How can I use LinkedIn to create brand awareness?


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Presentation given at RoNewMedia, Thursday May 17th 2012

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How can I use LinkedIn to create brand awareness?

  1. 1. How can I use LinkedIn to create brand awareness? Danny Bermant@brainstormdsgn #LiBrands
  2. 2. LinkedIn is 277% more successful than Facebook or Twitter in generating new leads
  3. 3. Your LinkedIn profile is part of your brand. Ensure that it adequately promotes you!
  4. 4. Ensure that you target the right clients for your recommendations
  5. 5. Avoid connecting to strangers. You want to build a network of contacts who know, like and trust your brand
  6. 6. Enhancements to your LinkedIn profile (1)
  7. 7. Enhancements to your LinkedIn profile (2)
  8. 8. Enhancements to your LinkedIn profile (3)
  9. 9. Use LinkedIn events to promote your brand
  10. 10. You can share polls on LinkedIn groups and even on external websites
  11. 11. Having a profile in multiple languages will give you wider access to your target markets
  12. 12. Regularly review your profile stats to see who you’re attracting
  13. 13. Ensure you have a fully completed LinkedIn page for your company
  14. 14. Different products and services can be displayed for different territories
  15. 15. You can create stand alone pages for each of your services
  16. 16. Group discussions are a great way to engage with other users (and great for sharing links to blog posts)
  17. 17. Open vs Closed LinkedIn groups - choose carefully!
  18. 18. By managing your own LinkedIn group, you have another avenue to promote your business to your connections
  19. 19. LinkedIn Ads enable you to target geographic areas,specific companies, and specific management tiers
  20. 20. Use InMail to get in front of your target clients
  21. 21. HP Answers used InMail, LinkedIn display ads and Twitter posts to attract users to their group
  22. 22. To view the case study, go to (url is case sensitive)
  23. 23. If you employ staff, ensure that you provide social media guidelines
  24. 24. If you enjoyed today’s presentation, you may be interested in..Social Media to help you promote your business media for Business to Business sales to use LinkedIn win new clients