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Leadership Development Presentation


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Published in: Business, Education
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Leadership Development Presentation

  1. 1. POSITIVE LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT FOR MANAGERS Building Your Future Investing in Your Leaders Positive Strength Appreciation
  2. 2. ENGAGEMENT PRODUCTIVITY SUCCESSION Positive Strength Appreciation
  3. 3. THE DANGERS! MANAGEMENT THINKING AND TOOLS Are your managers using yesterday tools to manage today employees? Generation Y Technology Advancement Internet Market Changes
  4. 4. IMPACTS
  5. 5. NOT JUST ANOTHER LEADERSHIP PROGRAM It is a class combining theory and real life experience It is a class where the trainer is a senior managers who successful manages large number of employees It is a class using next generation of management approaches to develop employees - positive, strength and appreciation way It is a class where learning can translate into actions the next day
  6. 6. THE DANGER OF INACTIONS ▪ Employee Resign ▪ Bad reputation ▪ Low productivity ▪ Negative emotions
  7. 7. POSITIVE LEADERSHIP BEHAVIORS Develops Trust Motivates to Others Shows Competent Supportive Provides Direction Empowers Others
  8. 8. HIGH PERFORMANCE LEADERSHIP MODEL Developing Team Sustaining Team Motivating Team Building Personal Leadership capabilities
  9. 9. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT JUNIOR MANAGERS Positive Strength Appreciation
  10. 10. JUNIOR MANAGER PROGRAM PURPOSE ▪ Discover your role as a people manager ▪ Learn to manage yourselves as people manager ▪ Develop ways to engage, manage and develop your employees
  11. 11. ▪Introduction ▪ Definition, behaviors, transition and competencies ▪Manage Yourself ▪ Manage your thought ▪ Effective managerial thinking ▪ Personality Profile ▪ Manage your time and priorities ▪ JUNIOR MANGER PROGRAM PURPOSE
  12. 12. ▪Manage Others  Good Relations Listening, Appreciation, Recognition, Building Trust  Preserve Integrity Provides Feedback, Receiving Criticism  Free from Fear Delegation, Communication, Focus on Strengths JUNIOR MANGER PROGRAM PURPOSE
  13. 13. ▪ Being recognized Strengths Appreciation Care HUMAN NEEDS
  16. 16. MIDDLE MANAGER PROGRAM PURPOSE ▪ Managing their motivation level and resources to gain credibility ▪ Developing team and creating conducive climates for team performance ▪ Motivating team by developing employees, inspiring them to work extra miles, providing opportunities for creativity, empowering team ▪ Sustaining team momentum by improving collaboration and reducing conflicts
  17. 17. ▪ Building Personal Leadership Capabilities ▪ Be a leader, personal motivation, Be a Listener ▪ Developing Team ▪ Building Your Teams – Team Bonding and Team Planning ▪ Managing performance – Department Goals, Review & Contact Time ▪ Training and Career Development ▪ MIDDLE MANAGER PROGRAM PURPOSE
  18. 18. ▪ Motivating Team ▪ Six Key Motivation Actions ▪ Encouraging Team Creativity ▪ Sustaining Team momentum ▪ Reducing Team Conflict ▪ Implementing Three Management styles ▪ Fostering Team Collaboration ▪ MIDDLE MANGER PROGRAM PURPOSE
  19. 19. TEAM PLANNING ▪ Discovery, Dream, Design, Destiny ▪
  20. 20. Motivation Factors Achievement Recognition The Work itself Responsibility Advancement Growth
  21. 21. MANAGING TEAM PERFORMANCE TEAM PLANNING – DEPT. GOALS ▪ Tactics Outcome Champion Milestones Q1 Status Update 1. Rent 6 units 2XP Q2 2. Purchase 5 Unit Sputter GT23 Q1 Increase 10% output Alex James 4 unit 5 unit 1. Pilot TWI in Test line Q2 2. Supervisory skills Q3 & 4 Operators turnover improve 15% SI Goh 3 pilot Test Lines and train 40 teams 3 modules 2 coaching sessions 1. Project based Training 2. Kaizen Events Reduction from 6 to 5.7 days Once a month Ali Dabier Complete 6 projects 3 events
  22. 22. 25 70% On-the-Job Experience Learning through Doing Learning through Others Learning through Study Activities such as:  On-the-Job Tasks  Special Assignments  Cross-Functional Projects  Deliver Presentations Activities such as:  Seek Feedback  Develop a Peer Network  Join Professional Organizations  Find a Mentor or Coach  Shadowing  Visibility Opportunities Activities such as:  Harvard Manage Mentor  E-Learning Programs  Instructor-Led Courses  Selected Readings  Professional Conferences 20% Coaching & Mentoring 10% Training 70-20-10 DEVELOPMENT MODEL
  23. 23. FOLLOW UP ▪ Weekly One on One ▪ What can we talk about? ▪ Queerly Development Follow up Q4 Q1 Q2Q3
  24. 24. LEADERSHIP STYLE: DIRECTING, COACHING, SUPPORTING, DELEGATING 1 3 1New to Role Building Skill Top of Game Getting Bored Time for New Challenge
  25. 25. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT SENIOR MANAGERS Positive Strength Appreciation
  26. 26. SENIOR MANGER PROGRAM PURPOSE ▪ Managing the engagement culture to create strength, positive and appreciation focused working environment ▪ Growing your influence by developing several critical competencies ▪ Partnering with peers and leadership teams ▪ Improving productivity by focusing on process and change management ▪ Developing Business Acumen competencies
  27. 27. SENIOR MANAGER PROGRAM OUTLINE  Setting Engagement Culture  Employee Engagement  Create a Departmental Culture  Leadership By Example  Strengths, Positivity and Appreciation  Growing Your Influence  Be Resourceful  Partnering  Facilitation  Influencing and Persuasive
  28. 28. SENIOR MANAGER PROGRAM OUTLINE  Productivity  Focus on the Process  Performance Consulting  Process Mapping  Change Management  Developing Business Acumen  Vision and Mission  Strategy Planning  Business Acumen – Organization Growth
  29. 29. Pg. 20 RESOURCEFUL ONLINE INFO RESEARCH ▪ Search engine ▪ Google, Dogpile, Stuble Upon ▪ Expert ▪ About, Answers, Linkedin, Wiki ▪ Video ▪ Youtube, TED, eHow ▪ PowerPoint ▪ Slideshare
  30. 30. POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY Psychology of high performance in people
  31. 31. ORID
  33. 33. PRACTICAL. INTERESTING. ENGAGING Would you introduce this course to others? Do you find this course useful? Training Effectiveness Score 96%
  34. 34. IN ACTION
  36. 36. PORTFOLIO Laurence Yap M.A(UM) Training and Development Leadership Development Organization Development
  38. 38. THANK YOU