Hyper Island Lecture - The Role of Agencies and the Ecommerce Development Process


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Hyper Island Lecture - The Role of Agencies and the Ecommerce Development Process

  1. 1. HYPER ISLAND LECTUREThe Role of Agencies in the Development Phase ofEcommerce2012/10/12
  2. 2. AGENDA ✓Introduction ✓The Different Agents in a Ecommerce Development Project ✓Strategic Agency ✓Tech Agency ✓Creative Agency ✓The Different Stages in the Process of Development ✓Tech Agency ✓Creative Agency ✓Case: Frank Dandy ✓Key Learnings ✓What are the Most Important Things to Include in a Pre-Study ✓The scope of the Ecommerce Project ✓Basic Feature Requirements ✓Additional Feature Requirements ✓Integrations ✓Q & A ✓Work ShopHI LECTURE / 2012-10-12
  3. 3. BEYOND RETAIL “We help successful brands and retail companies to start, manage & develop ecommerce” With a focus on E-commerce Beyond Retail offers services in three core areas:     Strategy & Project Ecommerce Recruitment & Management Management Staffing We are using our extensive On behalf of brands and retail Looking for new talents in the experience within the area of companies we help manage their ecommerce sector? There is a good ecommerce to help other companies e-commerce business. As a part - chance that you will find them in to start & develop their ecommerce or full time assignment. our network and we can help you business. assess their special skills.HI LECTURE / 2012-10-12
  4. 4. HI LECTURE / 2012-10-12
  5. 5. THE DIFFERENT AGENCIES STRATEGIC AGENCIES (e.g. Beyond Retail) TECHNOLOGICAL AGENCIES (e.g. Tictail, Hybris, Enferno, Jetshop, Textalk, Vaimo, Starrepublic, Brightstep) CREATIVE AGENCIES (Oakwood, Panagora, Cloud nine, Syrup)HI LECTURE / 2012-10-12
  6. 6. STRATEGIC AGENCY CEO Business Strategist Business Analyst Project Manager Developers & Creatives & Designers Technical specialist CopywritersHI LECTURE / 2012-10-12
  7. 7. TECH-AGENCY (usually a platform provider) CEO Sales Project Manager (Account Manager) Support Marketing, Developer (Developer) Accounting etc.HI LECTURE / 2012-10-12
  8. 8. TYPICAL PROCESS: TECH AGENCY STRATEGIC AGENCY OR IN-HOUSE CREATIVE AGENCY TECH AGENCY Implementation Specification of Deployment of Benefits: Learning Design of Testing LAUNCH requirements the platform Design Quicker deployment time. A more reliable setup if the requirements on the technological solution are more extensive and complex. Content Creation & Risks: Data import That the shopping experience and branding is lacking and ultimately leading to a lack of sales and brand Project Managment image. Training SupportHI LECTURE / 2012-10-12
  9. 9. CREATIVE AGENCY CEO Creative Director Art Director Designer Project Manager Developer Marketing, Accounting etc.HI LECTURE / 2012-10-12
  10. 10. TYPICAL PROCESS: CREATIVE AGENCY STRATEGIC AGENCY OR IN-HOUSE TECH AGENCY CREATIVE AGENCY Design Prototype: Implementation Pre-Study Ideation & Art Direction Template Front End & Benefits: Structure & Look & Feel Design Development Back End More focus on the front-end and the Conceptualization Wireframes Development actual customer shopping experience. Focus on a coherent brand strategy and look. Content Creation & Risks: Data import May take longer and produce a less satisfactory result if the tech and creative firm have problems Project Managment communicating what is actually possible given the technical setup. Training SupportHI LECTURE / 2012-10-12
  11. 11. KEY LEARNINGS ✓Your scope dictates the needs and requirements from a platform. Do not choose platform first and then set the scope. You will risk finding yourself limited by the platform and having to alter the scope (or platform). ✓Project Management is difficult ✓Developers and Creatives often speak different languages ✓Everything will take longer than you think ✓Everything will probably also be more expensive ✓Eveything will most likely also be more complex than you think at the outset.HI LECTURE / 2012-10-12
  12. 12. Questions you need to ask yourselves BEFORE you get started What is the scope of your ecom project? ✓Why ecommerce? ✓Describe your primary purpose with ecommerce? ✓What position do you aim for in the marketplace? ✓Whats your vision with ecommerce? ✓What ROI do you expect? ✓Who is the customer? ✓What will you be selling? ✓How will you market yourselves? ✓How will you engage your customers? ✓How will the customers pay you? ✓What kind of support will you offer? ✓Which supporting systems will you need? ✓What will your organization look like? Does your platform of choice support the scope that you have set for your ecommerce project? ✓Does it have all the basic features that you need today? ✓Does your platform of choice support growth and scaling up? (and the features that you may need tomorrow?) ✓Will it support building an excellent front end? ✓Will it support working intensively with sales (and marketing) ? ✓Does it have the ownership setup that suits you?HI LECTURE / 2012-10-12
  13. 13. BASIC FEATURES LIST Marketing & Promotions Tools Site Management Catalog Management Catalog Browsing Product Browsing Store Search Checkout, Payment and Shipping Order Management Customer Accounts Customer Service Analytics and Reporting SEOHI LECTURE / 2012-10-12
  14. 14. ADDITIONAL ECOM FEATURES LIST Segmentation and Personalization Mobile Commerce Social Commerce Multichannel Private Sales Gifting Options Rewards Points and Store Credits (Loyalty Systems) Administration Permission Roles and Policies Subscriptions B2B capabilities Internationalization and multisite managementHI LECTURE / 2012-10-12
  15. 15. What supporting systems do you need and what needs to be integrated? "Promised land of three-letter-acronyms!" PSP (Payment Service Providers) ERP (Enterprice Resource Planning system) Statistics software e.g. Analytics PIM (Product Information Management) CMS (Content Management System) CRM (Customer Relationship Management) + CES (Customer Engagement Services) WMS (Warehouse Management Systems)HI LECTURE / 2012-10-12
  16. 16. Q&AHI LECTURE / 2012-10-12
  17. 17. WORK SHOP QUESTIONS What agency setup would you suggest for your client? How many hours would you budget for the development of ecommerce? How much do you think an hour costs? What platform would you suggest for your client? and why? What ownership model would you suggest for your client? and why? What do you think the platform will cost per year? What new eCommerce capabilities would you suggest that your client add? Companies for the WS Which integrations do you think will be the most important? - Åhlens - Tailorstore - Nitty Gritty - Fjällräven - Cheap mondayHI LECTURE / 2012-10-12