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Rituals as source of growth


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Rituals as a source of growth: rituals are emotional scripted repetitive consumer behaviors that can be tapped into whether you are planning a better activation platform or as source of innovation

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Rituals as source of growth

  1. 1. AMATI & Associates 1 Rituals as growth platform
  2. 2. AMATI & Associates 2 •  Habits and Rituals •  Rituals: Examples •  Credentials •  What we can do for your company Rituals as growth platform
  3. 3. AMATI & Associates 3 Consumer Habits In psychology an habit is the automatic reaction to a specific situation Behavior: it is behavior, it is neither positive nor negative Acquired: it is not innate, it is learned and developed, It requires time. It can be changed. Frequent Repetition: Habits are characterized by repetition Regularity: they represent the standard case not the exception in the behavior Increased facility: the more an habit is performed the better we become at it! And the more difficult is to change it Habits can be formed through a relevant and desired reward Formation is linked to Stimuli The right stimuli increase frequency of the habit behavior These are why Marketing and Marketers focus so much on Habits….
  4. 4. AMATI & Associates 4 But Habits have no emotional response, no cognitive awareness….
  5. 5. AMATI & Associates 5 Rituals Similar to habits, rituals are built on a script, they are conscious and voluntary actions, within a predetermined context, they are emotionally driven and reoccurring •  Is a series of consecutive, conscious and voluntary actions •  Is defined by dimensions such as sequence, context and time span •  Is by definition reoccurring •  Builds upon an emotional context
  6. 6. AMATI & Associates 6 Rituals are more powerful than habits Co-creation Labs were developed as a strategic tool that could be applied to a variety of challenges around the world A Ritual is characterized by… •  Emotional driver •  Enjoyment in planning it •  Enjoyment in doing it •  Inner meaning •  Helps living a moment over and over again An Habit is characterized by…. •  Mostly functional driver •  Automatic/ unconscious repetition •  An achievement scope !  Checking emails !  Commuting to work !  Packing/ unpacking !  Check-in at airport !  Sunday family lunch !  Cutting the turkey !  Aperitivo after work !  Pre-game locker room huddle E.g.:
  7. 7. AMATI & Associates 7 Rituals Rituals go beyond the magical-religious sphere, to become a language Religion/Magic Symbolic Language •  Crowd cheering during sports events •  Entrance tests to college fraternities and sororities •  Gang’s initiations •  Girls’ night in watching favorite TV program •  Stag – night •  … Dimensions of a ritual
  8. 8. AMATI & Associates 8 •  Habits and Rituals •  Rituals: Examples •  Credentials •  What we can do for your company Rituals as growth platform
  9. 9. AMATI & Associates 9 Product Examples There is no typical profile for leading edge consumers, which is why recruitment is challenging and so important. Rituals Activation and Innovation Examples • Corona and Lime, with the action of inserting the lime in the bottle marking the transition from work to play • Existing product • New Ritual • Based on existing rituals of using Pringles Chips to dip into sauces • Existing Ritual • New product category • Based on existing ritual of freezing Mars Chocolate Bars during the summer • Existing Ritual • New product category • NikeID based on teens’ ritual of customization of sneakers • Existing Ritual • New business model
  10. 10. AMATI & Associates 10 •  Habits and Rituals •  Rituals: Examples •  Credentials •  What we can do for your company Rituals as growth platform
  11. 11. AMATI & Associates 11 Credentials We have developed new concepts on rituals in multiple regions and multiple topics •  Belgium •  Emirates •  France •  Germany •  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia •  Italy •  Netherlands •  New Concepts •  New Business Models •  New Categories •  New Activations •  New Communication Platforms Countries Topics •  Russia •  Spain •  Turkey •  Ukraine •  United Kingdom •  USA
  12. 12. AMATI & Associates 12 •  Habits and Rituals •  Rituals: Examples •  Credentials •  What we can do for your company Rituals as growth platform
  13. 13. AMATI & Associates 13 Our role In the area of rituals we can be useful in four pillars Rituals Engine Tailor-Made LabDesign Execution Training Program Intro Workshop •  Assessing rituals opportunities in the business •  Identify most interesting areas •  Develop long list of rituals Adopt Workshop •  Identify Innovation or Activation Opportunities •  Long-list of rituals •  Product and/or Activation concepts Rituals Develop •  Based on Intro + Adopt •  Developing a Business case for most promising ideas Trainings Rituals Omega •  Co-creation of concepts, starting from rituals with lead edge users
  14. 14. AMATI & Associates AMATI & Associates Registered address: ul. Pułku Baszta 4A lok. 26, 02-649 Warszawa, polska nip: pl 5213627346 url: 14