Service strategy


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A framework to develop and put in place the vision of a service company

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Service strategy

  1. 1. Warsaw, March 2012Steps in Building a Vision for a Service Company
  2. 2. A frameworkAn approach which takes in consideration both inside-out and out-side in analysis, while aiming ad developing 1) a Vision 2)Strategic Service framework (breadth/ depth and priorities) and 3) a Convergence program Inside-out Outside-in Whom we want to be Dream Customers What they think we should do What we want to achieve Expectation Competitors Who they think we are What we think we can do “Bread and Butter” Work What the others think we excel at What we can really do Capabilities Competences What keeps our competitors awake at night “The What we can afford Numbers” Vision SSF Convergence 2
  3. 3. Inside Out (1/2)This phase is about investigating client’s desires and expectations as well as the currently delivered services and their quality ZARA Latest fashion, affordable to everybody KPIs Qualitative Measures   Revenues   Respect in industry   Number of Employees   Included in relevant peer group AF “The Art of Travelling”   Profitability Qualitative signposts   Awards   Source of Revenues by project type   Attracts top talent   Number of accounts and size   …   Brand Recognition iTunes “Everything you need to be entertained”   … We help companies innovate. We design IDEO products, services, environments and experiences Industry Value Chain Project/ Service Structure Integration (*) Project Structure Quality Areas of Excellence Type of Project 3
  4. 4. Inside Out (2/2)… in addition to that we need to understand what makes sense economically, and need also to validate top management’sexpectations Type of project split Area A Area B Area C % of clients % of projects % of revenues % of profits Customer by Turnover, Image, Profitability% (*) Profitability Image Turnover 4
  5. 5. Outside-InAims at analyzing the client from an external point of view: consumers, customers, partners, including e.g.: research,benchmarks, rankings, awards, PR buzz,… Customers Competitors Work Competences 5
  6. 6. VisionFrom a one statement summarizing the vision to a cascade of quantitative and qualitative targets at each functional level Vision SSF Convergence One Statement a la e.g. “iTunes: Everything you need to be entertained.” Marketing Sales HR Operations Economics Financials  What we stand for?  What clients  How do we  Breadth of  Revenues, Cost of  How do we finance  Who are we? should we go after? recruit/ reward and offering Service and our growth?  How do we tell the  What is our retain talent?  Depth of offering profitability targets world about us? optimal customer  Structure  What image mix?  In-house vs. projects/ services  How do we outsourcing should we deliver? improve our hit  Delivery team How many can we rate? structure afford?  Brand building dos and donts 6
  7. 7. Strategic Service FrameworkAims at developing a structure of which services/activities to invest as well as what kind of offering to provide customers Vision SSF Convergence Breadth of Services Nurture Invest Depth High Importance + Low Divest Do it Low Urgency High 7
  8. 8. Convergence ProgramOnce the strategy is in place, the company know which direction should go and the conversion program helps getting in there Vision SSF Convergence 6.Reward program 1. Policy Definition Workshops 5. Tracking 7. Promote Int. Best Practice 4. Training 2.Gap Analysis 3. Transition Planning 8
  9. 9. DISCLAIMER This presentation is informational only, and should not be interpreted as advice. Neither it constitute an offer for any of the services presented or implied in the presentation itself. The content of this presentation has been sanitized to protect client’s confidentiality and non disclosure agreements 9
  10. 10. Registered address: Correspondence address:ul. Pułku Baszta 4A lok. 26, ul. Kruczkowskiego 6c m.3002-649 Warszawa, polska 00-412 Warszawa, polskanip: pl 5213627346 url: 10