Marketing Performance Management


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  • Marketing Performance Management

    1. 1. Logo clientMarketing Performance Management (MPM) Improving Commercial Efficiency © The House of Marketing
    2. 2. – Draft – Although RoMI(1) is a top buzzword in YMS(2) 2012, it does not appear as a top challenge However, other top challenges in the list indicate the need for RoMIN = 436 (1): RoMI = Return on Marketing Investment (2): Yearly Marketing Survey by The House of Marketing Source: Yearly Marketing Survey by The House of Marketing Presentation1 2
    3. 3. – Draft – Are marketeers scared of RoMI and MPM?Presentation1 3
    4. 4. – Draft – Marketing Performance Management (MPM) is about process, people and technologyHow are people contributing to How is MPM embedded in theperformance? organization?•Motivation & change PROCESS •Link with strategic businessmanagement objectives•Competence PEOPLE •Process mapping development & •Roles & responsibilities management TECHNO- LOGY How can technology facilitate? •Alignment with business objectives •Set up and/or implement tools to create insights from dataPresentation1
    5. 5. – Draft – Where does it often go wrong? Major blocking issues can be linked to process, people and technology 1 Not 2 Too isolated insightful Indicators should 2 reflect the PROCESS Metrics should be well-designed & business PEOPLE attractive to objectives and be deliver their targeted at a message at a specific audience 4 glance 3 3 Too outdated 4 Too manual 1 Indicators should Collection & be updated and delivery of data & evolve through the insights should be TECHNO- time with the automatic to LOGY company ensure sustainable and efficient solutionPresentation1
    6. 6. – Draft – We tackle MPM issues in a 4 step process, as well on strategic, tactic, as on operational level Input Marketing scope Business 1 2 3 4 objectives STRATEGIC Define as defined marketing in the strategy set & Set up corporate or objectives measure Translate Imple- ment BU strategy Set campaign objectives ment, pro- TACTIC objectives/ into KPI’s measure cesses, marketing & set and roles, drivers targets learn systems and tools TIONAL OPERA- Set action objectives Learning cyclePresentation1 6
    7. 7. – Draft – THoM MPM methodology delivers operational, tactical ánd strategical benefits Operational and tactical benefits Strategical benefits • Higher efficiency and effectiveness of marketing (impact on cost ánd revenues) • Dashboard giving a clear view on • Higher transparency &visibility of tactical and operational objectives …leading to… actions/issues • Turns your marketing efforts into • Continuous learning and tangible and measurable actions improvement towards Sales & Management • Organizational alignment and focus • Doing more with less on the Business Objectives (as defined on coporate or BU level) • Learning organization that makes decisions on hard facts supplemented with experiential intuitionPresentation1 7
    8. 8. – Draft – THoM Marketing Performance Mgmt Expertise Pieter Lievyns Mobile: +32 (0) 495 29 31 14 E-Mail: The House of Marketing Kardinaal Mercierplein, 2 B-2800 Mechelen Belgium Office +32 (0)15 444 000 Fax +32 (0)15 444 044 Join us on LinkedIn Follow us on TwitterPresentation1 8