The beatles


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The beatles

  1. 1. THE BEATLESBackground information Origin Liverpool, England Genres Rock, pop Years active 1960-1970
  2. 2. This exposition is about the rock band
  3. 3. MEMBERSO *John LennonO *Paul McCartneyO *George HarrisonO *Ringo StarO Past membersO Stuart SutcliffeO Pete Best
  4. 4. “Beatlemania”O The nature of their enourmous popularity, which first emerged as “Beatlemania”, transformed as their songwriring grew in sophistication. They came to be perceived as the embodiment of ideals of the social and cultural revolutions of the 1960s.
  5. 5. O Initially a five-piece ofO LennonO McCartneyO HarrisonO Stuart Sutcliffe (bass)O Pete Best (drums)
  6. 6. O Stuart Sutcliffe left the group in 1961, and Best was replaced by Starr the following year.O They achieved mainstream success in the United Kingdom in late 1962, with their first single, “Love Me Do”.
  7. 7. Finish the rock bandO After their break-up in 1970, the band members all found success in independent musical careers.
  8. 8. Finish the rock bandO John Lennon was murdered outside his home in New York City in 1980, andO Harrison died of cancer in 2001O McCartney and Starr remain active.
  9. 9. GRACIAS