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A framework to think about strategy and strategic innovation management. Applies the ideas of complexity theory and lean to management.

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  1. 1. Innovation Management Framework Strategic Learning  Market Scanning Market Classification  Business Intelligence  Stable  Insights  Non‐filtered Data  Fluid  Heterogeneous Team‐building  Turbulent Technology  Scanning Dissemination,  Dissemination,  Refinement, & Emergence Refinement, & Emergence Discovery/Creation Technology Strategic  Strategy  Strategy  PerformanceVision Development Execution Evaluation Overarching    Technology Assessment   Translation of strategy into   Financial metrics such as  Goals/Objectives  action   Strategic fit cash flow, ROE, breakeven,  Manufacturing Flexibility  Communication and contribution to sales  Development of Objectives &  Self‐organization/Idea Champions Financial Flexibility Goals for Technology  Project management  Internal process metrics such  BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE OPPORTUNITY RECOGNITION as quality outcome Marketing Flexibility  Cross functional input  Assigning accountability STRATEGIC FOCUS  Employee development and  Knowledge/Skill Flexibility  Evaluation of competencies  Resource management learning Simple Rules  Financing plan  Vendor management  Customer satisfaction Communication  Engineering/ manufacturing  Employee role rotation  Benchmarking  Marketing plan  Customer input/feedback  Lessons learned from   Sales & distribution plan  Budgets missteps  Front‐line employee  involvement  Strategic alliances  Customer input People – Communication ‐ Leadership Cross‐functional Integration Continuous Questioning/Improvement ‐ Innovation New Technology Classification * Incremental   * Radical   * Quantum