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UltraSpectra Company Profile

  1. 1. Ultraspectra Profile
  2. 2. UltraSpectra /’ Ul-tra-Spec-tra / Defined as a group of bright colors of spectrum. In its literal meanings it is a hub of people from varied skills and educational backgrounds Content 02 03 Who We Are Vision & Mission 05 Values 06 Why UltraSpectra 08 What We Believe In 09 Our Services 10 Our Product 11 Our Team 12 Contact Us 1
  3. 3. Who We Are Location UltraSpectra has a good presence in multiple coutries across the globe. Headquarted in Islamabad, it has its outlets in Canada, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia and Denmark. UltraSpectra (Pvt.) Ltd. provides IT, web design and development, e- marketing and SEO, blogging and content writing, event and knowledge management services. With a team of competent and energetic profess-ionals, we help you develop and implement your idea, products and services. We have internationally acclaimed trainers providing you with the best social media and IT trainings. UltraSpectra has taken the concept of web entrepreneurship to the next level & provides knowledge services in all spheres of web. In a broader term, we fulfill your need to brand yourself and strengthen your presence in the virtual world. We have been providing IT solutions and e-marketing services to various industries including CPG/ Manufacturing; Energy/ Utilities; Agriculture and Livestock; Financial Services; Healthcare; Higher Education; Hospitality; Insurance; Retail; Travel/Entertainment; and various Emerging Markets. 2
  4. 4. Responsibility By delivering cost-effective, standardized and technologically advanced solutions that extend beyond clients’ expectations and satisfaction, we contribute significantly to the stabilization Vision and development of the community. We have a vision to excel in our market niche and provide our customers with the best value: “To excel and gain market leadership in the industry; at the same time, keeping customer satisfaction on our top priority list. Altogether, we will strive to make a difference through our services.” Our mission statement is simple and straight forward: “Enabling customers to capitalize their passion and profession by providing marketing solutions while keeping the satisfaction of our audience at top-most priority.” Mission 3
  5. 5. We attract the brightest minds. And by working alongside us, so can you. 4
  6. 6. Company Values Values At UltraSpectra's we are committed to building great brands. These are the shared values, principles and behaviour that we follow in providing quality services worldwide. The UltraSpectra value system comprises of four elements that we strongly believe in. The four elements of our value system revolve around one major element i.e. Entrepreneurship because we think the spirit of entrepreneurship is what makes us unique. In turn, we need other beliefs to keep the spirit alive and going. Passion Integrity Value Teamwork Curiosity Quality Interactions Positive Attitude Energy Professionalism Collaboration Sincerity Honest Communication Purpose Innovation Commitment Flexibility Diversity 5
  7. 7. We are amoung the rising Internet Marketing Company that offers you the world class marketing techniques for your online business. We, with our team of experts aims to take your business to the next level. 6
  8. 8. UltraSpectra (Pvt.) Ltd. has established prestigious investments and delivering tailored solutions. We presence in the omains of IT and Internet Marketing. We believe in providing cost effective, standardized, have shown a remarkable growth pattern and now hold and technologically advanced solutions to our a place of distinguished honor among IT and marketing clients to meet the exigencies of time. companies. UltraSpectra itself is a product of years of research and observation of the changing trends in the We want to bring a change; to help you help industry. Our pool of consultants is available in all time others. We at UltraSpectra offer you a unique zones which make us a reliable consultancy company blend of opportunities in order to help you that can provide solutions offer its services in any part discover your passion and leverage your brand to of the world. Hence, we can proudly say we serve its optimum position. With our range of services, globally. With hundreds of bloggers following us via we instill in our members the driven ability to blog association platform, we offer countless apply their expertise and passion to bring a opportunities to brands and businesses through our difference for others. The diverse expertise of our services. Our proven expertise enables us to bring people, when combined, gives us an edge to grasp complex technologies and systems together while your needs better and respond quickly. minimizing risk, leveraging our clients’ technology Since inception in 2009, UltraSpectra has successfully delivered on projects across USA, UK, Saudia, Sweden, Denmark, Canada and Pakistan. In addition to our presence in different countries we give an excellent global coverage. 7
  9. 9. What We Believe In Young at heart but rich with experience, the UltraSpectra team shares a common attribute: enthusiasm and vigor to bring a change. We believe the process of learning never stops at any age, and this is why our customers are bold individuals who dare to discover the unexplored and like to challenge themselves in new situations and trends. We believe in creating synergies and irrespective of our varied backgrounds, we move towards our goals as one body. We try to achieve desirable results by following well established custom-build solutions. We want to help our clients expand their horizons and achieve results beyond initial expectations. We As a company with a vision of spreading the message of work through the infinite possibilities, so we can entrepreneurship, we believe in the highest principles of: deliver predictable results using custom-built solutions. UltraSpectra’s client methodology is  Clients Satisfaction designed to create confidence and trust along with  Professionalism with highest standards of work promoting the clients corporate portfolio. We have  Integrity and honesty strategically applied the modern methodologies of  Client information confidentiality customer care to eliminate risk & unpredictability,  Deliver excellence – cost efficient/ timely delivery leaving our individual and corporate clients with a  Leadership and Sustainability clear understanding of the results before they occur.  Cross cutting themes  Innovation & creativity in our services Customer satisfaction is at the very heart of our  Application of knowledge management at all levels methodology. Our team has always been striving for the best and that’s what e offer to our clients. 8
  10. 10. Our Services No matter what your business, we all want more traffic, and more importantly, we want that traffic to turn into customers. With this common goal in mind, UltraSpectra is dedicated to providing our clients with the tools and feedback to make your website and services successful. We provide a complete software solution package for companies and professionals. Our services fall under following 5 categories: SEO/SEM and e-Marketing IT Solutions Technical Writing & Copywriting PCC & Online Advertizing Campaigns Web Design & Development Surveys Including Search Engine Optimization Software Product Development Employee/Customer Satisfaction Social Media Marketing & Networking Software Product Maintenance Feasibility Reports Branding & Promotions System Integration Content Writing for Websites Reputation Management Data Entry Article Writing Video/Audio Podcasting Graphics Designing Professional Documentary Print & Graphic Design Corporate Identities Professional Blogging Event Online Live Coverage 9
  11. 11. Training Programs Blog Awareness Programs Social Media Marketing Trainings & Seminars Knowledge Management Productions & Graphics Blog Consulting Blog Design Our Product Event Management Custom Newsletter Design Professional Blogging Blog Branding & Identity FranDesk™ – Franchise Management Solution From restaurant chains to financial institutions, and industrial supply chain management; our sofware solution “FranDesk” offers the most high-tech Processes Management, Franchising, and Communication Solution with a wide range of functionalities to the clients. Our highly optimized solutions have been accredited worldwide and we have a diverse clientèle in all time zones. http://twitter.com/frandesk 10
  12. 12. Highly Motivated All UltraSpectra's executives and employees receive comprehensive training and remain in constant contact with their colleagues all over the world. Support At Personal Level ZunNurain Khalid Executive Director Muhammad Saqib +92 332 5141048 Director IT Qazi Shahbaz zunnurain@ultraspectra.com +92 321 5270610 Director Media Twitter: @zunnurain saqib@ultraspectra.com +92 333 5338211 Twitter: @saqibdodo kazishahbaz@ultraspectra.com Zulkifl Khalid Qazi Saleem Director Projects Asma Chang Director Operations +92 321 5021298 Director Human Resource +1 647 7708615 qazisaleem@ultraspectra.com asma.chang@ultraspectra.com zulkifl@ultraspectra.com Twitter: @qazisaleem Twitter: @asmachang Twitter: @zulkifl 11
  13. 13. Interested? Connect With Us Contact us to find out how we can help you increase your online visibility and brand presence. Simply visit www.UltraSpectra.net to find out the best internet marketing solutions available on the internet http://www.facebook.com/ultraspectra or email at support@ultraspectra.com http://www.twitter.com/ultraspectra If you are interested in our services and products and/or want to know more about UltraSpectra, do not hesitate to contact us: UltraSpecrta (Pvt.) Ltd. Plot# 61, Office# 10 GF, Justice Arcade, I&T center, G-10/1 Islamabad Tel. +92-333-5 422 422 contactus@ultraspectra.com www.UltraSpectra.net 12