Ideal rev 3


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Ideal rev 3

  1. 1. Institute for Innovation (I4I) andHudson Strategic Group (HsG) Present IDEAL A comprehensive Tool Kit for creating and capturing Sustainable Value
  2. 2. Current State of Business Concepts Strategic ForesightCommercial Public Sector Technology Roadmap Strategy Roadmap Sector ? Scenario Stage Gate Development Value Creation Technological Strategic Innovation ? ? Innovation Commercialization ? Market Plan Plan New Venture Organizational Development ? ? Change Value Feasibility Enterprise Risk Study Capture Management ERP CRM Systems ? Systems Social “Fourth” Sector Sector Process Improvement
  3. 3. The Stages of Value VALUE CREATION STRATEGIC FORESIGHT—global, industry, and societal risk assessment  Public Foresight: Think tanks for national, regional, or community development  Corporate Foresight: Think tanks for industry associations, corporate long-term strategic planning TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION—Product Development; R&D; and Technology Commercialization STRATEGIC INNOVATION—Strategic Plan; New Market Plan VALUE CAPTURE NEW VENTURE DEVELOPMENT—Start-ups; Spin offs; and technology commercialization ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE AND DEVELOPMENT—Human Capital Development; Enterprise Risk Management; Information Technology Development PROCESS IMPROVEMENT—Process Improvement; Quality Management
  4. 4. What’s Missing? IDEALAn integrated online platform of tools that builds sustainablevalue for your organization or stakeholders. Value Creation tools that Discover and Design Value Realization tools that Develop and Deliver
  5. 5. Sustainable Value Model Strategic Foresight Value Open Creation Foresight Collective discove Intelligence r RiskTechnological Strategic Innovation Assessmen Blue Ocean design Innovation t Innovation Strategy Strategy Business Model Innovation develop Value BalancedNew Venture Network Scorecard OrganizationalDevelopment Baldrige Change Quality deliver Lean Six-Sigma Value Realization Process Improvement
  6. 6. Our Distinctive Offerings Value CreationDiscover OPEN FORESIGHT 2.0  A collaborative platform for better insight and making sense of complex environments COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE:  A systems thinking methodology for developing an ecosystem of innovation strategy RISK AND DISRUPTION ASSESSMENT:  Strategic Environmental Mapping  Industry Tipping PointDesign INNOVATION STRATEGY BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY BUSINESS MODEL INNOVATION  A framework for analyzing feasibility and developing the business logic for exploiting opportunity
  7. 7. Open Foresight 2.0 is the collaborative crowdsourcing process of detecting discontinuous change early, interpreting the consequences, and formulating an effective response.Collective Intelligence is an open collaboration platform called “6-Step Collective Intelligence” using our systems thinking methodology for “connecting the dots”. It analyzes trends, emerging issues, and facilitates stakeholders making informed predictions of future outcome possibilities from the intersections of trends using our proprietary methodology of “bisociation brainstorming”Industry Risk Assessment is the process of forecasting potential risks and disruptions by plotting an industry value curve and analyzing the tipping points.Innovation Strategy is the development of a sustainable innovation ecosystem of creative people, systems thinking methodology, and collaborative software
  8. 8. Business Model InnovationThe business model ecosystem is a linkage of emergent, multifunctional, and multi level interactions of activities and resources. The components of the Business Model:  Value Configuration (product/service offering and distinctive value)  Infrastructure (strategic partnerships; core capabilities; and value chain activities)  Financial Model (revenue streams and cost structures);  Market Strategy (target market segmentation; customer relations; and distribution channels). Business Model Innovation is the continuous renewal process of each of the nine elements
  9. 9. Our Distinctive Offerings: Value RealizationDevelop: Value Network Analysis  Analyze FLASHPOINTS, the vulnerable interactions of the in your internal value chain and external value network Innovation Balanced Scorecard  Metric analysis for measuring innovation effectivenessDeliver: Baldrige Quality System© Lean Six Sigma©  Six Sigma seeks to improve the quality of process outputs by identifying and removing the causes of defects (errors) and minimizing variability in manufacturing and business processes using statistical methods.
  10. 10. Institute for Innovation (I4I) and Hudson Strategic Group (HsG) Delivers IDEAL A comprehensive Tool Kit for creating and delivering Sustainable Value Our team of Certified Innovation Strategists…• Can address your organization needs from Value Creation to Value Realization• Can deliver in online modular and archived format to stakeholders in any time zone• Can deliver training and facilitation with usable deliverables from stakeholders• Can engage internal and external stakeholders• Can deliver customized programs for commercial, public, and social sector organizations• Can provide a team of trainers and coaches with industry-specific expertise