedhim whole-heartedly, paunch or no.
  62. 62. After Lilly moved in and got made over, they too had their first kiss.
  63. 63. Tom wanted to be in shape for his wedding, so while knowledge simLilly studied, Tom worked out.
  64. 64. Finally Tom was in fighting shape and ready to make Lilly hisbride.
  65. 65. They had a beautiful wedding amidst a cloud of butterflies . . .
  66. 66. . . . that was photobombed by Patrizio Monty.
  67. 67. Lilly was soon expecting and Tom couldn’t be more excited.
  68. 68. Lilly finally gave birth to a daughter, Daaé (pronounced Die-a).Daaé is the last name of the main character, Christine. I thoughtit could work for a little girl’s name. If the last two generationsare any guide, I figured it may take six sims to get blue and withmy luck, if I used up the girls’ names too soon, they’d be six girls.
  69. 69. Daaé has the Encore eyes. She grew into a lovely little toddlerwho Tom and Lilly loved very much.
  70. 70. And eventually into a pretty little girl. She’s very active and playful soI gave her a “Little Miss Trouble” t-shirt. Daaé is a handful!
  71. 71. And that’s the end for Tom’s story.
  72. 72. Betty moved in down the street from her brothers once shegraduated.
  73. 73. She invited Isaiah over and they wasted no time christeningthe new house.
  74. 74. Time for a wedding, but it looks like Isaiah’s got cold feet. He’s apopularity sim, so what’s wrong?“Well, Betty doesn’t fear it so I thought I would for her.”How . . . thoughtful.
  75. 75. Isaiah and his lady in red had a lovely little wedding right intheir front yard.
  76. 76. Betty carried her love of music home from college, and sheloved to break out her formal wear and serenade Isaiah whilehe studied for promotions. The couple was very happy just theway things were, but these things have a way of changing.
  77. 77. You’re looking a little thick around the middle, Betty. Maybe youshouldn’t drink in your condition.“What condition?”
  78. 78. Pop!“Oh, that one. Guess I’ll just leave these here for later then.”
  79. 79. With a very pregnant belly, Betty still loves to play her violin.
  80. 80. Finally the time comes for Betty to give birth, which Isaiahdecides is a fine time to try out those drinks Betty made a fewdays ago. Pay attention, Isaiah! You have a new child!
  81. 81. “Yay baby! I was paying attention the whole time!”Betty and Isaiah’s daughter is named Debienne, for one of theformer managers of the theater where The Phantom of the Operatakes place. Debienne is the last name of one of the ownerswho, with his partner, sells their share in the possibly hauntedopera house. Again, I thought it could serve as a girl’s name in apinch.
  82. 82. Debienne grew into a very cute little toddler that loved tognaw on her toys.
  83. 83. And eventually a beautiful little girl. Debienne, like her cousin, alsogot the family eyes. That’s a good sign that they’ll turn up in themain family, but it sure would be nice to see some blue somewhere.
  84. 84. Debienne enjoys Betty’s grilled cheese every evening. Although Bettynever planned on being a wife and mother as a romance sim, she’squite content feeding her family grilled cheese for the rest of simeternity.
  85. 85. Owing to the lack of affordable real estate and also because they wereroommates in college, Viola and Sandy moved into the same housetogether.
  86. 86. They invited their significant others over and greeted them appropriately.
  87. 87. Double wedding! These two girls were the only ones of thespares to have witnesses to their wedding. First up is professorCharles and Viola.
  88. 88. Sandy’s ready to fight for her family’s right to get married.Not that that’s necessary, but she’s ready nonetheless.
  89. 89. When she’s done idling, Sandy and Byron tie the knot.
  90. 90. The two couples retired to their respective bedrooms tocelebrate their weddings, but only Sandy and Byron conceivedright away.
  91. 91. Still in the early stages of pregnancy, Sandy got to fulfill a wantshe’d had locked since long ago in college: to get a toy dog! Hersandy-colored little pup is named Doris. That has nothing to dowith Phantom of the Opera. I just felt like naming her Doris.
  92. 92. The boys do some male-bonding out in the driveway. Turns outthese two get along really well and they’re best friends before long.
  93. 93. Byron is a romance sim but he’s still excited and wants the arrival of hisbaby. The outfit Sandy is in looks like it has a pregnancy mesh, but it’sjust the way she’s standing. It’s an H&M outfit that she grew up in and Ithought was cute enough to keep.
  94. 94. He must have patted a little hard, because right after Byron is done touchingSandy’s belly, she gives birth. To twins. One of whom is a girl. Argh.The twins are named Gilles and Giry. Gilles is the boy and Giry the girl. Gillesis one of the new managers of the opera house. Giry is the last name ofMadame Giry, a suspicious caretaker, and her daughter Meg, a ballet dancerand friend of Christine’s.
  95. 95. The twins grew up adorably. It’s funny that their parents’skin and hair tones got swapped on the kids, especially sinceyou’d expect to see blonde on Giry more so than onGilles, but it’s actually from dark-skinned Byron.
  96. 96. Soon after the twins grew up, Viola finally came homepregnant. She had a really rough pregnancy and spent a lotof time relaxing. Gee, I wonder why she’s having so muchtrouble?
  97. 97. While Byron and Sandy hang out in the bathroom (totallynormal, by the way), Viola runs in to announce her impendinglabor.
  98. 98. After giving birth in thebathroom (so sanitary!), Violarushes out to hand off theirbaby to Charles. Uh oh. We allknow what that means.Yep, Viola also had twins. Thesetwo were boys named Andrewand Lloyd.Andrew Lloyd Webber is thecomposer of The Phantom ofthe Opera. According toWikipedia, “It is considered bymany to be the most successfulmusical of all time and is alsothe longest running show inBroadway history.” So good forMr. Webber.
  99. 99. Time passed and both sets of twins grew up. Giry and Gilles loved to play with each other and also with Doris. Poor Doris doesn’t get much time to actually stand on the ground.Andrew and Lloyd areabsolutely adorable with thesame haircuts as their father.They’re actually my favoritesout of all the spares’ kids.
  100. 100. Finally Andrew and Lloyd grow up. That means . . .
  101. 101. Time to play! I love that both sets of twins are playing thesame game, and that the boys have the same speechbubble. Yay for synchronicity.
  102. 102. And that concludes Viola and Sandy’s stories.Both families are very happy, and their littlehouse is full to the brim of noise and love.
  103. 103. Meanwhile . . .“I’m home!”Thanks for reading and check back next time to see what happenswhen Marty returns home! Please stop by SiMania to visit! Ta ta!