Visionary Marketing


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prof. dr. Henry Robben (Hoogleraar Marketing, Business Universiteit Nyenrode en directeur Nyenrode Research Group) benaderd de werkelijke waarde van een geïntegreerd klantbeeld vanuit een strategisch perspectief.

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Visionary Marketing

  1. 1. n LTV = ! (Ma)r(a-1) / (1 + i)a - AC a=1 Prof.dr. Henry Robben Nyenrode Business Universiteit ©Henry Robben NOTE: The actual presentation contains more slides than there are in your handout Know thy customer...
  2. 2. ... hence leading to more (less) More (less) demand by end sales of the industrial company's customers, leads to more (less) products and services demand by the direct customers... !quot;#$%!&!'%!'(&)$*#+%*#(!',#$-.$/#+',#/$/#0&./ Industrial Company's Customers of Company Customers Customers !quot;#$%!+&!#1'($*#+%*#(!',#$-.$/#+',#/$/#0&./ An industrial company ... hence creating enables the competitiveness profitable sales of its customers for itself Figure 2.4 Perspectives on Derived Demand in Business Markets Visionary Marketing. ! This new book by Moenaert, Robben and Gouw is now available. A great support during the process of developing your own business roadmap. ! ! VISIONARY MARKETING ! Building Sustainable Business ! isbn 978 90 209 7698 4 ! publisher LannooCampus ! Says Philip Kotler: ! “Visionary Marketing will recharge your marketing battery”!
  3. 3. The Essence of Marketing. Market Making Marketing = Building Sustainable Business Market Market Farming Hunting Market Is about developing the Making customer value proposition and determining the hunting grounds for your organization. Is about acquiring the right Market customers. Hunting Is about retaining the right Market customers, and create up- and Farming cross-selling.
  4. 4. How far should you go in customer service? Value Is Created By Fulfilling Needs. Needs Functional Experiential needs needs Symbolic needs Next: Photo
  5. 5. Creating Value Is A Multi-layered Process. Your Company While Appropriating Value For You need an integrated Who is the customer? image of your customer! What is value to whom? Who owns the customer? Needs to Create Value For Customer Your Market Making: Customer Value Proposition. Functional User Pre-transaction Transaction Compatibility Serviceability performance convenience processes processes Styling & Product Customer Post-transaction Design Service Process processes Needs Environmental Functional Experiential Professionalism Safety needs needs Reliability & Consistency Benefits Oquot;ered Empathy Bundling & Market Complementarities presence Symbolic needs Operating Price Image Brand cost image Acquisition Disposal Switching User Corporate Product cost cost cost community Reputation image Moenaert, Robben, & Gouw
  6. 6. Market Hunting… Where do we want to How do we compete? compete? The The hunting strategy. hunting grounds. Market Farming. “Between 65% and 85% of the customers who change suppliers are in fact satisfied with their previous supplier” Reichheld
  7. 7. Satisfaction versus Loyalty. Non- competitive Zone Loyalty Highly Competitive Zone 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Satisfaction CS ! Loyalty ! Advocacy. License to lead Advocacy Loyalty License to excel Satisfaction License to enter
  8. 8. Persuading The Customer / 1. Persuading The # Customer / 2.
  9. 9. Customers’ Outlook on Differentiating Advantage (The CODA-model) • Product/Service The core functional product or service your company offers Product/ Service • Customer Process The company/customer- interaction process, as perceived by the customer, by means of which your company identifies, builds and maintains relationships with its customers and delivers its offering Image • Price The financial and non-financial costs your customers make in order to own or consume your products/services • Image The beliefs, images, ideas or impressions Customer Price the market holds about your company and/ Process or the products you offer © Moenaert, Robben & Gouw Market Leaders Change the Rules of the Market or Excel at Them.
  10. 10. The Importance Of Customer Processes… Three Questions. • Is your company a company that: • wonders what happened? • watches things happen? • makes things happen?
  11. 11. Centralized BRs handle 85% Staff Leeds Leeds Workforce Teams Healthy office of inquiries Recruitment & location (empathy; language) Customer Training Base (50 % Acceptance) Rotation Limited Staff Competitive Efficient Employee Prices & Customized satisfaction Midland Technology Base (ATM) Cross- MIND ICT Supervisors Selling ACD : Automatic Call Distribution Image : Customer Convenience The proactive, Satisfaction 24/7 trustworthy (delight) Hot Phonebank desking Successful track record Awareness Press Quality Word-of- (45 %) campaigns awards mouth recommendations Value@Company Value@Customer (Capture) (Delivery) Superior Appropriability Resources Efficiency SCA Durability Non- Inimitability Substitutability Barriers@Competition (Shelter) © Moenaert, Robben, & Gouw
  12. 12. The Commodity Magnet Kicks In When You Do Not Have Competitive Advantages. $ high Competitive Advantage : Diquot;erentiation : Leverage Using scale and experience to leverage with maximum $ margin to other customers Competitive Imitation : Price Imitation : Customers have a choice Choice between multiple suppliers Competitive Standardization: Customers have a choice $ between standard oquot;ers Stagnation : Demands and formulate demands R.I.P. low low high Cost-to-Serve (Moenaert, Robben, & Gouw) © Moenaert, Robben & Gouw Value@Company Changing the Business Rip-Off Drifting Building Sustainable Do you have the right Lobotomy Business With The Losing resources to get the right Right image of Customers your customer? Idiot Tredmill Value@Customer Running the Business Value Creation/Capture Business Exploitation/Exploration
  13. 13. The Marketing Strategy Transformation Process. “Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and value. putting one’s thought into action is the most difficult thing in the world” J.W. von Goethe “Growth for growth’s sake The Future is the ideology of the “Good fortune is when Business cancer cell” opportunity meets planning” Edward Abey Model T.A. Edison “Strategy is not right or wrong. Strategy is a choice” Ludo Wyngaarden The Business Roadmap: The What Do You Need To Do, Present and With Which Resources Business Model Do You Do It? From Volume... What is it that your customer needs?
  14. 14. ‘If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got’ (Albert Einstein) Thank you for your patience... Have Or, what is more likely, a great and inspiring meeting! much less and less! (Moenaert, Robben, & Gouw)