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The Beatles; All You Need is Heutagogy


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A description of how The Beatles learnt to be creative musical innovators based on how they learnt to be p) hit recording artists, a) to collaborate with their peers, and h) to invent new forms of music making (playing the studio); and then how it ended when Brian Epstein died and they formed Apple Corps. Using Heutagogy & the PAH! Continuum to analyse the stages of development of their creativity

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The Beatles; All You Need is Heutagogy

  1. 1. All You Need is # UTAGOGY #Learning from
  2. 2. How Changed the World with their #Creativity And how we can #learn from them
  3. 3. John, Paul, George & Ringo Are the worlds biggest selling musical artists
  4. 4. More importantly Rolling Stone Called them “the first self-contained rock band”
  5. 5. In Brasil this is how important… …they think The Beatles are! Why?
  6. 6. because they invented themselves And So Can You! All together now 
  7. 7. Origins
  8. 8. The Beatles were scouse boys Raised in the meritocracy of poverty
  9. 9. Liverpool was a port A provincial, mercantile base for globe-trotting
  10. 10. Facing west; it rained everyday Then Elvis arrived
  11. 11. Lennon skiffled up a group; The Quarrymen; soon Paul & George joined
  12. 12. Hamburg their 10,000 hr playground (but for John, Paul, George & Pete & Stuart)
  13. 13. Brian Epstein signed them And squared the circle with Ringo
  14. 14. 1962-64 Pedagogy
  15. 15. Then George Martin signed them to be hit recording artistes (with an option)
  16. 16. The boys were a band, sang good …harmonies, but couldn’t make hit records
  17. 17. Saved by The Goons!! (& George) but they pleaded Love ME do!
  18. 18. Love ME Do sold 40k over 4 months; George Martin picked up his option
  19. 19. With Please Please Me They invented Mersey Beat (helped by Martin)
  20. 20. “Gentlemen you have your… …first number one record”
  21. 21. Lesson #1 how to make a hit single Mastered! Lesson #2 a hit album (of their live show)
  22. 22. With From Me To You & others They wrote ‘work songs’ to order for the day job
  23. 23. Hit records mastered they went large first they cracked the UK with She Loves You
  24. 24. Then they cracked the USA with I Want to Hold your Hand
  25. 25. With Meet The Beatles They perfected (early period) Merseybeat
  26. 26. Then with Hard Days Night The Beatles became the “self-contained rock band”
  27. 27. 1964-66 Andragogy
  28. 28. By June 1964 the Beatles Had mastered & transformed hit record making
  29. 29. They needed new challenges; #1 Enter Bob Dylan at Delmonicos, New York
  30. 30. The Pop Mop Tops opened No Reply I’m A Loser Baby’s in Black #dylanesque Beatles For Sale with the Lennon Trilogy
  31. 31. Developed those themes on HELP! HELP! Ticket to Ride Yesterday* Where George Martin became “a collaborator”*
  32. 32. Hung “round the clubs” with musician friends, Animals, Moody Blues…
  33. 33. Absorbing contemporary influences Instead of historic ones
  34. 34. #2 Challenged by fellow musicians Rolling Stones – I Cant Get No Satisfaction The Who – My Generation Bob Dylan – Like a Rolling Stone who made ferocious new music during 1965
  35. 35. They became a folk-rock band Drive My Car Norwegian Wood In My Life Adding instruments to embellish Rubber Soul
  36. 36. 1966-67 Heutagogy or Tomorrow Never Knows
  37. 37. By 1966 they’d learnt from pros & peers It was time to experiment with their music…
  38. 38. On Revolver they played the studio Drones, static harmony, sound effects, psychedelic lyrics & more… ‘Mk1’ Beatles said “Tomorrow Never Knows”
  39. 39. Revolver; too original to play live The opening four tracks were; Rock Taxman Classical Eleanor Rigby Psychedelic I’m Only Sleeping Indian Love You Too & The Pope says it is the best rock album of all time so The Beatles became the 1st non-touring studio band
  40. 40. John, Paul George & Ringo Innovation emerges over time; 66/67 preceded by 62/66 Deep Listening; Songs came together in the studio process Build on collaborators ideas John & Paul, George & Ringo worked to “support the song” Meaning comes after ideas; The Beatles “honored mistakes” Surprising Questions emerge; Can you write a hit in 7/4? Innovation is inefficient; Sgt Peppers 5 months in recording Innovation is bottom up; The Beatles pushed EMI staff Operated on Group Genius (Keith Sawyer)
  41. 41. Creativity needs fresh metaphors “Newspaper taxis appear on the shore Waiting to take you away Climb in the back with your head in the clouds And you're gone…” & then they said; All You Need is Love The first live global hit “Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you” They became…Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
  42. 42. But tired of studio-based recording Show me that I'm everywhere, And get me home for tea It’s All Too Much Recorded live in Abbey Road just after Pepper, as The Beatles jammed themselves back into musicians
  43. 43. The Beatles created new problems Having helped set up Monterey Pop & recommended Hendrix McCartney suggested an English Merry Pranksters project. The hired a coach and some actors, toured England, turned up & filmed, and that was the movie… The great I Am the Walrus was filmed in Kent Then re-organised to solve them; Magical Mystery Tour
  44. 44. And then there were just 4 (fab!) Harrison had got the Beatles interested in meditation and they went to an English Bank Holiday weekend retreat in Bangor Whilst away Brian Epstein died from a drug overdose on August 27th 1967 Now The Beatles had to manage themselves But as they adopted meditation their circle was broken
  45. 45. 1968 & 1969 Aftermath
  46. 46. Their Magical Mystery Tour was over they had to become The Beatles all on their own
  47. 47. Inventing the future with Apple Without Epstein The Beatles; Became their own managers & created Apple Corps Apple was to be a musician-run record label In 1968 they worked endlessly releasing the biggest ever selling double album & recording others For recording the White Album they invented an ‘atelier’ “artists studio” style of working Apple was also responsible for launching the careers of Badfinger Mary Hopkin James Taylor, John Taverner & the experimental label Zapple (Wonderwall etc) (as well as later recording…) John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison & Ringo Starr
  48. 48. Lamenting the past with Get Back In 1969, inspired by The Band they planned to Get Back and be a live working band again But the music industry defeated them. They didn’t want a musician-run music label The Beatles were just cash cows. Abbey Road was their swansong; The End Get Back later released as Let It Be After Abbey Road Lennon launched Plastic Ono Band
  49. 49. SURPRISE! Turns out The Beatles were self-determined learners Their career went through Pedagogy, Andragogy and Heutagogy phases as we’ve seen We think this is a also post-Web2.0 model of learning AND we think everyone can be creative too
  50. 50. 21st Century What is Heutagogy?
  51. 51. All You Need is Heutagogy The Beatles had a vision – to become the… Toppermost of the Poppermost First they taught themselves by copying their heroes & playing live Then they realised their vision in 3 stages between 1962-67 Pedagogy; popular hit recording artists (62-64) Learning from music industry pros how to play in the studio Andragogy; musical collaborators (64-66) Learning from fellow musicians how to extend their reach Heutagogy; musical innovators (66-67) Inventing new ways to make music, allied to their musical craft After heutagogy they tried to remake the music industry as Apple executives, but their group genius was in music making not management
  52. 52. What is Heutagogy? Heutagogy is self-determined learning Stewart Hase & Chris Kenyon; Developed the idea with From Andragogy to Heutagogy Learner-Generated Contexts Group; Developed the PAH! Continuum as a part of a Web 2.0 #open #context model of learning The Heutagogy Community of Practice; came together to promote heutagogy They wrote the book Self-Determined Learning (also known as) What is Heutagogy?
  53. 53. What is Heutagogy? a curated conversation
  54. 54. References Resources
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