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Desktop Management Evaluation Checklist                                                                                   ...
Desktop Management Evaluation Checklist                                                                                   ...
Desktop Management Evaluation Checklist                                                                                   ...
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× - Feasibility Study Template for Electronic Software Distribution


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This is a template to conduct a paper-based feasibility study to identify an Electronic Software Distribution tool or service.

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  1. 1. Desktop Management Evaluation Checklist Product 1 Product 2 Weight Rating RatingNo Feature Description Rank Comments Rank Comments 1-5 0-3 1-3 1. Mobility Mobile workforce able to be managed through single Supports Disconnected solution. Efficiently and reliably manages dial-up1 5 Users employees. Reduces the many help desk calls generated by mobile staff. Eliminates need to send entire application over and2 Byte Level Differencing over. Greatly reduced update times. Increases quality 5 of service.3 File Level Differencing Greatly reduces update times. 5 Defines how much bandwidth should be used for software distributions ensuring the network is not4 Bandwidth Throttling crippled during a large update. Increases end user 5 experience by allowing user to continue working on other tasks during package transmission.5 Compression Reduces transport time. (Compression ratio) 3 Ensures applications are received in their entirety on6 Checkpoint Restart endpoint without having to restart a deployment. 5 Reduces administrative tasks and costs. Mobility Sub Total 2. Usability Ability to add corporate logo and corporate syntax to client agent. Ability to customize "look and feel" of7 Brand Client Agent 1 endpoint. Increases user comfort level. Increases usability. Familiar Web based style user interface/Easy to use8 User Interface/GUI 5 graphical user interface9 End user Support built-in end user HELP support 2 Usability Sub Total 3. Entitlement Assign applications to relevant users, groups and machines. Ability to define targets according to10 Intelligent Targeting 5 inventory results. Dynamically target based upon current endpoint characteristics. Ability to assign applications to users or groups who Targeting based on user id11 require the application. (Required effective database 5 or group association management - AD & User Registration systems) Ability to assign applications to machines that require Targeting based on the application as part of the machine profile.12 5 machine characteristics (Required effective database management - AD & User Registration systems) (eg: CompaqSoftpaq) Ability to target based upon existing users and groups.13 LDAP/AD Compliant 4 (Identify ownership of workstation based on user) Policies enforced at endpoint. Ability to make applications available, install applications, delete14 Subscription States 1 applications from a users machine. Ability to stage application on endpoint for later installation. Applications installed automatically upon inclusion in target group. Once application assigned to a specific profile, those users receive applications automatically.15 Automated Entitlement 5 (on going process - automatic updates as part of the membership to a group) (eg: Project, Access, Visio license). Define, distribute, and enforce application subscription policies for entire user communities. Ability to assign an Accounting application to anyone in accounting16 Centrally Managed Policies 5 department. As members of the department change, no need to change subscription policies. Able to direct applications to users who require it. Delegate ongoing administration of subscription Delegated administrative policies to individual administrators. Delegate17 3 roles application administration to those IT departments responsible for a set of endpoints. Entitlement Sub Total 4. Infrastructure Ensures all endpoints receive latest updates regardless18 Intelligent Pull Technology of the current state of the machine. Reliably deploy all 4 packages to endpoints on a scheduled basis. Reliable, public protocol. Internet transmission capabilities. Communicating over TCP/IP implies no19 HTTP/HTTPS 2 changes in existing infrastructure. Ability to communicate over secured protocol. Enables communication through firewall port settings. Configurable Network Ports20 Configuration flexibility. Corporate standards may be 4 Used for Delivery applied. Supported Platforms Existing hardware infrastructure supported. (Windows21 Compliant with Company 5 2000 desktops/Server, Standards Paltform - Novell File & Existing hardware infrastructure supported. Ability to22 3 Print distribute package directly to a Novell Share. Update Change Management software using same23 Self-Updating Client Agent 5 Change Management tool. Management Service24 Management Service Provider (outsourced). 2 Provider (outsourced). Add functionality as business expands. Eliminate25 Modular Architecture purchase of unnecessary functionality. Decreases total 5 cost of ownership. Ability to support thousands of simultaneous endpoints Large number of endpoints efficiently and cost effectively. (3000 to 500026 5 supported simultaneous endpoints with scalability to 30000 over all population) Page 1 ESD Feasibility Study Template
  2. 2. Desktop Management Evaluation Checklist Product 1 Product 2 Weight Rating RatingNo Feature Description Rank Comments Rank Comments 1-5 0-3 1-3 Provides mechanism for serving many endpoints from Fan Out Distribution27 more than one server. Off loads processing from 5 (Repeaters) primary server. Minimizes WAN traffic. Efficiently support large numbers of endpoints. Load Balancing Servers28 Provides disaster recovery or backup mechanism. 5 (Mirrors) Fault tolerant infrastructure. Intelligently caches most frequently accessed Caching Capabilities29 applications giving the ability to serve information 3 (Proxies) locally. Ability to scale as business and implementation expand30 Scale as needed without cumbersome architecture re-work. Enables 3 architectural flexibility. Addressing user with31 how do we know which one is production machine? 4 multiple machines Client agent How do you configure client agent to access a local32 configuration/Nearest server? How does the client auto configures for the 5 Server Auto Detection nearest available distribution point? Infrastructure Sub Total 5. Reporting Logs collected in open database. Ability to create custom reports based on log entries and information important to our organization. Ability to filter on error33 Centralized Logging 4 codes or severity levels will reduce time to debug failures and proactively fix problems. Increases quality of service. Reports on all system activity including traffic reports, summary reports, resource consumption reports, and34 Activity Reporting 5 application version reports by endpoint. Increases environmental understanding. Administrators may be assigned control over a certain35 Role Based Administration set of tasks based on their responsibilities and skill 3 level.36 Compliancy Reports Able to generate compliancy reports on demand 537 Installation stats able to generate installation statistics 5 Reporting Sub Total 6. Packaging Ability to manage all operating system environments through one solution. Tool automatically detects proper package to distribute for endpoint operating38 Package Segmentation 4 system or endpoint language. Ability to distribute multi- language and multi-operating system (Windows 2000 desktops/servers ) packages. Ability to package applications for distribution, shrink- wrap/third party applications, custom or in-house39 Packaging Flexibility applications, service packs, Java, Visual Basic, MSI or 2 file packages. Ensures any application may be managed through the solution. Provides patch and transform management. Controls windows installer policies. Logs all MSI installer40 MSI Compliant 2 actions. Adds value to MSI packaging. Makes MSI management feasible. Import Ensures package contents are exactly as desired41 Package Editing 2 without having to repackage. Delivery of applications and content to Windows42 Windows Platform Support 5 platforms available. Packaging Sub Total 7. Administration All endpoints may be manipulated using a central management console. Central administration over Central Management packages, entitlement, and remote endpoints. Capabilities/Remote43 Remotely administer endpoints. Install applications, 5 Administration of Endpoint repair applications or uninstall applications from a Agent single management console. Reduces administrative tasks. Reduces support/help desk calls. Remote Administration of Ability to manage system from a single console. Ability44 1 Server Components to run servers in a "lights out" environment. Administration roles may be assigned using existing45 LDAP/AD Compliant users and group associations saving administrative 4 time. Allows simplistic job mimicking. Enables multiple46 Command Line 1 deployment objects to be quickly created. Easy-to-Use Graphical Consistent easy to use interface across product47 4 Interface functionality. Online help available and extensive. Manage all facets of user environment including Comprehensive Endpoint operating system patches, service packs, registry48 2 Management entries, .ini files, configuration files, environment variables, and applications. Multiple Installation Configurable user interaction. May distribute packages49 4 Methods in silent, semi-silent or fully interactive mode. Deliver applications to users who are authorized to use the application by sampling publishing the application.50 Publish and Subscribe Changes to applications are automatically downloaded 4 to users of the application. Ensures corporate desktop standards are followed. Endpoints automatically check-in to receive latest Automatic Scheduled51 updates. No end user or administrative intervention 4 Updates required. (Client agent) Users able to pull applications on demand from an52 On Demand Installation easy to use web interface. Authorization based upon 4 user characteristics. Once a deployment is defined; run the deployment53 Easily Repeat Deployments according to schedule with no manual intervention. (re- 2 install) Page 2 ESD Feasibility Study Template
  3. 3. Desktop Management Evaluation Checklist Product 1 Product 2 Weight Rating RatingNo Feature Description Rank Comments Rank Comments 1-5 0-3 1-3 Determines if sufficient resources available or package54 Package Prerequisites 2 dependencies exist on target before installation. Remove superfluous applications on endpoints.either55 Uninstall Applications installed by product or external. Ability to manage 2 application lifecycle.56 Pre-Install Scripting ability to assess and modify machine state 2 Power to manage processing that must occur after a57 Post-Install Scripting 2 task is performed such as clean-up procedures. If a problem exists with a deployment, rollback capability increases quality of service and decreases58 Rollback 2 administrative costs. (Vendor limitations apply) (Native & non-native) Ensures applications are intact on endpoints. Increases endpoint availability. Decreases time to59 Verify/Repair 2 diagnose and fix problems. Reduces help desk calls. (vendor limitations apply) Administration Sub Total 8. Security60 Encryption Security Requirements. Administrative Security. 5 Security Sub Total9. Implementation & Support Reliable, helpful support team. Flexible support61 Support Procedures 3 packages offered. Involvement of Professional Services may decrease Professional Services62 time to market for distribution product. Ensures best 3 Available practices followed during implementation. Implementation & Ability to easily implement the solution in a desirable63 3 methodology Timeframe and accomplishable time frame. 3 to 6 months Ensures all staff are knowledgeable and comfortable64 Comprehensive Training performing daily tasks. Decrease time to market. 3 Decreases total cost of ownership.65 On-going support provide on-going support 3 Implementation & Support Sub Total 10. Inventory Based on latest standards. All available machine66 WMI Compliant information collected. (if BIOS info is blank (like make 5 or serial number), how is the info collected?) Comprehensive understanding of owned hardware Hardware Information assets. Enables companies to proactively upgrade or67 5 Gathered replace hardware. Identifies hardware eligible for lease renewal. Essential to understanding machine environment. Provides ability to look at snap shot of the machine Software Information68 characteristics. Reports information used for license 5 Gathered compliance. Physical Software inventory, registry check or Add Remore programs Open published database schema allows for69 Open Database as Target customized reporting. Inventory information is 5 available to anyone having database access. Easily generate information on machines within your Reporting from Inventory70 domain. Ability to integrate information with asset 4 Database Available management system. Initial scan accomplished in less than two minutes; subsequent scans performed in seconds. Does not Non-Intrusive Inventory71 interfere with machine processing. Transparent to end 5 Scan user. Store and forward or connection dependent. Subsequent scans only sends delta Accommodates collection of custom IT asset information. Ability to extend inventory information72 Customizable 3 collected to include information important to organization. Schedule Inventory73 Ability to schedule inventory collection on demand 4 Collection Inventory Sub Total 11. Pricing SW Pricing Structure74 Licence for 20,000 users + 1 year maintenance + (License + Maintenance) Page 3 ESD Feasibility Study Template