The eye and visual pathways for moodle


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The eye and visual pathways for moodle

  1. 1. The Eye and Visual Pathways
  2. 2. Light Regulation • Iris opens and closes the pupil – Allows light in – Protects eye from light damage • Reflex • Light is then focused by the lens
  3. 3. Retina and Photoreceptors• Rods – more numerous, functions in dim light• Cones – color vision, found in the fovea – 3 types – red, blue, & green• Ganglion cells carry information to the optic nerve
  4. 4. Blindspot
  5. 5. The Human Eye Vitreous Gel Iris Optic Nerve Cornea Macula Pupil Fovea Lens Retina Iris
  6. 6. Visual Pathway • Right visual field is processed in the left hemisphere • Medial retina crosses at the optic chiasm, lateral does not • Info goes thru the thalamus – Most goes thru the lateral geniculate nucleus – Some first goes through the superior colliculus
  7. 7. Visual Processing• Message first goes to the occipital cortex• Dorsal – ‘where’ pathway – Ends in parietal lobe• Ventral – ‘what’ pathway – Ends in the temporal lobe – Color, shape, facial recognition