eMail Archiving Product Evaluation Checklist                                                                              ...
eMail Archiving Product Evaluation Checklist                                                                              ...
eMail Archiving Product Evaluation Checklist                                                                              ...
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× - Feasibility Study for an eMail Archiving solution


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This is a template to conduct a paper-based feasibility study to identify an eMail Archiving tool or service.

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  1. 1. eMail Archiving Product Evaluation Checklist Product 1 Product 1No Feature Description Weight 1-5 Rating 0-3 Score Comments Rating 0-3 Score CommentsCompatibility Supports existing Exchnage 1 MS Exchnage 5.5 / Exchange 2010 server infrastructure 2 Supported Operating Systems Windows Servers 3 Supported eMail Clients Outlook 2010 4 RDBMS SQL Server 2000, Oracle, SybaseStorage Able to write to any type of storage media that is 5 Open storage architecture accessible thru Windows NT or 2000. Near-line or off- line storage can be written and retrieved successfully 6 Type of Media supported NAS, magnetic, RAID, optical disk, tape, CD, DVD 7 Container files Container files available to reduce storage space Records / Document Able to integrate with existing records and document 8 management application management application (Open API) 9 Compression to near-line devices Compression should be least 50% or higher Minimize impact in network/WAN Messages should travel across network / WAN in 10 resources compressed format Entire email message (including the message profile, text, and all attachments) should be treated as one 11 One object storage single object. (Important in order for the record to be considered a legal document)Off-line storage Migration to off-line storage Ability to move archived data from near-line to off-line 12 devices storage devices to satisfy retention periods Users access to files migrated toFor search identification, it is important that the system 13 off-line keep a partial message portion on-line Clients working off the network have the ability to access 14 Clients working offline a local archive? The system should always decompresses data when moving to off-line storage. Avoid dependency on 15 Storage in open, readable format proprietary 3rd party software to access archived messages 16 Archive backup What is the backup solution for archive?Archiving Ability to build custom rule formulas from policy based Custom archival rules and 17 templates and to select specific emails to archive (based attributes on size, age, subject, source etc) Ability to establish single and multiple schedules for specific users and /or groups, as well as the ability to 18 Schedule accommodate production archives schedules executing automatically Files moved to near-and off-line storage are archived in 19 Security read-only formats to prevent modification or tempering Ability to run archiving processes during regular Run archive process during 20 production business hours and agent accounts while business hours users are currently active Able to accommodate management access to 21 One way permissions employees email, or for compliance personnel that are required to poll the entire mail of the company Apply same permissions to the archived email stores 22 Automatically set permissions that were in place prior to the email being archived Synchronize with Exchnage Able to synchronize the archive address list with the 23 address lists Exchange address list. A fail-safe method to verify that messages have been 24 Archival fault tolerance archived successfully before they are removed from production email servers 25 Override of archiving rules Users can have the ability to override the archiving rules System should support the journaling feature in MS 26 Server-based journal Exchange The ability to migrate existing archived Email to the 27 Support existing archived email repository. Ability to purge or migrate data from the near-line archive. Allow elimination of data that exceeds retention 28 Purging messages schedules . Capability to remove data that is unwanted (I.e. jokes, spam, newsletters etc) Deleting content from What is the verification process for archive data before 29 information store the exchange data is deleted Policies for archiving and An easy to implement policy capability for archiving and 30 retention. retention. Single instance storage of Features for reducing storage such as storing only a 31 redundant email single instance of duplicate messages and compression. 32 Indexing Indexing of the archive system for easy retrieval. Direct user access to the archive repository to enable 33 User access to archive users to retrieve archived messages without administrative involvement. Use of low cost highly reliable NAS or SAN storage for 34 NAS or SAN support the repository.Restore Look for the ability to restore email and attachments 35 Original Folder structure format using the same mailbox folder hierarchy found in the archive an important performance benchmark is the ability to 36 Processing time restore mail at faster rates than via straight backup tapesRetrieval Ability to provide end-users with the capability to retrieve 37 Retrieval ability archived messages and attachments (with their original attributes) through existing email client 38 Web browser client access User access to the archives via a web browser Users will require less training and assistance with a 39 Familiar archive client format familiar mailbox structure (eg. outlook) Ability to provide remote access to email archives from 40 Notebook remote retrieval notebooks and laptop computers System to provide an image of the archived message to 41 Transparent access by end-user end-users and required to store actual message Page 1 eMail Archiving Feasibility Study Template
  2. 2. eMail Archiving Product Evaluation Checklist Product 1 Product 1No Feature Description Weight 1-5 Rating 0-3 Score Comments Rating 0-3 Score Comments Ability to "reply to" or "forward" messages restored from Re-using retrieved archived 42 the archive which will mean the new message becomes messages a new email objectPerformance Impact on network performance What is the impact on network performance when 43 when archiving. archiving. System should operate as a multi-threaded application 44 Multi-processor machines and capitalize on multi processor server configurations 45 Load balancing Ability to configure multiple archiving processes What is the archive throughput rate? (in messages per 46 Archive throughput rate second) What solution components need to be upgraded to 47 Performance Improvement improve performance? (faster disks or more processors or more archive servers?) 48 Message scanning speed Average number of messages scanned per second 49 Message archiving speed Average number of messages archived per secondScalability Transparently support multiple email server regardless 50 Enterprise deployment of their geographic location in the organization Ability to add more archive server in an environment 51 Dynamic deployment dynamically. Supports multiple repositories and upon retrieval will 52 Supports multiple repositories automatically locate the storage location of a user’s archive without any user or administrator intervention. 53 Impact of increased users Little or no impact on increased users / mail boxesSupportability Accommodate the temporary relocation of users in a 54 Enterprise end-user mail access geographically dispersed server network without the need to migrate their mailboxes Accommodate user access and retrieval to centrally 55 Internationally disperse network located archives while users are traveling abroadClient Installation 56 Perform centrally client installation should be simpleCapacity Planning Provide analysis tools that help to determine email 57 Analysis tools volume distribution Provide tools to evaluate storage capacities and utilize 58 Volumetric tools "singe instance" storage Ability to generate "what if" reports for decision making 59 Reporting tools and archive strategy developmentSearching Ability to utilize the native search capabilities on the 60 Search with in the email client archive pointers (eg. Via outlook) Ability to render full text expressions against all archived Search archived messages and 61 mail messages, attachments, public folders and search attachments engines Able to support multiple language character sets for full 62 Multiple language support text searching of data fields Ability to interface with Third party index servers and 63 Third party search engines search engines full text search capabilities support the following: Allows a user to perform full-text 64 Wildcards, Fuzzy, logic, Boolean logic, Keywords queries on their archived Email. Phrases, and Inflections of specific wordsAccess Pointers Archive pointers are helpful because they leave a portion of the archived email message on the email 65 Message archive pointers server. End users have more information before electing to retrieve an archived message 66 Configuration Ability to configure access pointers in size Ability to access archives directly from Outlook. No 67 Single point of access additional interfaces or passwords should be required 68 Management life cycle Ability to set retention on archive pointersPST files Provide automated tools to import PST files from 69 Migration tools desktop and / or shared drives to the archive repositories Ability to create message archive pointers for each PST 70 Message archive pointers file migrated (archived) to near-line archive storesReporting Provide instant statistics on Reports on Messages Scanned, Messages Archived, 71 archiving throughput, New Message References, MB Archived, MB Archived performance, and storage results. Compressed, Elapsed Time Ability to record all the recipients belonging to each 72 Distribution lists distribution list at a specific point in time Ability to audit and report on messages based on search 73 Content reporting criteriaAdministration Allows an unlimited amount of archive groups, with each 74 Archiving Groups group having unique configurations. 75 Role based administration Ability to define role based administration 76 Archiving policies Archiving policies be based on distribution lists Exchnage down time during No severe performance issues for initial archive or 77 archiving downtime Once archived, the administrator can restore selected Folders, or entire mailboxes 78 items, folders, or entire mailboxes back to MS restore Exchange. Mail box migrations between Support for archive data for the mail boxed moved 79 exchange sites between exchange sites. Selected messages, folders, or entire accounts can be 80 Selected Message restore restored instantly with the click of a button. Page 2 eMail Archiving Feasibility Study Template
  3. 3. eMail Archiving Product Evaluation Checklist Product 1 Product 1No Feature Description Weight 1-5 Rating 0-3 Score Comments Rating 0-3 Score Comments Multiple or singles mailboxes, folders (with sub-folders), Multiple or Single mail box or selected 81 restore messages can be restored to multiple or single locations in one restore process. Easy to move archive from once device/storage location 82 Easy to migrate to another in futureAccess Control synchronizes with the MS Exchange distribution lists to automate archive permissions based on the permission 83 Online Synchronization settings of MS Exchange and Outlook. Access to the archived mail stores should not require any additional end-user applications. Archived 84 Transparence messages should be accessed with in existing email client - Outlook)Security Archival process should be convenient and not require 85 No Passwords additional passwords Archive repositories are blocked from client machines to 86 Firewall protection protect against intruders. End-users should not have direct access to the archive Archive stores should be protected from any virus. Users 87 Virus protection should be able to purge corrupt messages form stores System should provide full text search capabilities and 88 Archive client use the same security authentication as Exchange ServerPublic Folder Information stored in the Public Information Store, 89 Public Information Store support calendars and tasks can be archived Public Folders can be restored from archive back to MS 90 Restore Public Folders Exchange.Support Reliable, helpful support team. Flexible support 91 Support Procedures (Support) packages offered. 92 On-going support (Support) Provide on-going 24 x 7 support 93 Professional Services Available Professional Services available.Training Comprehensive training programs are available. Comprehensive Training 94 Ensures all staff are knowledgeable and comfortable (training) performing daily tasks.Configuration Server Configuration 95 What is the minimum server configuration required Requirements Server Components in the What is the solution architecture? Is it central or 96 architecture distributed? What are the components in the architectureFiltering Able to filer inbound or outbound messages based on 97 Message filtering set criteria. Filtered messaged to be delivered to a special mailbox for Compliance administrators reviewPurging Ability to purge or migrate data from the near-line 98 Purging messages archive. Allow elimination of data that exceeds retention 99 Policies for purging and retention. schedules . Support selective retention Messages deleted from mail store are purged from100 Two way purging? archive also. Capability to remove data that is unwanted (I.e. jokes,101 Purge unwanted messages spam, newsletters etc) Page 3 eMail Archiving Feasibility Study Template