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This document serves as a comprehensive set of templates for Account Management. Sections include Relationship Map, SWOT Analysis, Marketing Plan, Sales Pipeline, Competitive Footprint, and more.

The templates are the same used by Fortune 500 companies when performing account planning and management.

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Flevy.com - Account Management Templates

  1. 1. Account Management TemplatesThis document serves as a comprehensivetemplate for Account Management. Sectionsinclude Relationship Map, SWOT Analysis,Marketing Plan, Sales Pipeline, CompetitiveFootprint, and more. Identified Opportunity/Initiative 1. Implementation of XXXX for the office of the CMO (example) Date August 17, Won / Lost / N/A N/A Stage 20XX 2 2. 3. Contacted 1. Stage 3 2. 3. Qualified 1. Stag e4 2. 3. Stage 1. 5 2. 3. Developed 1. Stage 6 2. 3. Closed 1. Stage 7 2. 3. Completed
  2. 2. Contents • Account Guidance - Account Overview - Situation Appraisal - Relationship Map - Current Pipeline - Business Development Investment Plan • Competitive Positioning - Account SWOT - Account Action Plan and Penetration Strategy - Alliance Partners - Marketing Plan - Competitive Footprint 3
  3. 3. Account OverviewBASIC ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT INFORMATION BASIC CLIENT INFORMATION Revenue and profitAccount name 20XXAccount Executive # of EmployeesSales Executive Industry trends, key  <…> issues andOur Strategic  <…> opportunities  <…>Strengths  <…>  <…>Our One Critical  <…>VulnerabilityOur Performance Budget Forecast Last Year YTD($M) (This Year) This Year Bookings Revenue CM ($M) CM%TOP 3 CURRENT OPPORTUNITIESOpportunity name TCV ($M) Opportunity description Discipline Sign state Sales stage Probability 5
  4. 4. Account TeamAccount NameAccount ExecutiveAccount Executive Sponsor Name Role DisciplineCore team (country accountmanagers, disciplinerepresentatives etc.) Name Role DisciplineExtended team (delivery leads,subject matter experts, allianceetc.)Comments on current account team capabilities and needs• <…>• <…> 7
  5. 5. Current Pipeline Opportunity/Initiative Date Won / Lost / N/AIdentified 1. Implementation of XXXX for the office of the CMO August 17, 20XX N/A Stage 2 (example) 2. 3.Contacted 1. Stage 3 2. 3.Qualified 1. Stage 4 2. 3. 1. Stage 5 2. 3.Developed 1. Stage 6 2. 3.Closed 1. Stage 7 2. 3.Completed 9
  6. 6. Account Enablers[Identify any specific requirements, support or enablers that you would like from the Country Board to help you and your account team deliver upon the crossdiscipline ambitions of the account as well as drive up the intimacy between your company and your client. Enabler Description Client Audience Timeframe Expected ROI 11
  7. 7. General Guidelines for completing this Competitive Positioning section OBJECTIVES Link key client issues to your company’s capabilities Identify key opportunities Identify how to use our Alliance Partnerships to maximize our position Understand how our competitors are supporting the client SUGGESTED DATA SOURCES KEY QUESTIONS Capability unit Subject Matter Experts  What does the account need to do to deliver their strategy/ Account team address their burning issues? Delivery team  What capabilities does your company have to support the account with these projects? Client public materials – annual report, SEC filings (10-K, 10- Q), strategy documentation, press releases  Do we have any credentials in working in this space? Analyst reports  How can we best utilize our strategic alliance partnerships? Account SWOT  What strategy do we use to put us in the best position in relation to our competitors? Account Action Plan Marketing Plan Competitive footprint 13
  8. 8. Account SWOT – Example Strengths Weaknesses • Energy sector delivery experience • Relationships with key decisions makers are not established • History of delivery successes with BP going back 10 years • Limited knowledge of CompanyX within AccountX leadership • Collaborative business experience (differentiator) team • Global reach (North America, APAC (in parts) and Europe) • Limited number of CompanyX resources with AcocuntX experience • Offshore delivery model • Global reach (Middle East/South East Asia/Africa/South • Dedicated account manager and part-time team to support America) • Limited upstream delivery experience • Limited enterprise-wide experience for companies of this size Opportunities Threats • Client has a burning case for change (poor ROCE, unclear • Our competitors are well established and have the relationships growth strategy) • Limited CompanyX resources available for the account • Our offerings are aligned to their needs • Downturn in the Energy sector could reduce the amount of • Opportunity to work with the new leadership team and establish consulting spend key relationships from the outset of their tenure • Our rate card is not attractive compared to incumbent providers • Client is “tired” of incumbent providers 15
  9. 9. Alliance Partners Sales, Marketing Boost (what Delivery boost (what is the gain Strategy & issues (sales approach,Alliance Partner Role/Area is the gain of the alliance in of the alliance in terms of campaigns, relationship, push offerings, terms of sales & marketing) delivery) pricing) 17
  10. 10. Competitive Footprint Strategy (sales approach, Competitor Market position and Top 3 client Positioning & pillars within campaigns, relationship, push Issues name trend* relationships client offerings, pricing)[CompanyY [Strong but [CIO, Name [Strong CxO [Uses historical relationships] decreasing] CEO, Name] relationship. and incumbent position to sell] Trusted advisor status] 19