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March 15 2013 Presentation

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Presentation at SCORE

  1. 1. Life Guard Business Consulting OfficesEnergize your Business Libia Berbesi Koorosh Peymani, Ph. D New Ideas, Energizing Results 2013
  2. 2. Objectives1. To get new IDEAS to enhance your business profitability2. To discuss about the business model of a Consulting Business using a systematic approach3. Know some business tools to take their business to the next level
  3. 3. Agenda1. Welcome2. Business Model Tool (*)3. Networking4. Our Business Tool(*) Based on on-business-model-design
  4. 4. what is abusiness model?
  5. 5. STRATEGY BUSINESS MODELORGANIZATION TECHNOLOGYthe business model’s place in thecompany
  6. 6. business model frameworkINFRASTRUCTURE OFFER CUSTOMER PARTNER CUSTOMER NETWORK RELATIONSHIPS CORE VALUE CUSTOMERCAPABILITIES PROPOSITION SEGMENTS ACTIVITY DISTRIBUTION CONFIGURATION CHANNELS COST FINANCE REVENUE STRUCTURE STREAMS a business model describes the value an organization offers to various customers and portrays the capabilities and partners required for creating, marketing, and delivering this value and relationship capital with the goal of generating profitable and sustainable revenue streams [Osterwalder (2004) The Business Model Ontology]
  7. 7. Let see our business-> It is just an exercise
  8. 8. Energize your Business Business CaseLife Guard Business Consulting Offices New Ideas, Energizing Results 2013
  9. 9. what value do we offer to ourcustomers ? 1/4 OFFER CUSTOMER Value Proposition Customer Segment 1.Business Builder Membership a) Opportunity to create a Global Social Consulting Business In 53 countries b) Focused in The Anti-Aging Market. By 2025 is projected to reach 1$ trillion. 1. Consulting Business c) Patented Technologies based on Owners Epigenetic Science. d) Partner up with a’s 100 most trustworthy companies e) Coaching, Training, and Mentoring f) Proved Compensation Plan g) No Employees, No Rent, On line Store, and a Virtual Office
  10. 10. what value do we offer to ourcustomers? 2/4 OFFER CUSTOMER Value Proposition CustomerSegment 2. Business Asset to 2.Enterprises: Small Create a Rejuvenation Hotels, Beauty Center Salons,Healthy a) Based on Epigenetic Science Centers,Fitness
  11. 11. what value do we offer to ourcustomers ? 3/4 OFFER CUSTOMER Value Proposition CustomerSegment 3. A healthy life style 3.People who want to a) Nutritional Supplements look younger and feel And Skin Care products younger Based on Epigenetic Science
  12. 12. what value do we offer to ourcustomers ? 4/4 OFFER CUSTOMER Value Proposition CustomerSegment 4.Business Consulting a) Trouble shooting coaching 4..Small Business Owners
  13. 13. PARTNER NETWORK CUSTOMER RELATION INFRA NUSKIN OFFER CUSTOMER SCORE,AME Trust and Independent Coaches loyalty CORE VALUE VALUE CUSTOMER CHANNELS CAPABILITIES CONFIGURATION PROPOSITION SEGMENTS Activity/Resource1) Listen Client Dreams Prospect:mixers, meetings, seminars, 1.Self Employees2) Present Business 1. Business Builder nsdreams.com3) Know Technology Facebook, Linkedin 2. Business Asset 2.Enterprises affiliation4) Duplicate Sale: On Line Store 3. Healthy L. S. 3.People who.. network5) Lead Train: Webinars 4.Small Biz Own. 4. Business Cons. Coach:On site, On line, phone COST STRUCTURE FINANCE REVENUE STREAM 1. Home Based Business 1.Bonus Expenses, Membership 2.Commission 2. Membership 3.Profit on sale 3. Merchandise 4. Fees 4. Fees
  14. 14. Life Guard Business Consulting Offices New Ideas, Energizing Results We Coach and TrainEntrepreneurs to Have Their Own Global Social Business Libia Berbesi & Koorosh Peymani, Ph. D 2013